The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

Call for Peabody Student Honor Board Applications

Margaret Blanchard - 9/25/2017
Call for Peabody Student Honor Board Applications

Become a Member of the Peabody Student Honor Board

Here is your chance to join our team in celebrating Stories That Matter! Members of the Honor Board will serve as Peabody Student Ambassadors and will work at all Peabody-hosted events, including the annual awards ceremony in New York. The Board also will evaluate programs and select winners for the annual PEABODY-FACEBOOK FUTURES OF MEDIA AWARD, a distinction that recognizes innovation and excellence in digital programming, sponsored by Facebook. Members will receive up to $500 in travel reimbursement to attend the Futures of Media award luncheon and staff the Peabody annual awards ceremony in May 2018, both in New York City.



  • · All University of Georgia undergraduate students are eligible to apply. All majors welcome.
  • · Students are REQUIRED to take the Entertainment & Media Studies course (EMST 5990, “New Digital Narratives,” 3 hours) specially designated for this board in the Spring 2018 semester. Class meeting time TBA. No exceptions.
  • · Students MUST be able to travel and be in New York for both events &emdash; mid-May dates TBA..

Step One:
Select one digital program (web, interactive, or mobile) that you think achieves two things:

  1. Excellence in Storytelling. Peabody’s tagline is Stories That Matter. Ask yourself: What kind of issues &emdash; public, creative, political, educational, etc. &emdash; does it concern? Who is it speaking to? Why is it important for us to reflect on these? To learn more about past Peabody winners,
  2. Innovation in the digital space. Remember, innovation means doing something new and creative. Stand out with your choice! Avoid platforms/programs like Snapchat or an app that contains the same content as a brand’s website or print version. Is this a new story or is it being told in a new form of media that enhances how the story is experienced?

Info on the 5 recipients of the first annual Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media Award is at:

Step Two:
Write a 2-page argument in support of your selection. Feel free to include visuals, graphics, and links. On this document, please include: (1) Your name, year in school, major/college (or intended direction), and (2) the program/platform title and a link to where it can be found.

Step Three:
We will evaluate all entries and invite up to 16 students to participate in the second and final round of the selection process. Finalists will be asked to make a 7-min. in-person presentation in support of their selected programs. Up to 8 students will be selected to join the board.

Step Four:
Submit your entry by email at with the subject line: Peabody Student Honor Board.

Contact us at or 1 (706) 542-3787 with any questions.

Deadline for submission is Friday, September 29, 2017 at 5:00pm ET.
Interview requests will be sent no later than October 16, 2017.