The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards

1970s Radio

1970s Radio

1970 Winners

· “Medical Viewpoint” and “Pearl Harbor, Lest We Forget/Requiem for the USA”
· Listening/4
· The Danger Within: A Study of Disunity in America

1971 Winners

· Second Sunday
· The Heart of the Matter
· Wisconsin On The Move

1972 Winners

· No-Fault Insurance—Right Road or Wrong?” and “Second Sunday, Seven-part Series on the Cities”
· All Things Considered
· Breakdown
· Conversations With Will Shakespeare and Certain of His Friends
· Monitor
· Open Door
· The Noise Shows

1973 Winners

· “Lyric Opera Live Broadcasts” and “Music in Chicago”
· “Project 1 Experiment” for “The Carpenters: Live in Concert” and “Helen Reddy: Live in Concert”
· “Second Sunday: Communism in the 70s” and “A Right to Death”
· From 18th Street: Destination Peking
· Marijuana and the Law
· The American Past

1974 Winners

· Battles Just Begun
· Conversations From Wingspread
· Pledge a Job
· Second Sunday
· The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre
· The Hit and Run Players
· Through the Looking Glass

1975 Winners

· A Life to Share
· Music In Chicago: Stravinsky ‘75
· Sleeping Watchdogs
· The Land of Poetry—Halloween Program
· Two Hundred Years Ago Tonight: The Battle of Lexington

1976 Winners

· American Popular Song With Alec Wilder and Friends
· Flashback 1976
· The Garden Plot: Food as a Weapon

1977 Winners

· Coverage of the April Flood
· Crossroads, Sea Island Sketches
· Earplay
· Science Story
· The Prairie was Quiet
· Winter’s Fear

1978 Winners

· Chicago Radio Theatre
· Dialogues on a Tightrope: An Italian Mosaic
· Second Sunday
· The Eternal Light
· The Eyewitness Who Wasn’t
· The Last Voyage of the Cap’n Bill

1979 Winners

· Currier Bell, Esquire
· Follow That Cab: The Great Taxi Rip-off
· Henny Penny Playwrighting Contest
· The Longest Journey
· The Way to 8-A