The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

Submissions to open mid-October, 2018

Submissions to open mid-October, 2018
Eligibility Requirements

1. The Peabody Awards honor a diverse range of stories across television, radio/podcast, and digital media. Print media and major theatrical releases are not eligible.

2. All stories must have aired or been released between January 1, and December 31. Contact for approval before submitting limited theatrical releases or documentaries appearing at film festivals outside these time parameters.

3. We recommend that producing individuals and network/platform companies consult each other prior to submission to avoid duplicating entries. Duplicate entries will be considered only one time and there will be no refund of fees.

4. International submissions are eligible. Please see section below on International Entries.

Entry Formats and Award Categories

A single program is limited to one category of entry. Please do not submit your program in more than one category. While we understand that there may be some overlap in subject matter, please submit your program in the area you feel best fits the content.

First, entrants will identify the format in which the program aired or was released: (1) Radio or Podcast; (2) Television/Video (e.g. broadcast, streaming, OTT, etc.); or (3) Interactive /Web (e.g. digital, virtual reality, etc.)

Entrants will then select one of these award categories:

· News: Includes spot coverage, reporting, investigation, interpretation and commentary on news events. Breaking news coverage can be submitted as a compilation reel but should include the first newscast when the coverage began.

· Entertainment: Regularly scheduled and/or special programs characterized by excellence in the presentation of drama, comedy, music, the performing arts, variety, sports, etc.

· Documentary: In-depth examination of local, national, or international issues and/or of contemporary or historic events.

· Children’s Programming: Series and special programs or projects primarily intended for an audience of children (2-11) or youth (12-17).

· Public Service: One-time or continuing projects that address or respond to an important public problem or issue, or demonstrate creative and effective use of media to enhance teaching and learning.

We do not accept public entries for our distinguished Individual and Institutional annual winners.

Technical Requirements for Materials

· Video: MP4 - 1080p SD or HD, H.264 preferred
· Audio: MP3
· Images: PNG (preferred), JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF

Individual files up to 20 GB each will be accepted. Please be aware that it may take some time for the file to upload, especially if you are on an internet connection with limited bandwidth.

If you have a file for submission that is not one of the types listed and are unable to change the format, please contact for assistance. All honorees will be contacted for broadcast quality footage after the winners are announced.

Files should be uploaded individually and not as a zipped file.

International Entries

Peabody welcomes international submissions in all categories. Programs must be subtitled or dubbed in English to ensure our ability to give the piece full consideration. Transcripts and translations are not accepted.