The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • Charity Caught on Camera
    Charity Caught on Camera

    Investigative journalism at the local level takes dedicated reporters and supportive management—something of a novelty in the era of fast-food news. WTHR-TV in Indianapolis provides...

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  • Dangerous Exposure
    Dangerous Exposure

    In this outstanding report, the WTHR-TV 13 Investigates team exposes a local watchdog agency for not doing its job. Diligent reporting and excellent use of...

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  • Investigating the IRS
    Investigating the IRS

    In an extensive series of reports, Bob Segall and the WTHR investigative news team uncovered massive fraud costing American taxpayers billions of dollars. They also...

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  • Reality Check: Where Are the Jobs?
    Reality Check: Where Are the Jobs?

    In this report, award-winning station WTHR-TV’s Eyewitness News continues a tradition of outstanding investigative reporting. Reporter Bob Segall and his 13 Investigates team, including Bill...

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  • Prescription Privacy/Cause for Alarm
    Prescription Privacy/Cause for Alarm

    Excellent local broadcast news has been recognized by the Peabody Awards since their inception. This year, WTHR-TV in Indianapolis maintains that tradition with a pair...

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