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  • Decade

    While seemingly everyone pieced together an end of decade review for airing in late 1989, each worked with the same pieces. Thus, it was often...

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  • Sesame Street
    Sesame Street

    It may seem hard to believe, but this year marks two decades of informative, innovative, and entertaining television for children on Sesame Street. This landmark...

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  • POV: Who Killed Vincent Chin?
    POV: Who Killed Vincent Chin?

    In our increasingly violent society, it is perhaps too easy to overlook any single murder, especially one of the myriad that occur in high crime...

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  • '89 San Francisco Earthquake
    '89 San Francisco Earthquake

    The San Francisco earthquake of 1989 caught nearly everyone by surprise and the potential for panic and chaos was great. KGO-TV, knocked off the air...

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  • Scott Simon's Radio Essays
    Scott Simon's Radio Essays

    In one of its most elemental forms, the art of radio consists of one person speaking and another listening. As presented on NPR’s Weekend Edition...

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  • Lost Innocence: The Children of World War II
    Lost Innocence: The Children of World War II

    With each passing year, the experience of World War II has drifted form recent to distant memory. This is a shame, since the voices of...

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  • CNN's Coverage of China
    CNN's Coverage of China

    In scarcely ten years, Cable News Network has moved from cable curiosity to the channel of record in television news. Never was that maturity more...

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  • Did They Die in Vain?
    Did They Die in Vain?

    The recent anniversary of the tragic events of 1964 when three civil rights workers were killed in Neshoba County has brought back into focus the...

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  • Common Threads: Stories From the Quilt
    Common Threads: Stories From the Quilt

    Members of the Peabody screening committee have become increasingly familiar with television depictions of the AIDS epidemic. Most are marked with sensationalism and simple-mindedness by...

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  • The Great Wall of Iron
    The Great Wall of Iron

    Much of the world first became aware of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in the tragedy of Tiananmen Square in June 1989. However, only weeks...

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  • Cambodia Year Ten
    Cambodia Year Ten

    As the pace of world events quickens, the media are often criticized for ignoring the past and failing to follow up on significant events of...

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  • Personal Award: David Brinkley
    Personal Award: David Brinkley

    There are noble American institutions like elected government, free education, baseball, and hot dogs. Television news has become an institution as well, and within it...

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  • Personal Award: J. Leonard Reinsch
    Personal Award: J. Leonard Reinsch

    It is especially fitting that this award is made to a giant of broadcasting and cable television in the state and city that was home...

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  • Earthquake '89
    Earthquake '89

    When the earth moved so violently in Northern California on the 17th of October 1989, many people lost their lives and most of the remaining...

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  • Mei Mei: A Daughter's Song
    Mei Mei: A Daughter's Song

    The story of the relationship between the parents and children is as old as time itself, but we never tire of it because it is...

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  • Hurricane Hugo Aftermath
    Hurricane Hugo Aftermath

    On the morning of September 22, 1989, Hurricane Hugo roared through the Charleston, South Carolina, area, devastating everything in its path. With radio and television...

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  • I Want to Go Home
    I Want to Go Home

    It is too easy and convenient to write off the homeless as lazy, stupid, and worthless because, then, they do not have to be viewed...

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  • Project Home Team
    Project Home Team

    One largely overlooked group in America is the working poor. While holding jobs and paying taxes—thus, not showing up on welfare rolls—they are falling deeper...

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  • Lonesome Dove
    Lonesome Dove

    Lonesome Dove managed to dispel two myths at one time. First it put the lie to conventional wisdom that labeled the television western as a...

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  • Yellowstone: Four Seasons After Fire
    Yellowstone: Four Seasons After Fire

    When the fires of 1988 devoured acres of Yellowstone National Park, most observers thought the area would be a long time in recovering if, indeed,...

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  • Institutional Award: Metropolitan Opera Saturday Afternoon Broadcasts
    Institutional Award: Metropolitan Opera Saturday Afternoon Broadcasts

    It is altogether fitting that we share the Peabody golden anniversary celebration with another broadcast institution: the Texaco-Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts. On December 8, 1989,...

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  • The Wonder Years
    The Wonder Years

    Each year, the Peabody Board bemoans the near-absence of excellence in series television. The decline in quality seems especially acute in the area of comedy....

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  • China Beach: Vets
    China Beach: Vets

    Our preoccupation with the war in Vietnam and its consequences continues. We attempt to reconcile our experience in Southeast Asia in the popular arts: from...

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  • Small Sacrifices
    Small Sacrifices

    This terrifying true story, based on Ann Rule’s best-selling book, marked a high point in television drama for 1989. At the heart of the chilling...

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  • The Public Mind
    The Public Mind

    Bill Moyers has been a fixture on the television landscape for some years now and he has always been associated with television at its best....

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  • China in Crisis
    China in Crisis

    When the pro-democracy movement began to grow in Mainland China in 1989 it seemed like a small story. A few students were attempting to dramatically...

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  • NBC News Special: To Be an American
    NBC News Special: To Be an American

    Immigrants have always been the heart and soul of America and they are not a new story. But they are a continuing story and a...

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  • 48 Hours:
    48 Hours: "Abortion Battle" and "On Runaway Street"

    It is not difficult to tackle sensitive, complex and often divisive issues with the expectation that you will end up with balanced, informative, well-thought-out results....

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