The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • WWL: Coverage of Hurricane Katrina
    WWL: Coverage of Hurricane Katrina

    Before the 2005 hurricane season began, WWL-TV aired Eye on Hurricanes 2005. As one in a series of yearly specials planned to remind citizens of...

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  • This New Frontier
    This New Frontier

    This New Frontier, produced under the skillful guiding hand of Phil Johnson, news director for WWL-TV, New Orleans, is an outstanding attempt to interpret the...

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  • China `72: A Hole in the Bamboo Curtain
    China `72: A Hole in the Bamboo Curtain

    Viewers of WWL-TV were able to see an outstanding program filmed by the first non-network American television news team allowed in China since 1949. The...

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  • A Sunday Journal
    A Sunday Journal

    WWL-TV is no stranger to the Peabody Awards. In 1975, this New Orleans giant presented with uniqueness and beauty a striking series of exceptionally well-done...

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