The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

2010s News

2010s News

2010 Winners

· Bitter Lessons
· Coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill
· Reality Check: Where Are the Jobs?
· The Cost of War: Traumatic Brain Injury; Coming Home a Different Person
· Who Killed Doc?

2011 Winners

· “CNN’s Reporting of the Arab Spring;” “Uprising in Libya;” “Egypt-Wave of Discontent”
· ABC News Brian Ross Investigates: Peace Corps-A Trust Betrayed
· Al Jazeera’s Coverage of the Arab Awakening
· Desert Underwater
· Fareed Zakaria GPS: Interpretation and Commentary on Iran and The GPS Primetime Special: Restoring the American Dream—Fixing Education
· News Magazine: “People’s Republic of Cheating” and “Misjudged Cases”
· Operation Deep Freeze
· Somalia: Land of Anarchy
· The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley: Inside Syria
· Their Crime, Your Dime
· Toxic Secrets

2012 Winners

· Breaking News: Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School
· CNN’s Coverage Inside Syria and Homs
· Deception at Duke
· Ford Escape: Exposing a Deadly Defect
· Investigating the Fire
· Investigating the IRS
· Joy in the Congo
· Rapido y Furioso (Fast & Furious)
· Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
· SCOTUSblog
· Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished
· Superstorm Sandy

2013 Winners

· Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombings
· Coverage of Supertyphoon Yolanda (Haiyan)
· Hanford’s Dirty Secrets
· In Plain Sight: Poverty in America
· Inside Syria’s War
· Louisiana Purchased
· NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Questions of Influence
· One-on-One with Assad

2014 Winners

· CNN Investigative Reports: Crisis at the VA
· CNN’s Coverage of Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls
· Isis - Continuing Coverage
· The Islamic State
· Under the Radar

2015 Winners

· Burning Questions: WTAE Investigates Fire Response Times
· Desperate Journey
· European Migrant Crisis/A New Life in Europe/Year of Migration
· Isis in Afghanistan
· 911: Lost on the Line
· Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: The Killing Fields
· The Laquan McDonald Investigation

2016 Winners

· Arrested at School: Criminalizing Classroom Misbehavior
· Charity Caught on Camera
· CNN: Isis in Iraq and Syria, Undercover in Syria, Battle for Mosul
· Dangerous Exposure
· Heart of an Epidemic, West Virginia’s Opioid Addiction

2017 Winners

· Big Buses, Bigger Problems: Taxpayers Taken for a Ride
· Charlottesville: Race and Terror
· Fall of Isis in Iraq and Syria
· Inside Putin’s Russia
· Plight of Rohingya Refugees
· The Whistleblower

2018 Winners

· Anatomy of a Killing
· Back of the Class
· Cambridge Analytica
· Separated: Children at the Border
· Spartan Silence: Crisis at Michigan State
· The Plastic Problem
· $2 Tests: Bad Arrests

2019 Winners

· A Different Kind of Force: Policing Mental Illness
· American Betrayal
· Long Island Divided
· The Hidden Workforce: Undocumented in America
· Unwarranted