The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • American Experience: Walt Disney
    American Experience: Walt Disney

    Nominee An unprecedented look at the man who created a world and built an empire around stories of outsiders struggling for acceptance, while questioning the...

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  • Critical Cartoons

    Critical Cartoons

    Burka Avenger recently won a Peabody Award for an animated series which, while ostensibly created for children, contains messages of hope and empowerment for individuals

  • First Season Peabody Winners: Television's Early Years

    First Season Peabody Winners: Television's Early Years

    After 70-plus years of presentations, there are a vast number of Peabody Award winners, across numerous genres, all notable in their own way. Those shows

  • Disneyland

    An award in the field of Youth and Children to Walt Disney’s Disneyland, a program that has changed the bedtime habits of the nation’s children....

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