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  • A Disaster Called Schizophrenia
    A Disaster Called Schizophrenia

    With this outstanding program WHAS Radio continues its Peabody-winning tradition of excellence in its commitment to the interests and needs of citizens within and outside its listening area. A personal triumph for Mary Jeffries, who researched, produced, wrote and narrated the program, A Disaster Called Schizophrenia both exposes the myths of the disease as well as drives home the reality of this serious and increasingly common mental illness. It does this with chilling personal insight. Evidence of the... read more

  • A World of Difference
    A World of Difference

    Prejudice, be it racial, ethnic, religious, or any other variety, affects us all and hurts us all. WCVB-TV is to be commended for trying to do something about it rather than just talk about it, as many do. Collaborating with New England’s Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the Greater Boston Civil Rights Coalition, WCVB’s multi-pronged approach, which included specials, documentaries, news features, and public service announcements showed a commitment on the station’s part to making a difference.... read more

  • AIDS Lifeline
    AIDS Lifeline

    In the words of a respected member of the Peabody Board, combating the AIDS epidemic may be this nation’s single most important task. And, as might be expected, many broadcasters have responded to this challenge with innovative and informative programs and other public service efforts. However, few can hope to match the level of commitment demonstrated by KPIX-TV. Rarely in the history of the awards has so much effort been focused upon a single project by a single... read more

  • Anne of Green Gables
    Anne of Green Gables

    The story is at once clever and poignant-an elderly couple wishes to adopt an orphan, a strong boy who can help around the farm. But, who should arrive other than Anne Shirley, freckle-faced, red-haired, and handsomely homely. And, definitely, a girl. This is a story about disappointment and achievement, expectation and reward, but mostly it is a moving production. The Peabody Board salutes all who had a part in this outstanding program and presents an award to WQED-TV... read more

  • CBS Reports: The Vanishing Family—Crisis in Black America
    CBS Reports: The Vanishing Family—Crisis in Black America

    It has only been thirty-three years since Brown vs. Board of Education but the American social landscape has undergone tremendous change. At the core of our continuing search for national identity is the question of black and white society, more particularly, the changing definition of “family” in both communities. It takes courage to ask the questions CBS Reports asked in Crisis in Black America and, perhaps, more courage to air the answers. Instead of telling viewers what was... read more

  • Institutional Award: The Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis for Their Overall Programming
    Institutional Award: The Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis for Their Overall Programming

    The Fine Arts Society of Indianapolis is a public charitable trust established to promote the understanding and appreciation of the fine and performing arts. Each year the Society produces and provides funds for more than 5,400 hours of professionally produced classical music programming. This programming is broadcast on WICR FM, the radio station of the University of Indianapolis. Carrying out this unique role in broadcasting since 1969, the Society has contributed more than $800,000 in its pursuit to... read more

  • Newsmark: Where In The World Are We?
    Newsmark: Where In The World Are We?

    A group of very talented people at CBS News found a way during 1986 to combine a great deal of fascinating information with a lot of entertainment to drive home an important message: many of us don’t know much about the geography of planet earth where we live and breathe and have our being. As part of the NEWSMARK series an all too brief half hour was spent looking into the question of Where In The World Are... read more

  • One On One
    One On One

    No one on the Peabody Board knew Faith Middleton when they began listening to her radio production titled One On One, which she produced for Connecticut Public Radio. Before the listening had been concluded, however, members of the Board felt they knew her and the quality of her work. They recognized that she and a group of nationally known scientists had crafted a truly superior kind of radio opportunity for those who sought to know and understand more... read more

  • Paradise Postponed
    Paradise Postponed

    For many years the Masterpiece Theatre series has presented the richness of British television drama to American audiences. Few television productions have achieved the high level of dramatic accomplishment reached by Paradise Postponed. These twelve hours represent the highest levels of artistic achievement in the medium. Rich in characterization, stunning in scenic detail and eloquently written, Paradise Postponed illustrates in microcosm the swirl of events which has changed Britain since World War II. Another triumph for Thames Television... read more

  • Paris: From Oscar Wilde to Jim Morrison
    Paris: From Oscar Wilde to Jim Morrison

    In its efforts to streamline production costs and to maximize its use of music and news, the radio industry has too frequently overlooked the dramatic and humorous capabilities of radio. Fortunately, in a fast-paced exciting and highly unusual program, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has reminded us that radio can be a poetic, inspiring and truly unique experience for the listener. By interweaving eloquent prose and music into a witty narrative, producer Connie Davis and director/author Hugh Graham have... read more

  • Personal Award: Jim Henson and The Muppets
    Personal Award: Jim Henson and The Muppets

    Back in 1978 the Peabody Board recognized Jim Henson for “gentle satire, clever characters, genuine good humor and for high standards for family viewing.” So, what else is new? Viewers still get treated in the same gentle satirical way when the Muppets appear, they still find their appearances filled with good humor, and the family can still sit together and watch and enjoy without fear of embarrassment. Now, thirty years after Jim Henson began the creation of the... read more

  • Personal Award: Mrs. Dorothy Stimson Bullitt
    Personal Award: Mrs. Dorothy Stimson Bullitt

    Dorothy Stimson Bullitt exemplifies the station owner committed to the highest ideals of local programming. A life-long resident of Seattle, Washington, born in 1892, she has been described by her associates as “quintessential Northwesterner,” the “best businessman in town” and an “old-fashioned civil rights, civil libertarian, very conscious of education and the needs of others.” Widowed at the age of 40, she began a career in business which led to the founding of King Broadcasting Company in 1946.... read more

  • Project Lifesaver
    Project Lifesaver

    Project Lifesaver was a month-long campaign to save lives which might be snuffed out by needless traffic accidents. It began as a commitment by WCCO-TV but it grew until it became state-wide, ultimately involving WCCO-Radio, the St. Paul Pioneer Press and Dispatch, Ruhr/Paragon Advertising, the St. Paul Companies, schools, churches, businesses, civic groups, and governmental agencies all across Minnesota. Results were dramatic. Nearly a quarter-million drivers took a pledge to wear seat belts, not to exceed the speed... read more

  • Promise

    When the Hallmark Hall of Fame label is applied to a contemporary television production knowledgeable viewers recognize that this means quality of the first order. The two hour presentation of Promise on the CBS Television network proved to be a first rate example of the kind of quality this label has come to denote. Featuring James Garner, James Woods and Piper Laurie. Promise developed the compelling trials of a man who sought to fulfill a promise he made... read more

  • Radio Coverage of the Attack on Tripoli, Libya
    Radio Coverage of the Attack on Tripoli, Libya

    No one particularly likes to be in the midst of a bombing attack. NBC News Correspondents Fred Kennedy and Philip Till are certainly no exception. But when American planes dropped bombs on Tripoli, Libya on April 15 these seasoned reporters found themselves in the midst of this unpleasant experience. Nonetheless, their coolness and professionalism under fire brought the American people a series of gripping and realistic accounts of what was taking place. Listeners to NBC News reports heard... read more

  • SMU Investigation
    SMU Investigation

    WFAA-TV has shown great courage in investigating a major college football program in its own back yard. At times it appeared that physical violence was possible as a reprisal against the persons who broke the story. But, WFAA-TV continued to air the story and to push for reforms. Ultimately, the NCAA imposed the so-called “death penalty” on the SMU (Southern Methodist) football program, shutting it down for one year and severely limiting it for two more. Even Texas... read more

  • Sunday Morning: Vladimir Horowitz
    Sunday Morning: Vladimir Horowitz

    In April of 1986 world renowned pianist Vladimir Horowitz returned to his native Russia to perform at the Moscow Conservatory. This was his first visit in more than 60 years. His concert was televised throughout much of Europe and Asia and was carried exclusively in this country on the CBS News Sunday Morning program. The response to this program amazed and excited even seasoned veterans. Subsequently the program was rebroadcast with equally exciting viewer response. It was the... read more

  • The 1986 Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts
    The 1986 Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts

    The year 1987 will mark the end of the first decade of this distinguished series which celebrates the contributions of America’s foremost artists, composers and performers. In its lifetime, The Kennedy Center Honors has blossomed into a premier event, marking for the world the unique contributions of leaders in American arts and letters. Moreover, it has evolved into an excellent television production. Never tedious, self-congratulatory or falsely sentimental, the program sparkles in performance and tribute. Co-producers George Stevens,... read more

  • The Boy King
    The Boy King

    Perhaps Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young said it best when he noted that The Boy King had helped Atlanta’s children take Dr. Martin Luther King out of the history books and made it possible for them to relate to him as a human being. What started out as a stage play at an Atlanta children’s theatre ended up as a superior television performance being syndicated nationally to almost 100 stations. What began as a local station seeking to produce... read more

  • The Cosby Show
    The Cosby Show

    Just three short years ago television comedy was being mourned as a lost art. The tradition of family entertainment set in a loving, nurturing environment had disappeared. Many in the business felt the audience was too jaded; that the family unit itself was outmoded; that the concept of a television family with love, respect and mutual concern was an anachronism. Happily for NBC and the American public, Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. (Ed.D., University of Massachusetts) challenged the... read more

  • The Mouse and the Motorcycle
    The Mouse and the Motorcycle

    There seems to be a continuing crisis in American television. A medium founded on its appeal to children is largely abandoning this crucial audience to the interests of toy and junk food manufacturers. Rarely is the toolbox of television production utilized to build stories for children that include compassion, humor and a true sense of wonder. The Mouse and the Motorcycle has all of these elements and more. Producers John Matthews and George McQuilkin have faithfully adapted Beverly... read more

  • The National Geographic Specials
    The National Geographic Specials

    When members of the Peabody Board were viewing the four National Geographic Specials submitted in this year’s competition—Chesapeake Borne, Creatures of the Mangrove, Jerusalem: Within These Walls and Realm of The Alligator—they were struck by both the exceptional photography and the careful craftsmanship which seemed to permeate almost every moment. It was as if the viewer had been transported directly into the deep confines of the Okefenokee Swamp, or into the confines of Jerusalem, across the thousands of... read more

  • The Story of English
    The Story of English

    We read in the Scriptures that “In the beginning was the Word.” Increasingly, that word is in English. How did it happen? How is it that the Tower of Babel has toppled, to reveal English as the first truly global language? These are difficult questions, not particularly suited to demonstration and explanation on television. Yet, in a stunningly informative and entertaining nine-hour series, MacNeil-Lehrer Productions and the British Broadcasting Corporation have effectively traced the evolution of our mother... read more

  • This Week With David Brinkley
    This Week With David Brinkley

    When you wish to make a great cake you choose a great cook, use the finest of ingredients, and work very carefully to insure that each step in the preparation is exactly as it should be. This technique works well in television news and This Week With David Brinkley presented each Sunday morning by ABC News is an outstanding example. You take a good cook, in this case Executive Producer Dorrance Smith, add top notch ingredients in the... read more

  • Unknown Chaplin
    Unknown Chaplin

    It is one thing to discover a rare object and another to know just what to do with it. History is full of stories of the destruction of historical treasures. Unknown Chaplin, happily, is not such a story. In Unknown Chaplin we see how Thames Television took rare and recently discovered footage of a master’s work and wove that footage into a tapestry that gives viewers insight into Charlie Chaplin’s creative mind. We can see how he filmed... read more

  • Who’s Behind the Wheel?
    Who’s Behind the Wheel?

    Each day many of us entrust the safety of our children to others, such as day-care workers, teachers and cooks. Often the day begins at the bus stop when the school bus door is closed by an anonymous driver whose competence to handle this important task is often unknown. In a shocking expose, which led to a direct and immediate response, the WTMJ-TV investigative team, which included executive producers Glenn Kleiman and Tom Luljack, producer Ray Lapine and... read more