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The Peabody Awards

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  • Personal Award: Dr. James R. Killian Jr. for Broadcasting Education
    Personal Award: Dr. James R. Killian Jr. for Broadcasting Education

    Scientist, administrator, teacher, and public servant, Dr. James R. Killian, Jr. has given freely of his talents to the enrichment of television. As Chairman of...

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  • The Ed Sullivan Show
    The Ed Sullivan Show

    With extraordinary showmanship, unerring instinct and the newspaperman’s sense of timeliness, Ed Sullivan for 20 years on Sunday evenings has sought quality in presenting a...

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  • Meet the Press
    Meet the Press

    Meet the Press for two decades has been making front page news. With a simple news conference format, this series has provided listeners and viewers...

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  • The Opportunity Line
    The Opportunity Line

    Television’s obligation to serve pressing human needs is fulfilled brilliantly by The Opportunity Line. Recognizing that jobs and employment offer the best ladder from poverty...

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  • Africa

    Press comment and letters from viewers, as well as the production itself, made it clear that Africa was a milestone and a high-water mark in...

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  • Mr. Knozit
    Mr. Knozit

    Mr. Knozit is something more than an “electronic babysitter.” It is a unique children’s program which has provided its followers with wholesome amusement and a...

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  • An Evening At Tanglewood
    An Evening At Tanglewood

    A Berkshire sunset followed by dusk and twilight at Tanglewood were brought tastefully to television last summer by NBC, accompanied by a glorious two-hour concert...

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  • The Children's Film Festival
    The Children's Film Festival

    Selected from the best films from abroad, The Children’s Film Festival was a series of award-winning motion pictures for young viewers which provided a brilliant...

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  • CBS Playhouse
    CBS Playhouse

    Exploring admirable themes and maintaining a high level of purpose and achievement, CBS Playhouse* is a major stronghold of original television drama. As such, it...

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  • The Eternal Light
    The Eternal Light

    The Eternal Light is a remarkable, religious series, founded back in 1944 by the distinguished Dr. Lewis Finkelstein, Chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary. This series has...

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  • The World and Washington
    The World and Washington

    Elie Abel’s The World and Washington is a new and distinctive in-depth analysis of current world events. This series of news interpretation programs not only...

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  • Personal Award: Bob Hope
    Personal Award: Bob Hope

    For three decades, Bob Hope has brought warmth, laughter, friendship, and Hope to a troubled nation. He does this with class, style, polish, and unerring...

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  • Personal Award: Eric Sevareid for Radio-Television News Analysis and Commentary
    Personal Award: Eric Sevareid for Radio-Television News Analysis and Commentary

    The news analysis and commentary of Eric Sevareid are marked by a rich background of knowledge, philosophical detachment, analysis rather than advocacy, recognition of the...

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