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  • Banished

    Using a combination of video, evocative photo essays and interactive maps and graphics, "Banished" tells the story of sex offenders in Miami-Dade County who have...

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  • Artificial

    "Artificial," the first scripted series developed for Twitch, focuses on Sophie, an artificial intelligence being created by Dr. Matt Lin. With Twitch's interactive elements and...

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  • Civilisations Augmented Reality App
    Civilisations Augmented Reality App

    BBC's arts and culture series "Civilisations" aims to "find answers to fundamental questions about human creativity." BBC "Civilisations" augmented reality app allows mobile users to...

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  • Vestige

    "Vestige" is the grief-filled journey through the mind of Lisa Elin after the loss of her husband, Erik Craighead, recorded in a series of interviews...

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  • Return of the Obra Dinn
    Return of the Obra Dinn

    "Return of the Obra Dinn" places the player upon the titular ship and tasks them with discovering what has happened to the ship’s crew and...

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  • Queerskins: A love story
    Queerskins: A love story

    "Queerskins" is a four-episode cinematic virtual reality experience created by new media artist Illya Szilak and creative director Cyril Tsiboulski. Together, with the help of actors, panoramic photographers, volumetric...

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  • The Industry: Mapping The Dutch Drug Economy
    The Industry: Mapping The Dutch Drug Economy

    "The Industry: Mapping The Dutch Drug Economy" allows users the unique experience of entering into a new world to explore and learn about nearly every...

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  • Futures of Media Award Winners Announced

    Futures of Media Award Winners Announced

    The Peabody Media Center has named seven winners of this year's Peabody Futures of Media Awards for outstanding digital storytelling released in 2018. This year's

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