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  • The Pudding
    The Pudding

    "The Pudding" is making data visualization cool again—or maybe, for the first time ever. The visual essays found on tackle the most debatable, curious,...

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  • The Space We Hold
    The Space We Hold

    "The Space We Hold" brings us the testimony of three former "comfort women" who were among the 200,000 girls and young women forced into military...

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  • Editions At Play
    Editions At Play

    "Editions at Play" features "books powered by the magic of the internet" that challenge the limits of traditional presentation and use technology to make reading...

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  • Gorogoa

    "Gorogoa" immerses players in a multilayered world centered around four seemingly simple tiles that tell the tale of a boy's quest while revealing messages about...

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  • Dear Angelica
    Dear Angelica

    The first animated movie drawn entirely within VR, "Dear Angelica" is a feast for the senses. It transports the viewer into the memories a girl...

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  • Miyubi

    In the first long-form scripted virtual reality film, viewers are brought to 1980s suburban America and take on the life of Miyubi, a robot given...

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  • Celebrating 2017 Futures of Media Awards

    Celebrating 2017 Futures of Media Awards

    The Peabody Media Center at the University of Georgia has named six winners of this year's Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Awards for outstanding digital storytelling

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