The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • Peabody Conversations: David Letterman

    Peabody Conversations: David Letterman

    David Letterman describes what he feels is "the worst feeling in the world." He also explains how you can know if you're funny, and

  • Individual Award: David Letterman
    Individual Award: David Letterman

    David Letterman entered our late-night lives like a ghost of television's past and its future, reviving the anar-chic, anything-goes antics of pioneers like Steve...

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  • 2015 Individual and Institutional Honorees

    2015 Individual and Institutional Honorees

    Three individual and institutional winners have been announced for Peabody Awards, which are based out of the University of Georgia. Late-night titan David Letterman and

  • Dave Letterman: Lateness and Greatness

    Dave Letterman: Lateness and Greatness

    David Letterman won a Peabody in 1991, when awards to entertainment programs were still fairly rare. Almost all the other winners that year were news

  • Peabody Decades: Laughing Matters

    Peabody Decades: Laughing Matters

    Though the Peabody Awards were conceived to encourage broadcasters to do more public service and high-minded shows, Peabody judges soon enough acknowledged that laughs mattered,

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