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  • Personal Award: George Gobel
    Personal Award: George Gobel

    What TV audiences had been craving, obviously, was a new personality they could love and laugh with. Droll, soft-spoken George Gobel, blessed with refreshingly original...

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  • The Navajo Hour
    The Navajo Hour

    This series opened new vistas of life, liberty, and happiness to thousands of Americans of the Navajo tribe. Through this strategic medium, new processes of...

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  • Man's Right to Knowledge
    Man's Right to Knowledge

    Based on Columbia University’s bicentennial theme, “Man’s right to knowledge and free use thereof,” this series, participated in by some of the world’s most distinguished...

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  • Conversation

    The heartening response to this program is proof that spontaneous, intelligent talk, spiked with humor, can still hold its own against card games, Scrabble, sportscasts,...

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  • Hurricane Carol
    Hurricane Carol

    Twenty camera teams covered the devastation from Cape Cod to Westerly, from stricken southern shores of Rhode Island to Providence itself; their films, shown at...

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  • Industry On Parade
    Industry On Parade

    The first television program to present industrial films planned especially for television, and utilizing the best of newsreel techniques, Industry on Parade, through some 900...

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  • Disneyland

    An award in the field of Youth and Children to Walt Disney’s Disneyland, a program that has changed the bedtime habits of the nation’s children....

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  • The Search
    The Search

    A special award to The Search, an educational program of high merit and splendid purpose, relating visually and with objective enthusiasm the great research work...

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  • Omnibus

    In recognition of the contributions of Omnibus to the popular knowledge of the arts and sciences, with its accurately documented backgrounds and dramatic presentations of...

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  • Adventure

    A Peabody Award to Adventure, a lucid and intelligent blending of science and showmanship. Charles Collingwood, its moderator; Perry Wolff, its producer; and the entire...

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  • Personal Award: John Charles Daly for Radio-Television News
    Personal Award: John Charles Daly for Radio-Television News

    John Charles Daly is primarily a reporter—and a good one. His versatility as a radio and television personality has not diluted his basic talent as...

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  • Boris Goldovsky, Metropolitan Opera, for Radio Music
    Boris Goldovsky, Metropolitan Opera, for Radio Music

    (Honorable Mention) For a decade, Boris Goldovsky has served not only the Texas Company, sponsors of the Saturday afternoon broadcasts of the...

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  • Personal Award: Pauline Frederick for
    Personal Award: Pauline Frederick for "Pauline Frederick at the U.N."

    To Pauline Frederick, outstanding network woman commentator, a Peabody Award, for her independent mind and her consistently fair appraisal of the news. Her distinguished services...

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