The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • Southland

    Southland is grounded in one of television’s most familiar and traditional forms, yet in each episode it shatters the traditions and startles with the unfamiliar....

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  • George Wallace
    George Wallace

    The skillful and accomplished direction of John Frankenheimer has never been more apparent than in this masterful miniseries, the Faustian saga of the rise, fall,...

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  • Personal Award: R.E. (Ted) Turner
    Personal Award: R.E. (Ted) Turner

    Ted Turner is a true visionary in electronic communications, who has made a profound impact in areas as diverse as television station ownership, cable and...

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  • Door to Door
    Door to Door

    Door to Door chronicles the life of Bill Porter. Stricken with cerebral palsy as the result of an accident at his birth, Porter went on...

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