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  • Children on the Frontline
    Children on the Frontline

    In the battered, bombed out Syrian city of Aleppo, thousands of families have fled, persuaded that nothing in a refugee camp could be as terrible...

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  • Inside Syria’s War
    Inside Syria’s War

    BBC World News provided vivid, on-the-ground coverage of Syria’s civil war that presented viewers with the undeniable and horrific realities of that conflict. By following...

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  • Syria 2012
    Syria 2012

    As the uprising of Syrian dissidents expanded throughout 2012 into full-fledged civil war, NPR correspondents Deborah Amos and Kelly McEvers provided a steady flow of...

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  • CNN’s Coverage Inside Syria and Homs
    CNN’s Coverage Inside Syria and Homs

    By now, scenes of war in Syria are all too familiar. That must not mean, however, that those scenes have become meaningless or that they...

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  • The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley: Inside Syria
    The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley: Inside Syria

    In November 2011, as Syria slid inexorably toward civil war, CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward donned hijab-compliant clothing and entered the country posing as a...

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  • Waiting for the Flood

    Waiting for the Flood

    The floodgates are about to open. The deadline for entering calendar-year 2013 programs in the Peabody Awards competition is Wednesday, January 15, and if history

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