The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • Personal Award: Alistair Cooke
    Personal Award: Alistair Cooke

    Alistair Cooke is a master communicator in print and in picture. As host on Masterpiece Theatre and Omnibus, as creator of the memorable series America,...

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  • Personal Award: Mrs. Dorothy Stimson Bullitt
    Personal Award: Mrs. Dorothy Stimson Bullitt

    Dorothy Stimson Bullitt exemplifies the station owner committed to the highest ideals of local programming. A life-long resident of Seattle, Washington, born in 1892, she...

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  • Personal Award: Don Hewitt
    Personal Award: Don Hewitt

    Every so often, a person comes along whose accomplishments touch the lives of just about every American. Typically, this person is one whose face and...

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