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  • “The Case Against Women: Sexism in the Courts” as Presented on “NPR’s Horizons”
    “The Case Against Women: Sexism in the Courts” as Presented on “NPR’s Horizons”

    In this illuminating documentary presented on National Public Radio’s Horizons, producer, writer and reporter Helen Borten focuses on how women fare as defendants and plaintiffs in cases involving allegations of child abuse or neglect. The disturbing revelations illustrate the tendency of some judges and attorneys to accord less credibility to the claims and testimony of women. The Case Against Women: Sexism in the Courts presents considerable statistical and anecdotal evidence that by denying women equal treatment, family courts... read more

  • 60 Minutes: Friendly Fire
    60 Minutes: Friendly Fire

    In the best tradition of 60 Minutes, reporter Steve Kroft and producer Harry A. Radliffe II convey in microcosm the tactics, emotions and implications of the events of the Persian Gulf War. As technological warfare becomes ever more precise human error is not eliminated, but instead can be magnified with terrible and tragic results. For the first time in American history a friendly fire accident was taken all the way into the public domain and the individual responsible... read more

  • America Undercover: Heil Hitler! Confessions of a Hitler Youth
    America Undercover: Heil Hitler! Confessions of a Hitler Youth

    More than fifty years have passed since the Third Reich stole the innocence from the children of Germany. This gripping documentary is based on the life of Alfons Heck, who as a Hitler Youth rose to high command and received the Iron Cross from Der Fuhrer’s own hands. In Mr. Heck’s view, the experience of the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany constituted a massive case of child abuse and he believes it could happen again. Arthur Holch, producer,... read more

  • Arkansas’ Time Bomb: Teen Pregnancy
    Arkansas’ Time Bomb: Teen Pregnancy

    In Arkansas, four out of ten teenage girls will become pregnant, ranking the state second in the nation for its rate of teen pregnancy. Recognizing that this complex problem cannot be solved with simple short term solutions, KARK-TV teamed up with the Arkansas Department of Health for a year long public service campaign. Significantly, this campaign was dedicated to informing teenagers and their parents about the resources available to address the situation. Executive Producer Ann Wright and her... read more

  • Brian Ross Reports on B.C.C.I.
    Brian Ross Reports on B.C.C.I.

    For more than fifteen years, the NBC News team of producer Ira Silverman and reporter Brian Ross has provided exemplary investigative journalism. Perhaps never before have the team’s considerable talents been taxed more than in revealing, reporting and providing follow-up to the complex Bank of Credit and Commerce International (B.C.C.I.) scandal. Conventional wisdom in broadcast news would suggest that this story was not suited for television: finance is a dry topic, considered inaccessible to most viewers, and it... read more

  • Coup d’Etat: The Week That Changed the World
    Coup d’Etat: The Week That Changed the World

    Using the resources of Cable News Network, Turner Multimedia is a tool by which classroom teachers can bring history to life. “Coup D’Etat: The Week That Changed The World” provides educators with the kind of deep background on events in the former Soviet Union that was previously impossible to access and use. Extraordinary research and interpretation were brought to bear to introduce students to the coup plotters, as well as the new Russian leadership. Included with the video... read more

  • Coverage of the Judge Clarence Thomas Confirmation
    Coverage of the Judge Clarence Thomas Confirmation

    This past year will long be remembered as the time the American public was forced to grapple with the incendiary topic of sexual harassment in the workplace. Bringing this issue to the fore was Nina Totenberg’s groundbreaking, comprehensive coverage of the Judge Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation proceedings for National Public Radio. NPR’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of the events, including the revelation that allegations of sexual harassment against Judge Thomas by law professor, Anita Hill, had been ignored by... read more

  • Great Performances: Dance in America: Everybody Dance Now!
    Great Performances: Dance in America: Everybody Dance Now!

    In this exuberant program popular dance is given an historical context and the often overlooked choreographer is paid tribute. Historical footage of the early influential Motown acts and choreographers is integrated with popular music videos and interviews with some of today’s biggest stars to illustrate that dance is not just an embellishment for selling records, but an art in its own right with a long and distinguished heritage. Executive producer Jac Venza, producer/director Margaret Selby and Writer Jennifer... read more

  • I’ll Fly Away and Northern Exposure
    I’ll Fly Away and Northern Exposure

    Perhaps the most collaborative of the visual arts, the soul of successful series television resides in the producer. In the past decade, the producing and writing team of Joshua Brand and John Falsey have brought renewed vigor, innovation, intelligence and a sense of style to one of TV’s most moribund forms—evening serial drama. Previously recognized with the Peabody in 1984 for St. Elsewhere, two vastly different but equally deserving programs from this outstanding creative team are hereby honored.... read more

  • Institutional Award: Armed Forces Radio and Television Service on the Occasion of Its 50th Anniversary
    Institutional Award: Armed Forces Radio and Television Service on the Occasion of Its 50th Anniversary

    For half a century, the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service has provided a full and free flow of news and information to American military, civilian and diplomatic personnel overseas. In addition, in many regions where United States forces are well-represented, AFRTS broadcasts have become an increasingly important means by which local citizens have become aware of our culture and economic system. From its humble radio beginnings early in World War II, today AFRTS broadcasts in more than... read more

  • Institutional Award: Cable News Network (CNN) for Its Coverage of the Soviet Coup
    Institutional Award: Cable News Network (CNN) for Its Coverage of the Soviet Coup

    On Sunday, August 18, 1991 CNN broke the news to the world of an attempted takeover of the government of the Soviet Union. From that moment CNN’s coverage of the Soviet coup attempt became a major means by which the world and the Soviet citizenry followed the dramatic and frightening events. From its bureau in Moscow which followed the fate of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, to the small television station in Maine that permitted CNN to carry... read more

  • Institutional Award: Caedmon Audio for a Distinguished  and Unmatched Record of Preserving Our Rich Oral Tradition in Poetry, Drama, and Spoken-word Performance
    Institutional Award: Caedmon Audio for a Distinguished and Unmatched Record of Preserving Our Rich Oral Tradition in Poetry, Drama, and Spoken-word Performance

    For forty years Caedmon Audio has been the leading producer of spoken-word recordings, from Dylan Thomas reading A Child’s Christmas in Wales (1952) to Kenneth Branagh reading the latest Dick Francis’ mystery (1991). Caedmon recordings include 34 Shakespeare plays, T.S. Eliot and Edith Sitwell reading their poems, and hundreds of fairy tales and classic children’s stories, read by prominent actors. Caedmon recordings are exceptional for their purity and faithfulness to sources; the very definition of artistic integrity. Caedmon... read more

  • Institutional Award: WRAL Environmental Reporting
    Institutional Award: WRAL Environmental Reporting

    The destruction of our natural environment requires vigilance from all quarters, but especially from local media. The long-term commitment demonstrated by WRAL-TV provides a model for environmental action. Under the umbrella title Save Our Sounds, WRAL has utilized its news, documentary and public affairs units to full advantage. WRAL has been on the story both on and off the air, since 1988, spearheading corrective action. These efforts have paid off in new legislation, amended procedures by business and... read more

  • Joe Frank: Work In Progress
    Joe Frank: Work In Progress

    Each year it seems, the Peabody Board is concerned by an apparent diminishment of creativity in radio. Except for a noted few proponents, radio drama in this country is in decline. The overwhelming majority of radio stations has turned to a musical format, reducing radio primarily to a “jukebox” medium. Happily, an innovative artist has emerged to remind us of the promise and power of the sound medium. Joe Frank: Work in Progress is radio drama for the... read more

  • Late Night with David Letterman
    Late Night with David Letterman

    Once a television wasteland, late night has become a daypart of increased interest to programmers, performers and viewers. In the past ten years, one show has moved to the position of the leader in late night television in creativity, humor and innovation. That program is Late Night With David Letterman. As one member of the Peabody Board remarked, “David Letterman is a born broadcaster.” He is also a savvy co-executive producer. Along with co-executive producer Jack Rollins, producer... read more

  • Murphy Brown
    Murphy Brown

    Today, Murphy Brown joins the short list of situation comedies that have earned Peabody recognition. Like All in the Family, Murphy Brown weaves current issues into its scripts with intelligence and wit. Like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, it features a strong ensemble cast who portray a diverse set of leading and supporting characters. Like M*A*S*H, Murphy Brown reveals a personal vision of the world through the exceptional work of its producers and writers. Like all of these,... read more

  • New York City Musicbox
    New York City Musicbox

    One of the most important educational missions we face is to instill the love of good music in our children. Sadly, music education programs in the school systems of many large cities have fallen victim to budget shortfalls, robbing children of invaluable exposure to music history and appreciation. This unique radio series for children addresses this critical need with enthusiasm and energy. Executive producer Mario Mazza, producer Max Horowitz and host Elliot Forrest have crafted a lively series... read more

  • Nickelodeon Special Edition: It’s Only Television
    Nickelodeon Special Edition: It’s Only Television

    In an era marked by the decline of quality television programming for children, Nickelodeon demonstrates its continuing commitment to the younger generation with It’s Only Television, the network’s second Peabody Award winner. Linda Ellerbee, in her tripartite role as executive producer, writer and reporter, leads a collaborative effort between Lucky Duck Productions and Nickelodeon in an honest and critical look at the television business. From behind the scenes, television’s youngest viewers are taught the critical skills essential for... read more

  • Pearl Harbor: Two Hours That Changed the World
    Pearl Harbor: Two Hours That Changed the World

    Fifty years after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a collaborative effort between ABC News, and NHK Japan pays powerful tribute to those who gave their lives that fateful December day in 1941. As anchor and writer, David Brinkley avoids gratuitous chest-beating and traces the events that led to the “date which will live in infamy.” Interviews with American and Japanese survivors add authenticity and contribute to our understanding of the conflict. Veterans on both sides of the... read more

  • People of the Forest: The Chimps of Gombe
    People of the Forest: The Chimps of Gombe

    This extraordinary documentary, produced by Hugo Van Lawick for The Discovery Channel, follows a family of wild chimpanzees over the course of twenty years in their natural habitat of equatorial Africa. The viewer comes to appreciate the social complexity of the chimps’ lives, their unique and diverse individual personalities, and the pressures that incursions by humankind have brought to bear on their existence. With this program Mr. Van Lawick adds to his long list of achievements as a... read more

  • Personal Award: Peggy Charren
    Personal Award: Peggy Charren

    For 24 years, Peggy Charren has been an advocate of quality children’s programming on television, most notable through her formation and leadership of Action for Children’s Television (ACT). No one has represented her constituency more passionately, with more dedication and with greater determination to see legislation passed securing appropriate programming guidelines. Years of hard work came to fruition with the enactment of the Children’s Television Act of 1990, a result of Ms. Charren’s personal commitment to the highest... read more

  • Rodney King: Videotaped Beating
    Rodney King: Videotaped Beating

    When amateur photographer George Holliday presented to KTLA his graphic videotape of the beating of motorist Rodney King by members of the Los Angeles Police Department, station executives faced three choices. They could have been timid and decided not to air the tape; this might have preserved sources and long-time relationships established with the LAPD. They could have capitalized on the sensational nature of the tape and turned it into just another piece of “tabloid television.” However, General... read more

  • Soviets: Red Hot
    Soviets: Red Hot

    In 1991 the world witnessed a second Russian Revolution, but the passion and dissent leading to the dramatic events of the August coup attempt and the Christmas Day dissolution of the Soviet Union had been simmering for years. Produced over a three year period by Latvian director, Yuris Podnieks, Soviets: Red Hot is a compelling documentary of a diverse population awakening politically, socially and spiritually after slumbering under decades of oppression. Remarkably honest images of life in the... read more

  • The Masters
    The Masters

    For more than three decades CBS Sports and the Augusta National Golf Club have turned golf’s premier event into one of television’s most prestigious sports presentations. At the heart of the Masters broadcast is the unique relationship between the club and the network. Commercial time is limited, as is extraneous promotional activity. Reporting is restrained, consistent, and committed to accuracy. The result is television of high drama in a setting of exquisite beauty. CBS producer/director Frank Chirkinian deserves... read more

  • The Miles Davis Radio Project
    The Miles Davis Radio Project

    Capturing this mercurial and mythic figure in contemporary jazz presented a daunting task. Zouk Productions proved up to the challenge, in this effective and compelling series. Produced during the period when Miles Davis was writing his autobiography, The Miles Davis Radio Project includes exclusive interview material with Miles, rare recordings of him rehearsing his band in preparation for a tour and never-before-released outtakes from some of his classic works. The series includes important broadcast “firsts” - a newly... read more

  • When It Was a Game
    When It Was a Game

    The sport of baseball has filled hundreds of books, dozens of feature films, and untold millions of pages of newsprint. The museum at Cooperstown, New York is crammed with the artifacts of our national pastime, and its holdings increase as each day of the baseball season passes. Yet Home Box Office and Black Canyon Films found a new way to document the enduring appeal of the game to its players and fans. Relying exclusively on rare, previously unknown... read more

  • Who’s Watching the Store
    Who’s Watching the Store

    “How would you feel if every time you walked into a store you were secretly watched by security guards, treated like a thief?” asks Joel Grover of KSTP-TV’s I-Team. Such discrimination is against the law, but nonetheless minority shoppers are often subject to this treatment. Through exemplary investigative reporting and the judicious use of hidden cameras and microphones KSTP-TV’s I-Team uncovered the truth about racism as practiced at the American shopping mall. Despite the threat of economic loss... read more