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  • 60 Minutes II: Abuse at Abu Ghraib
    60 Minutes II: Abuse at Abu Ghraib

    The truism that television is a visual medium was confirmed in this report. But here the visual component consisted primarily of a set of still photographs that shocked viewers throughout the world and raised questions that are in many instances still open. Preparation of the report began long before it was aired. Details were checked. A court martial investigation was in process prior to the presentation of the report. 60 Minutes II became the first news organization to gain access to the Taguba Report and other documents that included names of civilian contractors at the infamous prison as well as... read more

  • American Experience: Tupperware!
    American Experience: Tupperware!

    This vibrant documentary, narrated by the critically-acclaimed Kathy Bates, looks at why one of the world’s most ubiquitous products has become a cultural icon. At the center of the narrative are two dynamic, quirky characters: the ambitious but reclusive Earl Tupper, who invented Tupperware, and his flamboyant female business associate, Brownie Wise, who figured out how to sell it. The self-taught Wise, the first woman to appear on the cover of Business Week, encouraged women to believe in themselves and dream big. Working side-by-side, Tupper and Wise created an empire. Using poignant interviews with Tupperware executives and dealers from the... read more

  • Balseros

    Cuban refugee rafters—“balseros”—fled by the thousands in 1994 after Fidel Castro opened up Cuba’s coastal borders to those who wished to leave the country. This documentary passionately traces, over the course of seven years, the lives of seven of those refugees. We follow them from the building of their rafts to their attempts at building new lives in America. In chronicling the bittersweet dreams of families torn apart, and in some cases reunited, these interwoven stories show the emotional toll exacted on those who risked acts of desperation in hopes of attaining a better life. The footage captures Cuba during... read more

  • Beah: A Black Woman Speaks
    Beah: A Black Woman Speaks

    In this tribute to Beah Richards—amazing actress, writer, director, poet, teacher, musician, and activist—LisaGay Hamilton takes us on a journey through Richards’ life and times. At eighty and in her final years, Richards uses this documentary to solidify her legacy and challenge those who come after her. Using her life and words from this piece as a stepping-stone, HBO/Cinemax Documentary Films also created an Activity Guide to be used in high schools, colleges, or with community groups. The guide provides viewers an opportunity to reflect not only on Richards’ inspirational life, but also on art, identity, heritage, and activism in... read more

  • Black Sky: Race for Space
    Black Sky: Race for Space

    Black Sky: Race for Space chronicles the first great aeronautical feat of the 21st century—Burt Rutan`s reinvention of space travel in the form of a privately funded, X-prize winning modern aircraft, SpaceShipOne. Rutan has been called the man who reinvented the airplane. His aeronautical output is astounding; over the past three decades, he has produced one new research airplane per year. Black Sky: Race for Space follows Rutan and his team at Scaled Composites as they build SpaceShipOne and chase the elusive X Prize, a $10 million award given to the first private manned spacecraft to exceed an altitude of... read more

  • Bus 174
    Bus 174

    On the surface, Bus 174 is a documentary using real-time media footage to explore events surrounding Sandro do Nascimento’s hijacking of a public bus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, taking eleven hostages at gunpoint. Because of a lack of police barricades, the footage of the hijacking is intense and close, providing viewers with the sense of watching from a nearby street corner. Bus 174, however, does far more than cover the hijacking. It explores many of Brazil’s socio-economic issues, including the country’s attitudes toward the problem of homeless street children. Filmmakers use interviews with the hostages, police officers, and family... read more

  • Chesapeake Bay Pollution Investigation
    Chesapeake Bay Pollution Investigation

    This investigation by WBAL-TV writer/reporter John Sherman still continues. The story, centered on spillage of raw sewage into creeks and streams feeding into the Chesapeake Bay, was an eye-opener for the citizens of Centreville, Maryland, and neighboring towns. Based on a lead from a concerned citizen, WBAL discovered that a sewage treatment plant, operated by Centreville’s own town manager, was leaking up to hundreds of thousands of gallons of untreated sewage into the bay. Evidence of this leakage was falsified by plant documents and the public was completely unaware of the unethical mix of local business and local politics. Key... read more

  • Deadwood

    Deadwood, as imagined and created by producer-writer David Milch, exists somewhere between history and fiction, somewhere between civilization and savagery, somewhere between nightmare and dream. Peopled with historical figures such as Wild Bill Hickock (until he draws his fateful “aces and eights” and is killed off in the fourth episode), Calamity Jane and others, this depiction of a frontier mining camp may come as close to physical accuracy as any cinematic version ever constructed. Clothes bear stains of dust, blood, and bad food. Mud clogs streets rutted with the constant traffic of humans, horses, and supply wagons. Somewhere in the... read more

  • Human Cargo
    Human Cargo

    This six-hour miniseries deals with one of the most pressing problems in today’s version of “the global village,” the movement of refugees throughout the world. The special focus is on attempts by refugees to enter Canada, but the six intertwined stories begin in remote regions and could end in almost any developed country, any city, any rural area. The stories are intensely humanized through the plights of individual characters. But systemic issues also emerge in the frustrations experienced in bureaucratic entanglements, individual prejudices, and physical and financial obstacles. Human Cargo emerged as far more than a television series dealing with... read more

  • Leonard Bernstein: An American Life
    Leonard Bernstein: An American Life

    This 11-part radio documentary, hosted by Susan Sarandon, is an extraordinarily detailed account of Leonard Bernstein’s life and career. In production for more than six years, the programs consider Bernstein not as a classical musician who happened to foray into popular music, but as a musician who embraced the whole range of American musical culture. Through his roles as conductor, educator, and composer of symphonic and theater music, Bernstein responded to and changed the course of music, influencing several generations of musicians and listeners. Through over 15,000 never-before published letters written to and from Bernstein, hundreds of hours of rare... read more

  • Let the Good Times Roll
    Let the Good Times Roll

    This absorbing 13-part radio series is a celebration of the alchemic blend of jazz, gospel, and blues into rock and roll’s predecessor, rhythm and blues. Hosted by Chicago soul legend Jerry “The Iceman” Butler, Let the Good Times Roll draws upon more than 300 interviews, dozens of vintage radio and television broadcasts, historical archives, and 500 songs to bring to life the culture of the sound. Set within the social turbulence of the post World War II era, Let the Good Times Roll takes a thematic approach in its story-telling and relies heavily upon interviews with singers, musicians, producers, song... read more

  • MOSAIC: World News from the Middle East
    MOSAIC: World News from the Middle East

    Link TV’s MOSAIC: World News from The Middle East offers viewers an in-depth look at the daily news as presented by over 15 national broadcasters in the region. The thirty-minute broadcast, aired Monday through Friday, gives Americans a unique opportunity to view the world from the perspective of people living in the Middle East. From executive producers Kim Spencer, President of Link TV, and Jack Willis, Vice President of Programming, MOSAIC includes excerpts of newscasts from state-owned and independent broadcasters based in Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Syria, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Iraq, Iran, and London. Supplemented solely... read more

  • NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Friends in High Places
    NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Friends in High Places

    More than 50 individual reports and two documentaries contributed to NewsChannel 5’s three-year investigation of former Tennessee Gov. Don Sundquist. The investigative team’s persistent reporting on the awarding of hundreds of millions of dollars in state contracts to the former governor’s friends ended in a federal fraud conviction of a Sundquist administration appointee. Dedicated to their mission of “serving the public as a watchdog of their tax dollars,” the NewsChannel 5 team was the first to expose the questionable government contracts and the only television outlet to cover the grand jury sessions. Since the investigation began in 2002, the station... read more

  • Nursery Tap, Hip to Toe
    Nursery Tap, Hip to Toe

    Nursery Tap, Hip to Toe is a delightful children’s program that manages to introduce young children to the world of performing arts through the use of familiar (and sometimes not-so-familiar) nursery rhymes. Narrowing down the hundreds of available rhymes that have been passed down orally for centuries to a precious few (thirty, to be exact), Nursery Tap‘s creator/producer/director/vocalist Juleen Murray Shaw, with the assistance of associate producer/dancer Brynn Bromley, tinkered with the traditional oration of these rhymes to coordinate with rhythms that were compatible with tap, ballet, and even hip hop dance genres. This innovative approach to the visual/aural experience... read more

  • On the Media
    On the Media

    For one hour each Saturday, On the Media hosts Bob Garfield and Brooke Gladstone take listeners of 185 National Public Radio stations on an insightful journey into the inner workings and outer effects of the media. In a world where a handful of corporations own all of the major media outlets and the need for media literacy is ever increasing, this show provides candid and straightforward examinations of those whose job is to provide the facts of the day. On the Media deconstructs the often black and white presentation of “the way things are,” holding standard media practices up to... read more

  • Personal Award: Grant Tinker
    Personal Award: Grant Tinker

    “My own attitude is that my job was simply to get my hands on the best creative people, help them in any way that they required, but not to try to legislate what they did or how they did it; just simply to get them into the tent and let them do their thing.”—Grant Tinker, 1983. From radio to advertising to television networks, from studio head to network CEO, Grant Tinker has often been at the center of electronic media. As CEO of MTM Enterprises in the 1970s and CEO of NBC in the 1980s, he provided creative opportunities that... read more

  • PRI’s Studio 360 American Icons: Moby-Dick
    PRI’s Studio 360 American Icons: Moby-Dick

    In an effort to reexamine what it means to be American, Studio 360 launched a constructive series aimed at understanding American cultural benchmarks, American Icons. This debut installment guides us through Herman Melville’s classic tale of compulsion, rage, and rapture, Moby-Dick. Host Kurt Andersen employs Studio 360‘s distinctive format to contextualize the work through modern artists including performance artist Laurie Anderson; playwright Tony Kushner; sculptor and painter Frank Stella; jazz scholar Stanley Crouch; science fiction writer Ray Bradbury; and playwright David Ives, who summarized the mammoth novel in the two-minute world premiere radio play, Moby Dude. Listeners are further brought... read more

  • Rwanda—Do Scars Ever Fade?
    Rwanda—Do Scars Ever Fade?

    In 1994, the small African country of Rwanda was awash in blood. Extremists in the majority Hutu controlled government organized a systematic genocide of Rwanda’s minority Tutsi population. In just 100 days, more than 800,000 were murdered—an estimated seventy-five percent of Rwanda’s Tutsis. The atrocity was halted ten years ago, but for Rwandans, the ordeal does not yet have an ending. Today, the physical scars sustained by survivors are fading, but the emotional scars still remain. Rwanda—Do Scars Ever Fade?, narrated by Jeffrey Wright, is an in-depth journalistic report and historical examination of a terrible atrocity—but it is also much... read more

  • Salud Es Vida ... Enterate! (Lead a Healthy Life ... Get the Facts!)
    Salud Es Vida ... Enterate! (Lead a Healthy Life ... Get the Facts!)

    Univision’s television, radio, and on-line health-education initiative is a truly impressive cross-platform public service campaign. Designed to improve the quality of life by promoting healthier lifestyles, the campaign uses an array of media and services to reach a growing audience with crucial information. Begun in November 2003, the campaign continued throughout the following year, encouraging illness prevention and providing motivational encouragement for early detection of health problems. Univision television and radio stations across the country partnered with non-profit organizations to inform the Hispanic community about local services and to provide information on key issues. The campaign included quarterly specials dealing... read more

  • Something the Lord Made
    Something the Lord Made

    Something the Lord Made is the story of two men, Dr. Alfred Blalock, an ambitious white surgeon, and Vivien Thomas, a brilliant black carpenter turned lab technician. Together they defied the racial strictures of the Jim Crow south, devised groundbreaking surgical techniques, and pioneered the field of heart surgery. But this film is also the story of two men who come to respect and depend on one another, and in their own way, to love one another. Thomas’ amazing ability to comprehend biological processes and to invent technical devices and surgical strategies both assist and guide Blalock’s drive to understand... read more

  • State of Denial
    State of Denial

    WFAA-TV’s 19-part series State of Denial details questionable practices by state agencies and major insurance companies involved with the Texas workers compensation system. In this long running investigation, which began in 2003, reporter Brett Shipp, investigative producer/executive producer Mark Smith, executive producer for special projects Nann Goplerun, and editor/photographer Kraig Kirchem found state regulators lost sight of their assigned role: “Ensure appropriate and efficient health care for all injured employees.” The series detailed possible fraud and potentially unethical practices by a number of major insurance companies, activities ignored or unpunished by regulators. Several companies reportedly mailed “stripped” medical records, files... read more

  • State of Play
    State of Play

    State of Play explores the tangled relations among three of the most powerful institutions working in today’s complex social world: politics, law enforcement and the media. Set in contemporary Britain, Paul Abbott’s richly textured and tautly plotted thriller could take place in almost any setting. An ambitious member of Parliament, an aggressive investigative journalist who previously served as the politician’s campaign manager and law enforcement officials exploring a series of (apparently) unrelated crimes all end up linked to one another and to matters of corruption, integrity, and responsibility. The twists, turns, and surprises make this production one of the best... read more

  • Takalani Sesame Presents “Talk to Me ...”
    Takalani Sesame Presents “Talk to Me ...”

    In November 2004 Takalani Sesame presents “Talk to Me…” campaign was launched in South Africa. The campaign culminated on December 1st with a one-hour television special featuring three South African families dealing with issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. The purpose of this entire campaign, and of the television special in particular, is to present models for effective communication with which to speak to children of various age groups about the disease. It promotes communication between adults and children, increases knowledge about the disease as a means to decrease fear, discrimination, and stigma, and helps children cope and protect themselves against... read more

  • The Age of Wal-Mart: Inside America’s Most Powerful Company
    The Age of Wal-Mart: Inside America’s Most Powerful Company

    This exploration of one of the most familiar commercial icons in America—and increasingly in the world—is a deep examination of corporate culture. But Wal-Mart is not just any corporation nor is its culture. From the modest offices at the Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters, to its influence on the Chinese economy, from “the Wal-Mart Cheer” to the fleets of 18-wheelers, this company is as distinctive as it is controversial. CNBC’s documentary chronicles the amazing rise of this enterprise, describes its successes, and probes issues surrounding its increasingly common presence throughout the United States and its expansion into the world. This is the... read more

  • The Bully Project
    The Bully Project

    With the ever-growing prevalence of deadly cases of school violence and the media’s extensive coverage of these events, The Bully Project stands out, because it takes us inside the world of everyday bullying - the kind that on many occasions has been a catalyst for some of the more widely-covered instances of extreme violence in our schools. Writer/reporter/executive producer Bob Segall’s investigation-turned-community-outreach-program started with a shocking incident of school violence captured on tape. The team’s efforts escalated from there. WITI teamed up with University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee to produce a school survey with over forty questions about bullying that... read more

  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Indecision 2004
    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Indecision 2004

    Through the momentous weeks of the 2004 Presidential Campaigns, Jon Stewart and cohorts provided the kind of cathartic satire that deflates pomposity on an equal opportunity basis. Somehow this sharp commentary made the real issues more important than ever. Much has been made of the fact that growing numbers of viewers, old as well as young, turn to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for “news.” Mr. Stewart, however, repeatedly reminds those viewers that his program is “fake news.” Nevertheless, the program applies its satirical, sometimes caustic perspective to the issues of the day, on those engaged with the issues,... read more

  • The Darfur Crisis
    The Darfur Crisis

    A series of searing reports from BBC journalists Andrew Harding, Ishbel Matheson, Hilary Andersson, Fergal Keane, Nicholas Witchell, Paul Wood, and Bridget Kendal, The Darfur Crisis exposes the tragedy of genocide and racial cleansing in the Darfur region of Sudan. Driven to rebellion by an apparent government-approved attempt by Sudanese Arabs to cleanse the area of black Africans, the blacks of Darfur engage in a struggle for their very survival. Harding and Matheson from the BBC Nairobi bureau broadcasted some of the very first reports of the crisis in Darfur, and Andersson made five extended trips into Darfur from May... read more

  • The Kumars at No. 42
    The Kumars at No. 42

    Part scripted comedy, part improvisation, and part genuine interview, The Kumars at No. 42 invites a typical, albeit exaggerated, Indian family to American network television. The fusion of genres never fails to delight as it illustrates the quirks that unite families, regardless of culture, location, or ethnic background. Living in north London, the Kumars have found a unique method of “keeping up with the Joneses”—they have bulldozed their back yard and build a state-of-the-art TV studio from which they host their very own talk show. Kumar creator Sanjeev Bhaskar stars as Sanjeev Kumar, whose loving, interfering family members—parents Madhuri (Indira... read more

  • The N-Word
    The N-Word

    This documentary provides an in depth look at one of the most inflammatory words in the English language. It couples history, personal accounts and candid debates about the origins and contemporary use of the N-word. Opening with a montage in which the word is repeatedly uttered, viewers are confronted with powerful and conflicting sounds of hatred and affection. But this program does more than discuss the historical roots of the term; it examines current use in popular culture, asking if the re-appropriation of the N-word by many young white and black, hip-hop inspired youth has stripped away its power to... read more

  • The Suffering of Sudan
    The Suffering of Sudan

    Channel One News reporter, writer, videographer and producer Seth Doane traveled to Sudan to help explain the complexities of Sudan’s civil war and genocide for middle school and high school audiences. His reports are detailed, disturbing and powerfully informative. Seth introduced his student viewers to their counterparts in Sudan and Chad, allowing viewers to learn about the racial component of the conflict, the scarcity of natural resources, the terror, and the harsh realities of war on children. The Suffering of Sudan was executive produced by Jim Morris and directed by Kim Crawford. Seth’s journey was also well documented via Channel... read more

  • The War in Iraq
    The War in Iraq

    Despite assignment in a country riddled with car bombings, mortar attacks, sniper fire and kidnappings, NPR correspondents Anne Garrels, Ivan Watson, Deborah Amos, Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, Emily Harris, Peter Kenyon, Phillip Reeves, Eric Westervelt, Tom Gjelten, and Mike Shuster continued to document the turbulent aftermath of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. These experienced correspondents from the NPR foreign desk covered the stories of the Sunni and Shia uprisings, the bitter battles between insurgents and U.S. forces, the state of the Iraqi political leadership, the reconstruction efforts, the competition for the business of rebuilding Iraq, the challenge of securing law and order,... read more

  • To the Best of Our Knowledge
    To the Best of Our Knowledge

    A public-radio institution since 1992, To the Best of Our Knowledge remains the consummate audio magazine of ideas and oddities for people with curious minds. Each one-hour show assiduously explores its subject through an entertainingly diverse array of guests. In the spirit of a radio salon, host Jim Fleming and fellow interviewers Steve Paulson and Anne Strainchamps facilitate a meeting place of perspectives and opinions. Colorful programming consisting of interviews, performances, and commentary marks this wide-ranging on-air tradition. Through topics such as “Culture and Surveillance” and “History of Slapstick” to “Colonizing Mars,” stories range from the formidable to fanciful, but... read more