The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

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  • Treasures of the British Crown
    Treasures of the British Crown

    One of the really remarkable television programs of the year resulted when the BBC, in association with NBC, took American viewers on a fascinating tour...

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  • All Creatures Great and Small
    All Creatures Great and Small

    A Peabody Award goes to the British Broadcasting Corporation for All Creatures Great and Small. Few series have achieved the warmth and the charm of...

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  • Nothing Political/Mandela at 70
    Nothing Political/Mandela at 70

    In July 1988, on the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday (his 26th behind bars), the BBC broadcast a touching tribute to be heard among...

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  • The Singing Detective
    The Singing Detective

    Once in a great while a television movie breaks the mold, moving into new territory of image and imagination. Such is the case with The...

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  • The Story of English
    The Story of English

    We read in the Scriptures that “In the beginning was the Word.” Increasingly, that word is in English. How did it happen? How is it...

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  • Smiley's People
    Smiley's People

    When the BBC stamps its mark upon a television production, it is generally recognized as a mark of excellence. Seldom has this been a more...

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