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  • Peabody Conversations: Stanley Nelson

    Peabody Conversations: Stanley Nelson

    Stanley Nelson discusses his body of work, recognized with a 2015 individual Peabody Award. He has previously been honored with 3 Peabody Awards, for ”The

  • Individual Award: Stanley Nelson
    Individual Award: Stanley Nelson

    Stanley Nelson has directed a trio of Peabody-winning documentaries that have become landmarks in documentary filmmaking and have deepened our understanding of the Civil Rights...

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  • Freedom Summer & the Civil Rights Era

    Freedom Summer & the Civil Rights Era

    The Civil Rights movement marked a fundamental shift in culture, politics, and education, yet as a historic moment, its specifics are often vague and misremembered.

  • American Experience: Freedom Summer
    American Experience: Freedom Summer

    In the sweltering summer of 1964, more than 700 volunteers from colleges all over America traveled to the Deep South to join organizers and black...

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