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  • A Prairie Home Companion
    A Prairie Home Companion

    A Prairie Home Companion is a weekly two-hour broadcast from St. Paul. It is a low-key, entertaining variety show full of good folk humor and country music. Its folksiness, its genuinely funny comedy routines and its fast-paced, toe-tapping music have made the program a weekly highly for more than 100 non-commercial radio stations across the country. To Minnesota Public Radio a Peabody Award for A Prairie Home Companion, a nostalgic radio-variety gem.... read more

  • All Creatures Great and Small
    All Creatures Great and Small

    A Peabody Award goes to the British Broadcasting Corporation for All Creatures Great and Small. Few series have achieved the warmth and the charm of this story of a small town veterinarian in England’s Yorkshire countryside. The authenticity of locale, the interesting Yorkshire characters, and the real happenings make this outstanding family entertainment. This enchanting series merits a Peabody Award to the BBC.... read more

  • Amber Waves
    Amber Waves

    To ABC a Peabody Award for Amber Waves, an excellent statement concerning the status of work ethic in America and how it influences and shapes our destinies. Amber Waves tugs at the heart strings as two men from widely different cultural backgrounds discover a new faith in their country, their values, and themselves.... read more

  • Broken Arrow: Can a Nuclear Weapons Accident Happen Here?
    Broken Arrow: Can a Nuclear Weapons Accident Happen Here?

    Broken Arrow: Can a Nuclear Weapons Accident Happen Here? is a disturbing documentary by a first-rate staff at KQED-TV, San Francisco. This program examines the history of nuclear weapons accidents and then focuses on San Francisco with the important question: Can it happen here? Incisive writing, excellent photography, and first-rate reporting make this frightening documentary really outstanding television, meriting a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Cosmos

    When a group of specially talented individuals sits down to create a new and better way of explaining what our universe is all about it should not be a surprise if they turn out to be successful. Such a talented group from the outstanding Los Angeles public television station KCET; Adrian Malone, executive producer; and Dr. Carl Sagan, an internationally recognized scholar, produced Cosmos, an intriguing, exciting and exhilarating program that the Peabody Board deemed worthy of recognition.... read more

  • Gideon’s Trumpet
    Gideon’s Trumpet

    To CBS Entertainment, a Peabody Award for Gideon’s Trumpet, a true and compelling story of a Florida convict who alters the course of legal history. Through a handwritten campaign directed at the United States Supreme Court, a landmark ruling resulted which guarantees any person accused of a crime the full benefit of competent legal counsel. Henry Fonda’s portrayal of the convict adds considerable distinction to this worthwhile drama. A Peabody Award to a program which went far beyond... read more

  • IBM Presents Baryshnikov on Broadway
    IBM Presents Baryshnikov on Broadway

    A Peabody Award goes to ABC for IBM Presents Baryshnikov of Broadway, a dazzling display of talent by internationally famous ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. His foray into Broadway musical dance classics, with the assistance of Liza Minelli and a superb Broadway cast, made this program excellent family entertainment of the rarest order.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WNCN Radio for Overall Performance as Exemplified by “Conversations with Horowitz”
    Institutional Award: WNCN Radio for Overall Performance as Exemplified by “Conversations with Horowitz”

    WNCN Radio has won the respect of music lovers in the world’s largest urban area, New York City, for its consistently high quality 24-hour service. The station’s overall performance is recognized by a Peabody Award for outstanding service as exemplified by Conversations With Horowitz, a beautiful blend of the spoken word and the music of a master pianist.... read more

  • Jazz Alive!
    Jazz Alive!

    As one enthusiastic Peabody reviewer put it, “Wow! A great jazz show that has a short introduction and then—music.” Jazz Alive! is a program from the Jazzmobile Sunday Festival, which brought jazz to disadvantaged areas in greater New York. National Public Radio is doing its bit to keep a truly American art form alive. To National Public Radio-a Peabody Award for Jazz Alive!... read more

  • Peniel

    From the Hornby Collection series comes Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Peniel, a sensitive account of a young woman minister’s battle with cancer. This is a dramatic life experience; the cancer victim recounts every experience as it occurs. Its intimacy, its directness, and its honesty account for its tremendous impact. Peniel is an experience that requires listeners to evaluate their own life expectancy, with deep consideration for the power of religious faith. Peniel, meaning literally “the face of God,” is... read more

  • Personal Award: Carroll O’Connor for “Edith’s Death” (“All in the Family”)
    Personal Award: Carroll O’Connor for “Edith’s Death” (“All in the Family”)

    To Carroll O’Connor, a personal Peabody Award for his work in Edith’s Death, an episode in the Archie Bunker’s Place series. O’Connor’s sensitive reaction to the loss of Archie’s beloved wife, Edith, is so profound, so moving and so real that it becomes more than a performance; it has all the agony of real grief. Millions of viewers loved Edith and they shared in Archie’s loss with sincere sympathy. Carroll O’Connor achieved a new and well-deserved recognition as... read more

  • Personal Award: Elaine Green for “The Hoskins Interview”
    Personal Award: Elaine Green for “The Hoskins Interview”

    Crime touches the lives of many Americans, often in a highly disturbing and personal way. Elaine Green of WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, Ohio, had no inkling of the danger that awaited her and her associates as she returned from a routine assignment. A gunman, having just committed murder, forced Ms. Green to admit him to a station’s studios. Demonstrating considerable professional skill as a reporter, considerable coolness at a time of great danger, and considerable insight into the possibilities which... read more

  • Personal Award: Mary Nissenson for “Poland: A Changing Nation”
    Personal Award: Mary Nissenson for “Poland: A Changing Nation”

    When Mary Nissenson of WTVJ-TV, Miami, went to Poland to tape a local documentary about a holocaust victim, she had no idea she would get involved in Poland’s labor crisis. CBS News asked her to report for them. As her interest in the touchy situation grew, she decided to write, narrate and produce the story of Poland’s growing dissent that led to the crisis, and to do the documentary in such a way as to make it meaningful... read more

  • Personal Award: Phil Donahue
    Personal Award: Phil Donahue

    To most Americans the name “Donahue” is as common and ordinary as the word “water,” but there is nothing common or ordinary about the man Donahue. For a lot of Americans, their intake of Donahue everyday is as important as their intake of water. Phil Donahue has become synonymous with words such as “relevant” and “incisive” and even “entertaining.” His sensitive yet probing interviews, his ability to ask the tough questions without seeming to offend, his knack for... read more

  • Personal Award: Sol Taishoff
    Personal Award: Sol Taishoff

    A personal Peabody Award to Sol Taishoff, a true broadcasting pioneer. His 50 years of reporting and interpreting current events in radio and television, (and more recently in cable), have earned for him the respect and admiration of the industry he serves with such distinction. At times he has criticized radio and television; at times he has praised radio and television. In so doing he has often found disagreement, even among his friends within the industry. He has... read more

  • Personal Award: Studs Terkel
    Personal Award: Studs Terkel

    Studs Terkel is an institution in Chicago. As host of a regular radio show, as a writer and as a lecturer, he brings dignity, insight and importance to the common man. Terkel finds people who are not celebrities, people who might get little recognition in today’s fast-moving life pace,and through his probing we find that ordinary people are not ordinary people at all, but people who generally have something meaningful to say. For elevating commonplace man to a... read more

  • Personal Award: Walter Cronkite
    Personal Award: Walter Cronkite

    Walter Cronkite has distinguished himself with a pacesetting career in broadcast journalism, exemplifying dedication and professionalism in bringing information to the public with competence and impartiality. Understandably, he has described himself as “a journalist 100 percent.” His pioneering work as television’s first anchorman brought him universal trust and respect, and gave him an awesome power which he has used with the utmost care and discretion. In his distinguished career, Walter Cronkite has established a standard of excellence for... read more

  • Playing For Time
    Playing For Time

    To CBS Entertainment a Peabody Award for Playing For Time, the dramatic memoirs of an Auschwitz survivor. The story of how members of an all-woman orchestra lives through the horror, indignities and degradation of a Nazi concentration camp and survives is a searing indictment of war’s inhumanity to the individual. CBS Entertainment’s worthy effort merits a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Shogun

    To NBC and Paramount Television, a Peabody Award for Shogun. This exceptional television adaptation of James Clavell’s massive novel brings together a group of elements which make a superior and outstanding entertainment experience. Shogun is the story of an English navigator who became a well-respected member of the Japanese ruling class, and the story is told with considerable taste, great excitement, and a marvelous look at the customs of Japan in the 17th century. Shogun well deserves a... read more

  • Terra: Our World
    Terra: Our World

    Some people apparently believe that instructional television must, of necessity, be dull, plodding in presentation, and colorless. The producers of Terra: Our World obviously don’t buy that assessment. The staff of Maryland Instructional Television approached an important topic with a resolve that their presentation could be a useful learning tool that would be at once exciting, fast moving, and colorful. They obviously succeeded. This effective program looked at the world and its problems in a manner that clearly... read more

  • The American Short Story
    The American Short Story

    A joint Peabody Award goes to Robert Geller, executive producer of The American Short Story, and to the Public Broadcasting Service, which carried the programming to millions of homes. This series, which was made possible by major funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, with additional funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Xerox Corporation, brought to television an entertaining and finely crafted group of filmed adaptations short stories by distinguished American writers. Among them... read more

  • The Battle of Westlands
    The Battle of Westlands

    KTEH in San Jose, California is not one of the large, well-funded public television stations of the nation, but it is obvious that the staff and those who ally themselves with KTEH are, indeed, talented. Carol Mon Pere and Sandra Nichols undertook, in cooperation with KTEH, to produce a concise study of the continuing struggle between agri-business giants and small farmers in California’s vast Central Valley. What resulted was a revealing look at how this struggle may well... read more

  • The Hallelujah Caucus
    The Hallelujah Caucus

    The Hallelujah Caucus examined the emerging power of the conservative religious right wing. The reporting was incisive and thorough, providing a revealing look at the political influence and action of this segment of society. Excellent use of music, good research, balance and taste when dealing with a highly controversial subject earned a Peabody Award for NBC’s The Hallelujah Caucus, a Source Report.... read more

  • The MX Debate
    The MX Debate

    Every American is vitally affected by the decisions which will be made concerning the proposed deployment of the MX missile system. Those Americans living in Utah and surrounding states may be more vitally affected than most. For this reason, the distinguished Bill Moyers, with the help of two excellent public television stations, KUED-TV, and WNET/13, created a special edition of Bill Moyers’ Journal which dealt totally with the MX controversy. Produced in Salt Lake City, this excellent example... read more

  • The National Geographic Specials
    The National Geographic Specials

    Excellence is nothing new to WQED, Pittsburgh, and its fine staff. Now, meld this excellence with the outstanding contributions of the National Geographic Society and you have something that is really special, as the name of the winning Peabody entry implies. The National Geographic Specials are just that. Four programs—Mysteries of the Mind, The Superliners: Twilight of an Era, The Invisible World and Dive to the Edge of Creation—were so inherently superior that the Peabody Board chose to... read more

  • The San Francisco Opera Radio Broadcasts
    The San Francisco Opera Radio Broadcasts

    For the past ten years, the San Francisco Opera Radio Broadcasters have been scheduled on National Public Radio as well as on selected commercial radio stations. These broadcasts have maintained a deeply appreciative and loyal audience for the high quality and the diversity that have gone into them. Of exceptional interest are the intermission features which have dealt with such subjects as Storms in Opera, dramatizations of the lives of opera greats such as Mary Garden, and the... read more

  • The Wonderful World of Science
    The Wonderful World of Science

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation tackled the question, “Can you teach early school-age children the complexities of science?”. The answer is a resounding “Yes,” for their Wonderful World of Science series does just that. In a five-part series exploring earth, water, fire, air and man, the producers have blended scientific truths, questions from first, second, and third graders, original music and interesting special effects into a meaningful teaching tool. One of the program’s chief charms is that it refused... read more

  • Universe

    Universe, a CBS News magazine with Walter Cronkite, was a fresh addition to the 1980 summer schedule. The series explored subjects ranging from a study of the cancer wonder drug, Interferon, to human tears being analyzed for possible chemical sources of stress. No matter what the subject, it was always interesting, the reporting was always sharp and the writing and editing were always superior. For a series of distinction, CBS News receives a Peabody Award for Universe.... read more