The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • Peabody Conversations: Stanley Nelson

    Peabody Conversations: Stanley Nelson

    Stanley Nelson discusses his body of work, recognized with a 2015 individual Peabody Award. He has previously been honored with 3 Peabody Awards, for ”The

  • Individual Award: Stanley Nelson
    Individual Award: Stanley Nelson

    Stanley Nelson has directed a trio of Peabody-winning documentaries that have become landmarks in documentary filmmaking and have deepened our understanding of the Civil Rights...

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  • 2015 Individual and Institutional Honorees

    2015 Individual and Institutional Honorees

    Three individual and institutional winners have been announced for Peabody Awards, which are based out of the University of Georgia. Late-night titan David Letterman and

  • Freedom Summer & the Civil Rights Era

    Freedom Summer & the Civil Rights Era

    The Civil Rights movement marked a fundamental shift in culture, politics, and education, yet as a historic moment, its specifics are often vague and misremembered.

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