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  • The Protestant Hour
    The Protestant Hour

    This is the 40th anniversary year of The Protestant Hour, produced in Atlanta by the Protestant Radio and Television Center and supported financially by the...

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  • Heritage: Civilization and the Jews
    Heritage: Civilization and the Jews

    There are good television documentaries and there are exceptional television documentaries. Heritage: Civilization and the Jews is, in the opinion of the Peabody Board, an...

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  • Essays by Roger Rosenblatt
    Essays by Roger Rosenblatt

    Significant contributions to American television by The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour have previously been honored by the Peabody Board. One program element is now being singled out...

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  • Cousteau/Amazon

    The Amazon River Basin has always been an area of little travel and much mystery. Thanks to the efforts of Turner Broadcasting System and Captain...

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  • Seeds of Despair
    Seeds of Despair

    One of the major international news stories of the decade is the continuing famine in Africa. Facing overwhelming logistical problems and censorship by unfriendly governments,...

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  • St. Elsewhere
    St. Elsewhere

    From Young Dr. Kildare to Marcus Welby, from Janet Dean, R.N. to Trapper John, M.D., medical programs have been a staple of American popular entertainment....

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  • George Washington
    George Washington

    Popular folklore would have us remember the first president of this country primarily for cherry trees and wooden teeth. This compelling production of George Washington...

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  • The Brain
    The Brain

    The eight one-hour documentaries which make up The Brain represent most of the things which go to make television useful and meaningful in our society....

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  • A Walk Through the 20th Century With Bill Moyers
    A Walk Through the 20th Century With Bill Moyers

    It is true that learning can be fun, especially if your teacher is someone who looks and acts and sounds and interprets like Bill Moyers....

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  • The Jewel in the Crown
    The Jewel in the Crown

    The history of the British Empire in India has been the focus of countless histories, documentaries, and most recently, theatrical motion pictures and teleplays. In...

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  • 24 Hour Blizzard Coverage
    24 Hour Blizzard Coverage

    On February 4, 1984, the worst blizzard in four decades hit the Red River Valley. Those thousands themselves trapped by the snow or who had...

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  • Faerie Tale Theatre
    Faerie Tale Theatre

    Television’s detractors argue that the medium stifles the imagination, that its reliance on fads, formulas, and formats leaves little room for whimsical flights of fancy....

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  • Somerville High
    Somerville High

    There probably has never been a time when education was not a problem in some communities throughout the world. Moreover, there probably isn’t a radio...

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    During its deliberations the Peabody Board viewed a number of documentaries submitted by the Frontline management team, seeking one which would, by its very excellence,...

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  • To Save Our Schools, To Save Our Children
    To Save Our Schools, To Save Our Children

    The quality of education provided our children is an issue that strikes at the heart of the American democratic system. Concern for the health and...

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  • Personal Award: Ted Koppel for
    Personal Award: Ted Koppel for "Nightline"

    Much television news is a pastiche of short elements fit into a half-hour format. ABC News Nightline, anchored by Ted Koppel, is not a typical...

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  • Personal Award: Roone Arledge
    Personal Award: Roone Arledge

    Contributions to the broadcasting industry take many forms and each person who makes contributions may do so in many different ways. As the Peabody Board...

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  • Institutional Award: WFMT Radio and Raymond Nordstrand for Fine Arts Radio Programming
    Institutional Award: WFMT Radio and Raymond Nordstrand for Fine Arts Radio Programming

    If Ray Nordstrand has had a guiding principle for managing WFMT, Chicago’s—and now the nation’s and the world’s—fine music station, it would probably be “respect...

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  • The Immigration Problem
    The Immigration Problem

    A vast wave of immigrants, mostly from Mexico, move illegally into southern California each year in search of jobs. In the process some are victimized...

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  • D-Day: 40 Years Later
    D-Day: 40 Years Later

    Seldom does a radio station devote the time and energy which WAFX did to retelling and tracing the impact of an historic event. The staff...

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  • Bradbury 13
    Bradbury 13

    Bradbury 13 is a collection of radio dramatizations based on the imaginative science fiction stories by renowned author Ray Bradbury. This series, produced by the...

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  • Small Things Considered
    Small Things Considered

    In recent years, radio programmers have tended to overlook a very important part of the listening audience: children. WNYC Radio is a notable exception. Small...

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  • A Call For Help
    A Call For Help

    A successful investigative report often leads to changes for the better in a station’s community. KDFW-TV’s series A Call For Help certainly seems to have...

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  • Political Parasites
    Political Parasites

    With extraordinary zeal and completeness, WMAQ-TV reporter Dick Kay and his associates set out to investigate reports of financial waste and corruption in the Illinois...

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  • Investigation of Dr. Milan Vuitch
    Investigation of Dr. Milan Vuitch

    This was not a pretty story, yet it was one that needed to be told. Clinic director Dr. Milan Vuitch had been performing abortions in...

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  • Patterns of Practice
    Patterns of Practice

    Nationwide there has been concern about the rising costs of hospital care. WCAX-TV in Burlington, Vermont undertook an investigation into substantial variations among the state’s...

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  • Heartsounds

    What happens when a doctor himself becomes a patient? When a loving husband has two heart attacks and comes very close to death, what happens...

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  • Rajneesh Update
    Rajneesh Update

    Three years ago an East-Indian religious sect known as the Rajneeshees moved into Central Oregon and set up a new community, arousing suspicion, fear, and...

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  • The Hollow Victory: Vietnam Under Communism
    The Hollow Victory: Vietnam Under Communism

    Recent years have seen a plethora of documentaries concerning Vietnam. Few have examined the country as it now exists—a country struggling with a bitter legacy...

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