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  • The West Wing
    The West Wing

    In its second season The West Wing continues to be a tour de force as it achieves what reality often fails to accomplish—making the political...

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  • Building Big
    Building Big

    Filmed on four continents and hosted by renowned author/illustrator David Macaulay, Building Big is a unique five-part series about history’s largest and most complex structures...

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  • Hearts and Minds: Teens and Mental Illness
    Hearts and Minds: Teens and Mental Illness

    As part of a larger public service effort, the documentary Hearts and Minds sympathetically follows the lives of four teens with the diagnosis of mental...

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  • Arthur

    Arthur—PBS’s top-rated, animated children’s series based on the popular books by Marc Brown—is a show about growing up, exploring the world, and finding your place....

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  • School Sleuth: The Case of an Excellent School
    School Sleuth: The Case of an Excellent School

    What constitutes excellence in education? Based on years of reporting in schools all over the country, School Sleuth: The Case of an Excellent School probes...

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  • Slavery

    Officially, slavery is banned in all countries, yet today an estimated 27 million people are virtually enslaved-people paid no money, locked away and controlled by...

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  • The Sopranos
    The Sopranos

    For the second year in a row, The Sopranos has won a Peabody for its sharply honed portrayal of “family” —one traditionally American and the...

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  • Howard Goodall's Big Bangs
    Howard Goodall's Big Bangs

    In Howard Goodall’s Big Bangs, renowned British composer Howard Goodall examines five seismic moments in the development of Western classical music. Mr. Goodall contends that...

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  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Indecision 2000
    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Indecision 2000

    Out of the convoluted sameness of media coverage of the last presidential election sprang the irreverent and inventive Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Indecision 2000....

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  • Malcolm in the Middle
    Malcolm in the Middle

    Going far beyond the formulaic constraints of most contemporary American sitcoms, Malcolm in the Middle revolves around a suburban family in Anytown, America. The lead...

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  • The Corner
    The Corner

    This landmark six-hour miniseries is a raw, provocative drama about the seedy, destructive junkie subculture on one of America’s mean streets, West Baltimore’s Fayette Street,...

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  • The Crossing
    The Crossing

    Based on historian Howard Fast’s novel, this engaging and dramatic film brings General George Washington’s legendary crossing of the Delaware to life. In a role...

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  • ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre:  David Copperfield
    ExxonMobil Masterpiece Theatre: David Copperfield

    Of all his books, Charles Dickens wrote he liked David Copperfield best, and this star-studded adaptation by Adrian Hodges is also the best. Produced by...

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  • Marketplace

    From humble beginnings in January, 1989, in Long Beach, California, Marketplace has grown into one of the most-listened-to daily business and financial news programs in...

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  • An Eighty-Four Year Old Youngful Man Lives in the Cabin
    An Eighty-Four Year Old Youngful Man Lives in the Cabin

    A fresh appealing glimpse into both a culture and a poignant time of life, An Eighty-Four Year Old Youngful Man Lives in the Cabin introduces...

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  • Treading on Danger?
    Treading on Danger?

    For years, motorists found themselves in deadly crashes when the tread on one of their Firestone ATX tires peeled off at high speed. Acting on...

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  • Dateline NBC: The Paper Chase
    Dateline NBC: The Paper Chase

    In 1993, one woman filed for medical accident coverage resulting from an auto accident claim. Her auto insurance company, State Farm, substantially reduced her medical...

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  • 60 Minutes II: Death by Denial
    60 Minutes II: Death by Denial

    In this powerful five-month probe, 60 Minutes II: Death by Denial outlines the critical plight of 23 million Africans suffering from HIV and AIDS related...

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  • POV: Regret to Inform
    POV: Regret to Inform

    “We regret to inform,” the telegram began, as Barbara Sonneborn received word that her husband, Jeff, had been killed in the Vietnam War. Twenty years...

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  • CNN Perspectives: Cry Freetown
    CNN Perspectives: Cry Freetown

    When the rebels entered Freetown, Sierra Leone, on January 6, 1999, they threatened to kill every journalist they met. The next day, Sorious Samura ventured...

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  • FRONTLINE: Drug Wars
    FRONTLINE: Drug Wars

    For more than thirty years the United States government has struggled to stamp out the use of illegal drugs. Despite efforts, drugs thrive on America’s...

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  • Cancer: Evolution to Revolution
    Cancer: Evolution to Revolution

    When cancer strikes, people react with intense fear and acute anxiety at its seemingly sudden appearance. But, most don’t realize that it can takes years...

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  • 1900 House
    1900 House

    The premise of the series 1900 House is deceptively simple: see what happens when a modern family is transported 100 years back in time to...

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  • Personal Award: Katie Couric for
    Personal Award: Katie Couric for "Confronting Colon Cancer"

    It’s no news that television news persons often play a role in initiating story ideas about health and medicine and even trumpet their own recovery...

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  • The NPR 100
    The NPR 100

    With the help of their staff, more than 14,000 listeners, and a panel of renowned American musicians, National Public Radio showcased the “100 most important...

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  • Sharing the Secret
    Sharing the Secret

    The story of a teenage girl with an eating disorder is a familiar television theme. But Sharing the Secret, with its searing portrayals of a...

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  • Witness to an Execution
    Witness to an Execution

    This unique narrative approach to capital punishment takes listeners into the Texas death chamber where the state’s most dangerous inmates are executed by lethal injection....

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  • Personal Award: H. Martin
    Personal Award: H. Martin "Marty" Haag

    Good journalism, high ethical standards, and strong ratings are compatible. That’s the philosophy of H. Martin (Marty) Haag, and for 27 years he followed it...

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  • Behind Closed Doors
    Behind Closed Doors

    In a groundbreaking public service effort between a Jacksonville, Florida, television station and a local domestic violence shelter, the documentary Behind Closed Doors, and the...

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  • Napoleon

    The life and career of Napoleon comes alive in producer, writer and director David Grubin’s remarkable epic documentary. No longer a one-dimensional caricature of a...

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  • Ali-Frazier 1: One Nation...Divisible
    Ali-Frazier 1: One Nation...Divisible

    The newest edition to HBO’s Peabody Award winning Sports of the 20th Century documentary series, Ali-Frazier 1: One Nation…Divisible chronicled the events that produced one...

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  • King Gimp
    King Gimp

    Affectionately known as King Gimp, Daniel Keplinger has cerebral palsy and his outward demeanor is characterized by the flailing limbs and sputtered dialogue symptomatic of...

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  • 48 Hours: Heroes Under Fire
    48 Hours: Heroes Under Fire

    On December 3, 1999, a fire accidentally started by a homeless couple raged through a vacant warehouse in Worchester, Massachusetts, claiming the lives of six...

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