The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

Past Peabody Highlights

Wes Unruh - 4/1/2015
Past Peabody Highlights

Although the winners’ official acceptance of their Peabody Award is certainly the most climactic part of the ceremony, it is just one of the many significant moments where we get to hear from the winners.

Below you will find an assortment of videos from Peabody events, both backstage and at a reception following the awards. These videos contain footage of some of your favorite entertainers, reporters, and broadcasters in the eclectic and rarified company that makes a year’s worth of Peabody awards winners.

This mix of people creates a certain alchemy that Noel Holston describes well as “Peabody moments.” One can sense a contagious warmth and camaraderie among the winners in these videos. They respect one another greatly and feel honored to be recognized among there peers for telling stories that matter.

Something about this environment provokes a candid and gracious environment for the winners to open up and offer unique commentary on what they’ve made. Take a look:

Haroon Discusses Creating the Burka Avenger

Haroon Discusses Creating the Burka Avenger at The Paley Center from Peabody Awards on Vimeo. Aaron Haroon Rashid, an internationally recognized pop star from Pakistan, created the Peabody-winning show Burka Avenger. It focuses on a Pakistani super heroine who uses a Burka to hide her identity as she uses pens and books to fight for education for all. Following the Peabody Awards ceremony on May 19, 2014, Haroon talked about his inspiration for making the show.

Doctor Who Peabody Award Interview

Doctor Who Interview at the 72nd Annual Peabody Awards from Peabody Awards on Vimeo. Much like its eponymous character, Doctor Who has gone through numerous iterations since its creation in 1963. Including its original run of 26 seasons, various specials and television films, and the past seven years in its current incarnation, Doctor Who has been not just a standard-bearer for long-form science fiction on TV, but it also has served as a cultural ambassador for British television the world over. For fearlessly exploring space, time, and the television world for half a century, Doctor Who receives a rare Institutional Peabody Award.

Tom Jennings Accepts Peabody for MLK: The Assassination Tapes

72nd Peabody Winners - MLK The Assassination Tapes from Peabody Awards on Vimeo. Tom Jennings and his colleagues painstakingly cobbled together a succinct summary of King’s murder and the roiling events before and after. It’s so vivid and immersive that it seems at times to be live on television right now. For the sense of immediacy it creates even as it provides a fresh historical perspective, MLK: The Assassination Tapes receives a Peabody Award.

Matthew Weiner Discusses Creating Mad Men

Interview with Matthew Weiner, Creator of Mad Men from Peabody Awards on Vimeo. Take a look back to when Mad Men began, as Matthew Weiner talks about their Peabody Award for season one. A groundbreaking show that brings a real-world take on 1960’s advertising, this look back reminds us just how far the characters have come.

Bryant Gumbel Accepts Peabody Award for Real Sports

72nd Peabody Winners - Real Sports Bryant Gumbel from Peabody Awards on Vimeo. Covering 2012 stories as diverse as fan-on-fan violence, NFL painkiller abuse and the lethal hazing of a Florida A&M drum major, Gumbel’s show continued to be one of TV’s finest news magazines, period.

Stephen Colbert’s Peabody Award Interview

Stephen Colbert Interview - 71st Annual Peabody Award Winner from Peabody Awards on Vimeo. Stephen Colbert won a Peabody Award for exposing the loopholes and corruption of political money. In his post-ceremony interview, Colbert discusses the creation of his Super PAC and what his Peabody Awards mean to him.

As the possibilities for storytelling multiply, the Peabody Awards will continue to draw attention to stories that matter in electronic media. We look toward the new forms of storytelling that will arise as we move deeper into the digital age, and will continue to highlight these storytellers. This is only a small portion of the video highlights available here.