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  • American Playhouse: Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City
    American Playhouse: Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City

    Based on Armistead Maupin’s rich narratives, this six-hour miniseries depicts the gaudy excesses in San Francisco before AIDS with courageous frankness and buoyant humor. As...

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  • ER

    The gut-wrenching experiences and pressure-packed moments which mark emergency medicine are captured with accuracy and immediacy in this innovative series. By shattering the conventions of...

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  • Fourways Farm
    Fourways Farm

    Specifically designed to meet the needs of four-to-six-year olds and their teachers, Fourways Farm is based on the guiding principle that a child’s first experience...

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  • Reflections on Elephants
    Reflections on Elephants

    The exceptional natural photography and eloquent story-telling of National Geographic Television have become a standard in documentary filmmaking. National Geographic’s high standards are attained and...

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  • Buddy Check 12
    Buddy Check 12

    After her best friend died of breast cancer at age 29, reporter Jeannie Blalock of WTLV-TV, Jacksonville, Florida, began Buddy Check 12 to encourage women...

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  • The American Experience: Malcolm X: Make It Plain
    The American Experience: Malcolm X: Make It Plain

    Before speaking to an audience, the subject of this outstanding television presentation would ask that his introduction be concise-absent of any hyperbole or grandiosity. “Make...

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  • China: Beyond the Clouds
    China: Beyond the Clouds

    This sweeping four-hour miniseries takes viewers on an unprecedented journey into the centuries-old market town of Lijiang, China. The images and personal stories presented by...

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  • Frasier

    An ensemble of eccentric and interesting characters marks this breakthrough series. Frasier delves into sensitive issues with inventive writing, exceptional characterization and unusual insight. As...

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  • MTV Unplugged
    MTV Unplugged

    This fresh and inventive series, created by Jim Burns and Bob Small and produced by Alex Coletti, has taken a simple concept and made a...

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  • Mad About You
    Mad About You

    Situation comedies starring stand-up comedians seem to be all the rage. In fact, more than one has been recognized with a Peabody Award. But Mad...

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  • Barbra Streisand The Concert
    Barbra Streisand The Concert

    On her first concert tour in 30 years, Barbra Streisand captivated sellout audiences around the country. In the view of the Peabody Board, this cablecast...

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  • Moon Shot
    Moon Shot

    The original Mercury and Gemini astronauts and the successful Apollo lunar landings have become an indelible part of our culture. The space race, which culminated...

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  • Normandy: The Great Crusade
    Normandy: The Great Crusade

    More than a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of D-Day, this program takes viewers back to the time when every man, woman, and child was...

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  • The American Experience: FDR
    The American Experience: FDR

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of the most revered and influential Americans of this century. The subject of hundreds of books and countless plays, films,...

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  • Nick News
    Nick News

    Hosted each week by veteran news journalist Linda Ellerbee and produced by her company, Lucky Duck Productions, Nick News brings quality news journalism on a...

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  • Tobacco Stories
    Tobacco Stories

    At the heart of broadcast journalism is the rare investigative report which results in swift corrective action. National Public Radio’s investigation of tobacco manufacturing and...

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  • Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness
    Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness

    A powerful and personal documentary narrated by Jason Robards, Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness explores this disorder through the voices of its sufferers. Those afflicted...

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  • Wade in the Water: African-American Sacred Music Traditions
    Wade in the Water: African-American Sacred Music Traditions

    The sacred traditions of 19th and 20th-century African-American music comes alive in this series of 26 programs, which required five arduous years of production led...

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  • D-Day + 50 Years
    D-Day + 50 Years

    What was it like to be in America in June 1944, anticipating the invasion of Europe? And, what was it like as news of D-Day...

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  • The Rise and Fall of Vee-Jay
    The Rise and Fall of Vee-Jay

    There is no denying today that radio is in a boom period, with over 10,000 commercial stations on the air. At the same time, however,...

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  • Fascinatin' Rhythm
    Fascinatin' Rhythm

    Historians and musicologists point out that popular music provides a surprisingly accurate mirror of the changing values, attitudes, manners, and aspirations of the American people....

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  • Break the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse
    Break the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse

    In recent years, child abuse has become a subject of great societal concern and the topic of numerous television dramatic and documentary works. What has...

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  • Rush To Read
    Rush To Read

    Prompted by the death of a Rhode Island school teacher after four of her Pap smears were misread by four different laboratories,Rush to Read investigated...

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  • CBS Reports: D-Day
    CBS Reports: D-Day

    In the grand tradition of landmark documentaries for this venerable news institution, CBS Reports: D-Day recounts the story of the greatest military maneuver in modern...

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  • Rwanda

    The new techniques and technologies of television news make it possible for local stations to cover international events in a way which was previously impossible....

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  • The Atomic Bombshell
    The Atomic Bombshell

    This enterprising story by reporter Dale Julin vividly illustrates that investigative reporting in television can continue to thrive despite ratings, pressure and other trends. In...

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  • Fat Chance
    Fat Chance

    For more than 40 years, Rick Zakowich had been struggling unsuccessfully to lose weight. Finally, he committed himself to the task of losing 200 pounds....

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  • Sewer Solvent Scandal
    Sewer Solvent Scandal

    This outstanding series of investigative reports is proof that a local television station can be the primary agent in uncovering government fraud and in leading...

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  • The American Experience: The Battle of the Bulge
    The American Experience: The Battle of the Bulge

    By late 1944, it appeared that the war in Europe was nearing its end. The Allies had regained Paris, as well as Casablanca, Tripoli, Naples,...

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  • Just Because: Tales of Violence, Dreams of Peace
    Just Because: Tales of Violence, Dreams of Peace

    When Salinas lost 24 young lives in a single year as a direct result of youth violence, KSBW-TV decided to address the issue in a...

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  • The Hunger Inside
    The Hunger Inside

    If not for the pioneering work of Peggy Claude-Pierre, hundreds of young people now leading happy and productive lives might have been lost to anorexia....

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  • Complete 54th Annual Peabody Awards (May 8, 1995)

    Complete 54th Annual Peabody Awards (May 8, 1995)

    31 recipients of the 54th Annual Peabody Awards were presented with awards on May 8, 1995 at the Waldorf=Astoria Hotel in New York City. The

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