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  • American Playhouse: Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City
    American Playhouse: Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City

    Based on Armistead Maupin’s rich narratives, this six-hour miniseries depicts the gaudy excesses in San Francisco before AIDS with courageous frankness and buoyant humor. As has happened before, it took outside organization to help Americans understand their own culture and legacy. In this case, that organization was England’s progressive Channel 4, which undertook the production for American Playhouse and PBS after years of false starts. In the hands of director Alistair Reid, the words of writer and co-executive... read more

  • Barbra Streisand The Concert
    Barbra Streisand The Concert

    On her first concert tour in 30 years, Barbra Streisand captivated sellout audiences around the country. In the view of the Peabody Board, this cablecast of her landmark performance, produced by J.E.G. Productions for Home Box Office, is testimony to how great the presentation of music on television can be. Streisand’s enduring popularity is punctuated by her many hits, including “The Way We Were,” “Evergreen” and “People.” An unmatched concert performer, Streisand was accompanied by a 64-piece orchestra... read more

  • Break the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse
    Break the Silence: Kids Against Child Abuse

    In recent years, child abuse has become a subject of great societal concern and the topic of numerous television dramatic and documentary works. What has been missing in much of the discussion and in media presentations has been the development of means by which children can learn about abuse and how they might reach out for help. This landmark program provides just such a blueprint for change. Executive producer Arnold Shapiro assembled an outstanding team to document the... read more

  • Buddy Check 12
    Buddy Check 12

    After her best friend died of breast cancer at age 29, reporter Jeannie Blalock of WTLV-TV, Jacksonville, Florida, began Buddy Check 12 to encourage women in the station’s viewing area to do monthly self-examinations. Through personal stories of both tragedy and triumph, Buddy Check 12 has helped women overcome the fears associated with breast cancer. By fighting the illogical rationalization that by ignoring self-exams cancer will not occur, this unprecedented effort has saved the lives of hundreds of... read more

  • CBS Reports: D-Day
    CBS Reports: D-Day

    In the grand tradition of landmark documentaries for this venerable news institution, CBS Reports: D-Day recounts the story of the greatest military maneuver in modern warfare. American, French, British, and German eyewitnesses humanize this drama: from crossing the English Channel in a storm, at night, to the landing on the beaches of northern France and moving inland against superior forces. Reporter Dan Rather returns to the scenes of battle with General H. Norman Schwarzkopf to help viewers discern... read more

  • China: Beyond the Clouds
    China: Beyond the Clouds

    This sweeping four-hour miniseries takes viewers on an unprecedented journey into the centuries-old market town of Lijiang, China. The images and personal stories presented by filmmaker Phil Agland are both stunning and stirring. Many of the shots in this program could stand alone as photographic landscapes or portraits. In addition, the feelings and strivings of ordinary people involved in everyday activities provide an immediacy rarely captured on screen. When shown in England and the U.S., many hundreds of... read more

  • D-Day + 50 Years
    D-Day + 50 Years

    What was it like to be in America in June 1944, anticipating the invasion of Europe? And, what was it like as news of D-Day began to filter into American homes in the wee hours of June 6th? In this compilation of historic broadcasts, Cincinnati radio station WVXU-FM re-created those days, when an uncertain public heard dispatches and commentaries coming across the airwaves in a somewhat halting and piecemeal manner. On June 6, 1994, WXVU-FM abandoned its regular... read more

  • ER

    The gut-wrenching experiences and pressure-packed moments which mark emergency medicine are captured with accuracy and immediacy in this innovative series. By shattering the conventions of television narrative with dynamic production techniques and characterizations, ER recreates the environment of the urban emergency room. Viewers gain insight into the determination needed to save lives under trying conditions as well as the vulnerability which often marks the personal relationships of medical practitioners. Exceptional writing explores the personality of each character while... read more

  • Fascinatin’ Rhythm
    Fascinatin’ Rhythm

    Historians and musicologists point out that popular music provides a surprisingly accurate mirror of the changing values, attitudes, manners, and aspirations of the American people. Fascinatin’ Rhythm, described by one listener as “radio essays with songs used as illustrations,” is a vivid example of this fact. For fifteen years, this informative and thoroughly enjoyable program has explored and entertained the public in weekly broadcasts. Host Michael Lasser, both a broadcaster and a teacher, approaches the past century through... read more

  • Fat Chance
    Fat Chance

    For more than 40 years, Rick Zakowich had been struggling unsuccessfully to lose weight. Finally, he committed himself to the task of losing 200 pounds. Director Jeff McKay was invited to join Rick on the journey from fat to thin. As this engaging and persuasive documentary reveals, Rick never lost the weight. Instead, the journey became one from self-loathing to self-acceptance, and a challenge to most (if not all) of the popular stereotypes about obesity. Rick’s eloquent self-examination... read more

  • Fourways Farm
    Fourways Farm

    Specifically designed to meet the needs of four-to-six-year olds and their teachers, Fourways Farm is based on the guiding principle that a child’s first experience with science and technology should be enjoyable. Each program tells a story in the life of the farm and its cleverly engaging animal characters as a means of introducing scientific concepts. Instructor’s guides are distributed to schools with other resource material, and teachers are encouraged to record the program for subsequent classroom use.... read more

  • Frasier

    An ensemble of eccentric and interesting characters marks this breakthrough series. Frasier delves into sensitive issues with inventive writing, exceptional characterization and unusual insight. As an example, one episode submitted for review by the Peabody Board involves Frasier being mistaken as homosexual by his new boss. Despite the delicate nature of this subject matter, the writing and performances were first-rate, even evocative of the classic scenes of mistaken identity common to Shakespeare and Moliere. Frasier is more than... read more

  • Just Because: Tales of Violence, Dreams of Peace
    Just Because: Tales of Violence, Dreams of Peace

    When Salinas lost 24 young lives in a single year as a direct result of youth violence, KSBW-TV decided to address the issue in a compelling, inventive, and, most importantly, effective manner. Using a format that mixed drama and reality and featured both English and Spanish audio tracks, Just Because: Tales of Violence, Dreams of Peace targeted teens with an unflinching portrait of gang violence and its wide-ranging consequences. Interviews with young people, including former gang members, were... read more

  • Mad About You
    Mad About You

    Situation comedies starring stand-up comedians seem to be all the rage. In fact, more than one has been recognized with a Peabody Award. But Mad About You co-created by comedian Paul Reiser and veteran writer/producer Danny Jacobson, does much more than continue a trend. Rather, this quirky, dead-on depiction of married life in the 1990s offers insight into our everyday experiences even as it makes us laugh. Reiser and Jacobson, with co-executive producers Jeffrey Lane, Victor Fresco, and... read more

  • Moon Shot
    Moon Shot

    The original Mercury and Gemini astronauts and the successful Apollo lunar landings have become an indelible part of our culture. The space race, which culminated in Neil Armstrong’s small yet significant steps for mankind, has been the subject of much analysis and debate. Out of the voluminous film archives of the space program and the personal recollections of those who were there, Turner Original Productions/Varied Directions have told the tale in a new and dramatic way. Writers Kirk... read more

  • MTV Unplugged
    MTV Unplugged

    This fresh and inventive series, created by Jim Burns and Bob Small and produced by Alex Coletti, has taken a simple concept and made a profound statement. By de-electrifying contemporary music, MTV Unplugged has built a bridge across the chasm known as the “generation gap.” From late 1989 when Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze became the first unplugged artists, to a recent program which featured Tony Bennet in duet with both Elvis Costello and k.d. lang,... read more

  • Nick News
    Nick News

    Hosted each week by veteran news journalist Linda Ellerbee and produced by her company, Lucky Duck Productions, Nick News brings quality news journalism on a broad range of subjects to its audience of children and young adults. Covering every topic from politics and social issues to science, technology, sports and entertainment, Nick News neither talks down or “dumbs down” to its audience. This informative and entertaining news magazine is carried in prime time on Nickelodeon and is also... read more

  • Normandy: The Great Crusade
    Normandy: The Great Crusade

    More than a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of D-Day, this program takes viewers back to the time when every man, woman, and child was mobilized on behalf of the war effort. Using D-Day and the Normandy Invasion as a focal point, this two-hour documentary records the exceptional demands made by the war on the fighting men and women at the front and the civilians who supported them both at home and abroad. With a particularly personal narration... read more

  • Reflections on Elephants
    Reflections on Elephants

    The exceptional natural photography and eloquent story-telling of National Geographic Television have become a standard in documentary filmmaking. National Geographic’s high standards are attained and surpassed in the involving Reflections on Elephants. Executive producers Nicolas Noxon and Tom Simon, with producers Dereck and Beverly Joubert and narrator Stacy Keach, provide a canvas on which the awe-inspiring tale of the elephant in a disappearing natural world is drawn. This production reveals the natural life of these great creatures: their... read more

  • Rush To Read
    Rush To Read

    Prompted by the death of a Rhode Island school teacher after four of her Pap smears were misread by four different laboratories,Rush to Read investigated a system fraught with problems, in which strict government regulations went virtually unenforced. With the assistance of several leading pathologists, cytologists, and physicians, the PrimeTime investigative team led by executive producer Phyllis McGrady, producer Roberta Gordon, and reporter Diane Sawyer, sent 600 slides to four labs across the country. One lab emerged with... read more

  • Rwanda

    The new techniques and technologies of television news make it possible for local stations to cover international events in a way which was previously impossible. Today, it is not uncommon for stations in large cities to send their anchors and reporters to the scene of major international news stories. It is uncommon, however, when that reporting reaches the level of excellence and commitment demonstrated by this series of reports. When news director Milt Weiss sent anchor Richard Brown,... read more

  • Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness
    Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness

    A powerful and personal documentary narrated by Jason Robards, Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness explores this disorder through the voices of its sufferers. Those afflicted with schizophrenia detail its onset, diagnosis, treatment, and social stigma. The importance of medical research and recent breakthroughs underscore these tales of the disease, as well as efforts to increase public awareness and knowledge. Eighteen months of work by producer Bill Lichtenstein, with assistant producers Lisa Moran and John Sebastian, resulted in an... read more

  • Sewer Solvent Scandal
    Sewer Solvent Scandal

    This outstanding series of investigative reports is proof that a local television station can be the primary agent in uncovering government fraud and in leading the way to reform. The KGAN I-Team, including reporter Sandy Reisgraf, photographer Ger Edwards and executive producers Dennis Kendall and John Dearing, caught city workers dumping thousands of dollars of chemical solvent literally down the drain into the city’s sewer system, ostensibly to clean grease from the lines. Not only did the chemical... read more

  • The American Experience: FDR
    The American Experience: FDR

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt is one of the most revered and influential Americans of this century. The subject of hundreds of books and countless plays, films, and television programs, he has become an icon for an entire generation. Until this definitive 4 1/2 hour documentary based on two books by senior creative consultant and FDR biographer Geoffrey Ward, the personal motivations and physical and emotional trails that marked his life remained elusive. By interviewing dozens of those who knew... read more

  • The American Experience: Malcolm X: Make It Plain
    The American Experience: Malcolm X: Make It Plain

    Before speaking to an audience, the subject of this outstanding television presentation would ask that his introduction be concise-absent of any hyperbole or grandiosity. “Make it plain,” he would insist, a phrase which aptly describes this definitive documentary. Emanating from the same creative team responsible for the landmark series Eyes on the Prize, this program examines Malcolm X without the myth-making or derision marked by those who would blindly laud or vilify him. Instead, painstaking research into the... read more

  • The American Experience: The Battle of the Bulge
    The American Experience: The Battle of the Bulge

    By late 1944, it appeared that the war in Europe was nearing its end. The Allies had regained Paris, as well as Casablanca, Tripoli, Naples, and Rome. But in December 1944, Hitler struck back with the counterattack that has come to be known as the Battle of the Bulge, among the biggest and bloodiest battles ever fought by American soldiers. After more than a month of fighting 30 German divisions, with temperatures hovering near zero and in driving... read more

  • The Atomic Bombshell
    The Atomic Bombshell

    This enterprising story by reporter Dale Julin vividly illustrates that investigative reporting in television can continue to thrive despite ratings, pressure and other trends. In fact, this report counters the norms of most local televisions news stories. It has no breaking news value-the events that were the basis of this series happened over 40 years ago. Reporting this story involved the painstaking process of identifying and reporting evidence that a nuclear weapons accident in 1950 may have been... read more

  • The Hunger Inside
    The Hunger Inside

    If not for the pioneering work of Peggy Claude-Pierre, hundreds of young people now leading happy and productive lives might have been lost to anorexia. Her techniques and approach to combating this disease are unprecedented, as this segment from ABC News 20/20 reveals with insight and dramatic impact. The Hunger Inside” chronicles the life changes of patients at Claude-Pierre’s clinic and reveals how anorexia has been misunderstood and ill-served by traditional medical approaches. This broadcast inspired a response... read more

  • The Rise and Fall of Vee-Jay
    The Rise and Fall of Vee-Jay

    There is no denying today that radio is in a boom period, with over 10,000 commercial stations on the air. At the same time, however, the Peabody Board has noted that, ironically, the number of entries from commercial broadcasters continues to drop. Happily, this program, produced by a popular station in New York, reveals the vitality, entertainment value, and information for which the commercial band has long been noted. Executive producers Bob Slade and Johnny Meadow have crafted... read more

  • Tobacco Stories
    Tobacco Stories

    At the heart of broadcast journalism is the rare investigative report which results in swift corrective action. National Public Radio’s investigation of tobacco manufacturing and use in the United States achieved that important goal. In April 1994, led by executive producer Anne Gudenkauf and producers Peggy Girshman and Rob Stein, NPR released the names of 13 potentially toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of cigarettes. The initial report and numerous follow-up stories reported by Richard Harris, Rebecca Perl,... read more

  • Wade in the Water: African-American Sacred Music Traditions
    Wade in the Water: African-American Sacred Music Traditions

    The sacred traditions of 19th and 20th-century African-American music comes alive in this series of 26 programs, which required five arduous years of production led by Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon, Smithsonian curator and founder of the singing group “Sweet Honey in the Rock.” The rich and often under-appreciated tradition of African-American culture is demonstrated through its gift of music; a magic that emanated across the airwaves in this historic production. This program combines considerable talents of producers and... read more