The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • Students Rising Above
    Students Rising Above

    Beating the Odds, the theme of KRON-TV’s public service series Students Rising Above, highlights the incredible obstacles faced by at-risk high school students in the...

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  • Assignment Four
    Assignment Four

    Since 1960, KRON-TV’s Assignment Four has undertaken the ambitious project of producing a thought-provoking, half-hour documentary 52 weeks a year and has aired it in...

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  • Politics of Poison
    Politics of Poison

    KRON-TV used the multi-talented John D. Ravinovitch to put together a frightening appraisal of the results of herbicide spraying in northern California. The resulting documentary...

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  • Climate of Death
    Climate of Death

    As Bob Jimenez accepts a Peabody today on behalf of both his station and his colleagues who brought Climate of Death to reality, he does...

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