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  • 60 Minutes: The CIA’s Cocaine
    60 Minutes: The CIA’s Cocaine

    For more than two decades, the underground press has claimed CIA involvement in drug trafficking. It took the investigative skills and the exceptional interviewing abilities of senior correspondent Mike Wallace to finally make the allegations stick. In this investigative report, 60 Minutes once again demonstrates why it is a landmark series in American television history. By revealing the story of a covert CIA operation in Venezuela that led to an unabated flood of cocaine into this country. 60... read more

  • American Masters: Paul Simon—Born at the Right Time
    American Masters: Paul Simon—Born at the Right Time

    The music of Paul Simon chronicles post-war America, from its roots in rhythm and blues, to emergence of the folk scene, to folk-rock, to the world music genre so popular today. This documentary effectively captures the personal odyssey of the performer and the times in which he has lived and worked. Paul Simon - Born At The Right Time transcends the standard rock biography. Executive producer Susan Lacy and director Susan Steinberg use Mr. Simon’s recent world tour... read more

  • Angels of Change
    Angels of Change

    Thirty years ago, four little girls died in the bombing of Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church. The blast shocked the world and galvanized the civil rights movements in America. The senseless loss and stirring legacy of Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carol Robertson, and Denise McNair are the focus of this inspiring documentary by WVTM-TV in Birmingham. Producers Gene Kirkconnell and Ken Strickland, and producer and reporter Tracy Haynes detail the tensions in Birmingham which led to the... read more

  • Chuck Kraemer Reporting
    Chuck Kraemer Reporting

    Reporting, writing, shooting, and editing one’s own programs on “consumer” equipment may seem frivolous, but Chuck Kraemer’s folly becomes viewer’s joy in his delightful observation and commentaries on everyday life. Mr. Kraemer’s one man band plays on WCVB TV Boston in many styles—newsy, funny, serious, opinionated, informational, pictorial, and sometimes, just verbal. Mr. Kraemer finds room for reflection and ides on TV news- no small feat these days. He looks for places where contemplation can be interposed among... read more

  • Document: The Unspeakable Atrocity
    Document: The Unspeakable Atrocity

    During its deliberations, it became clear to the Peabody Board that rarely did we observe the news media looking inward to examine its role in the dissemination of information, and assessing its impact on events. An exception is this outstanding report by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Exhaustive archival research and interviews with BBC senior staffers by producer Nigel Acheson, along with writer and reporter Denys Blakeway, provided evidence that as early as June 1942, the venerable BBC itself... read more

  • Facing Reality: Politics, Drugs and Waste
    Facing Reality: Politics, Drugs and Waste

    One trend in television news is the diminishing number of investigative stories, reporter Bill Elder, ably assisted by assistant producer Diana Baker and cameraman Bob Eustler, remind us of the power of television to effect change in a local community. Their series uncovered blatant drug abuse and sexual misconduct among patients at drug rehabilitation centers co-owned by a state representative while a major candidate for mayor of New Orleans. In the face of fierce counter-attack by the politician... read more

  • Fox Children’s Network: 1993 Public Service Campaign
    Fox Children’s Network: 1993 Public Service Campaign

    Since its inception in 1990, Fox Children’s Network has succeeded in attracting a huge audience of children and young adults with its daily afternoon and Saturday morning schedule. Rather than exploit this viewing group, Fox Children’s Network, in association with Churchill Entertainment, has taken advantage of an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of today’s youth. By focusing on the underlying causes of violence in society including learned anti-social behavior, low self-esteem, and rampant prejudice and... read more

  • Fresh Air with Terry Gross
    Fresh Air with Terry Gross

    The aptly named Fresh Air is a breezy and brilliant weekday magazine of contemporary culture and public affairs. Host Terry Gross has earned a considerable reputation for her probing questions and unusual insights. Unlike the cacophony of voices that sometimes obscure and polarize contemporary debate, Ms. Gross asks thoughtful, unexpected questions, and allows her subjects time to frame their answers. From a core coverage of music, film, theater, and books, Fresh Air has now expanded to include the... read more

  • Good Morning, Miss Toliver
    Good Morning, Miss Toliver

    The Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education (FASE) produced Good Morning, Miss Toliver, a behind-the-scenes classroom revelation of how Kay Toliver and her East Harlem students are setting standards any school would be proud to match. In so doing, this fine producing organization continues its commitment to making television central to improving education in this country. Especially deserving of mention are executive producer Steven R. Heard, senior producer Kathie Heard, supervising producer Jack Dirmann, producer Dave Hendry,... read more

  • Health and Science Reporting by Robert Bazell
    Health and Science Reporting by Robert Bazell

    As the American population ages, medical reporting moves to the forefront of broadcast journalism. Sadly, such reports are often simplistic or sensational. However, Robert Bazell’s reports, as seen on the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and the Today program, have, for fifteen years, exemplified the best reporting on science and medicine. From transmission of the AIDS virus to innovations in cancer treatment, from the perceived dangers of cellular phones to alternative modes of health care, Mr. Bazell... read more

  • Health Reform Coverage 1993
    Health Reform Coverage 1993

    Perhaps no other recent topic has received as much attention and been so riddled with misinformation as the initiative to reform health care in America. Throughout 1993, NPR correspondent Patricia Neighmond criss-crossed the nation to define the problem, measure its dimensions, and evaluate the various options. Her reports were uniformly comprehensive and informative. In addition, editor Peggy Girshman and Ms. Neighmond effectively interwove examples and illustrations with often humorous vignettes to demystify the health care system. For effective... read more

  • Homicide: Life on the Street
    Homicide: Life on the Street

    In this innovative, quirky, and frequently brilliant combination of style and substance, executive producers Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana effectively raise the detective genre to a new level of achievement. Homicide avoids the cliches of the genre: the shootouts, car chases, and crimes neatly closed at the end of each hour, focusing instead on the number of people in the murder investigation unit of a major metropolitan police force. There are no super heroes here, no sanitized violence,... read more

  • I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School
    I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School

    Filmmakers Alan and Susan Raymond have earned Peabody recognition in the past for their innovative use of the new technology of portable video in The Police Tapes (1977). Once again, their talents are on display in this insightful documentary filmed at an inner city school. I Am A Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School reveals the best and worst in our educational system. Surrounded by the reality of urban blight, including deteriorated housing, rampant drug abuse and... read more

  • Institutional Award: The Discovery Networks
    Institutional Award: The Discovery Networks

    Some years ago, John S. Hendricks had a vision of using cable television to inform and educate. Since then, the promise of cable as a source of enlightenment has largely been unfulfilled. But Mr. Hendricks never lost sight of the potential for cable to enrich and enhance the lives of its viewers. Through The Discovery Networks (The Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel) and its varied educational initiatives, educators and students now have unprecedented access to timely educational... read more

  • Katie and Eilish: Siamese Twins
    Katie and Eilish: Siamese Twins

    If ever a topic was ripe for tabloid treatment, this is it. Rather than turn a personal tragedy into just another piece of trash television, Yorkshire Television and The Discovery Channel instead present a sensitive and tender examination of a family dealing with a medical crisis. Producer/director Mark Galloway obviously earned the trust of Katie and Eilish and their parents, Mary and Liam Holten, and that trust is never betrayed. Katie and Eilish’s joy for life and love... read more

  • Kid Company
    Kid Company

    At a time when commercial radio has all but forgotten the child audience, WBZ Boston presents Kid Company, a weekly, live, two-hour radio series made especially for children ages 8 to 14. Each Saturday night from 5 to 7 p.m., children report news of the world under the direction of executive producer Jody Snider, creative producer Stephen Snyder and affable host Josh Binswanger. Kid Company preproduces child-oriented features and interviews by hundreds of trained “kid correspondents.” Phone lines... read more

  • Mystery Science Theater 3000
    Mystery Science Theater 3000

    What happens when you take a lab technician, maroon him in outer space, and subject him to experiments testing the effects of bad movies on the human species? Mystery Science 3000. The creative minds of Jim Mallon, Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu, Kevin Murphy, and Mike Nelson are mostly responsible for this mania. With references to everything from Proust to Gilligan’s Island, Mystery Science Theater 3000 fuses superb, clever writing with wonderfully terrible B-grade movies. The lab technician and... read more

  • Mystery! Prime Suspect
    Mystery! Prime Suspect

    “Gritty and graphic” describes the finest dramatic mini-series to grace television screens in years: Mystery! Prime Suspect. Helen Mirren brilliantly brings the uncompromising, riveting character of Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison to life. Tennison is the lone woman with authority in the male-dominated preserve of London’s police force in this landmark series, produced by Granada Television and aired in the United States as a part of the PBS Mystery! series. As DCI Jane Tennison, Ms. Mirren runs a... read more

  • Personal Award: Christiane Amanpour
    Personal Award: Christiane Amanpour

    The true mark of broadcast journalists is not their recognizability and familiarity among the public, or their ability to command seven-figure salaries. The test is whether they are willing to subsume personal goals and take the professional risks necessary to bring important facts to light. By this standard, CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour represents the best of the profession. She is a heroic reporter whose balance and courageous coverage in recent years has brought the impact of numerous world... read more

  • Personal Award: Paul Harvey
    Personal Award: Paul Harvey

    Millions “stand by for news” with Paul Harvey each week, and his deft amalgam of news and views always leaves his listeners informed and entertained. For over 50 years, Paul Harvey has brought news and information into the American home. Born in Tulsa, Mr. Harvey literally grew up with radio. As a boy, he made his own radio sets. During his high school years, he dropped by KVOO in Tulsa so often that the station manager finally hired... read more

  • POV: Silverlake Life: The View From Here
    POV: Silverlake Life: The View From Here

    When filmmaker Peter Friedman’s friends Tom Joslin and Mark Massi died, he received an extraordinary inheritance: forty hours of videotape documenting the couple’s struggle with AIDS. For the next fifteen months, Friedman labored over the tape and emerged with a candid and heart-wrenching documentary on love, commitment, and mortality in the age of AIDS. Silverlake Life: The View from Here follows Joslin and Massi through daily struggles as they face AIDS. While the program unflinchingly chronicles their deaths,... read more

  • Scarred for Life
    Scarred for Life

    Rarely has a program nominated for Peabody consideration received the attention and acclaim accorded this report. From the commendation of the faculty and student pre-screening committees to the unanimous recommendation of the Peabody Board, it was clear that this was important television reporting. In examining the centuries-old ritual of female circumcision in a direct, yet non-sensational manner, ABC News Day One brought this procedure to public attention and mobilized an effort at intervention and introduction of legislation in... read more

  • Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs
    Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs

    Too often today, animation on television is produced in a workman-like manner, with little attention paid to characterization, illustration, and above all, narrative storytelling. This series, with appeal to adults as well as children, reminds us of the glory days of Hollywood animation and brings that period up-to-date with sparkling characters, witty dialogue, and stunning production. The magic touch of executive producer Steven Spielberg is in evidence in the work of senior producer Tom Ruegger, producers Rich Arons... read more

  • The Ernest Green Story
    The Ernest Green Story

    In 1957 Ernest Green and eight other African-American students attempted to enroll in Central High School. Racial barriers had supposedly fallen three years earlier after the Supreme Court ruled Brown v. Board of Education that “separate but equal” school facilities were inherently unequal. A.M.L. Productions’ The Ernest Green Story, produced for the Disney Channel, dramatically tells of one young man’s struggle to attend and graduate from Central High during a troubled time in Little Rock. Ernest Green’s bravery... read more

  • The Larry Sanders Show
    The Larry Sanders Show

    The past year has seen an unprecedented preoccupation with late-night television. At times the media circus surrounding this previously under-appreciated daypart seemed out of control. Against this back-drop, Home Office and Brillstein-Grey Entertainment have created an inventive—and brilliant—lampoon of late-night. The cast (including Garry Shandling, Rip Torn, and Jeffrey Tambor) and the writing (by Peter Tolan, Maya Fortes and others) brings a level of realism and insight unusual in television comedy. As the program deftly moves from the... read more

  • The New Explorers
    The New Explorers

    Now entering its fourth season, The New Explorers represents a unique partnership among government, major corporations, science institutions, WTTW, and Kurtis Productions, Ltd. This collaborative effort has yielded an unprecedented educational initiative, in which over 100,000 students across the country are provided with exceptional science education. While each of the documentaries in this series is exceedingly produced and entertaining, and features outstanding works by executive producer and host Bill Kurtis, the added strength of The New Explorers is... read more

  • The Nineties: All Your Kisses Are Mine
    The Nineties: All Your Kisses Are Mine

    One of an eight-part series on British citizens over ninety years of age, All Your Kisses Are Mine is a powerful and poignant tribute to a little documented era. Through moving, first person accounts, we hear what life was like for unmarried women living in the early decades of the twentieth century. These eloquent and elegant women not only bring that period to life, they reinforce our notions of home, love, and family. For performing an important service... read more

  • Under the Influence
    Under the Influence

    A five-month long investigation of the conduct of the Tennessee General Assembly earned a Peabody for WKRN in Nashville. In January 1993, Channel 2 News began its investigation of the lobbyists and lawmakers. This investigation, led by executive producer and reporter Tom Atwood, with writers and reporters Stuart Watson, Phil Williams and Anne Holt, linked key legislative votes to special interest contributions and exposed the cozy relationship between lobbyists and elected officials. Researching candidate and lobbyist disclosure reports... read more

  • Vietnam Women’s Memorial
    Vietnam Women’s Memorial

    The memorial to the women who served in Vietnam was unveiled on Veteran’s Day 1993. Attendees of the emotionally-charged commemoration wept openly as they remembered their common ordeal. This report transcended a simple unveiling and holiday commemoration. Though compelling, first-hand recollections of the nurses who saved lives, the men they saved, and the families of those who didn’t make it “back to the world,” correspondent Jon Bascom’s report brought some measure of closure to this difficult time in... read more