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  • A Special Gift (An ABC Afterschool Special)
    A Special Gift (An ABC Afterschool Special)

    A boy with two exciting talents—basketball and ballet—gives the American television viewer a real treat in the ABC Afterschool Specials presentation A Special Gift. Martin Tahse Productions took a story in which a personable young boy faced the first great dilemma of his life and brought it to life in such a way that no viewer was spared the agony of helping him make the choice. In the opinion of the Peabody Board, this excellent presentation merited recognition,... read more

  • CBS News Sunday Morning
    CBS News Sunday Morning

    CBS News has brought new life to Sunday morning television with its CBS News Sunday Morning series. Hosted by Charles Kuralt, this program adds a fresh and creative approach to weekend TV journalism. Brightly packaged and well-written, this innovative idea in network news coverage wins a Peabody Award for CBS News.... read more

  • Currier Bell, Esquire
    Currier Bell, Esquire

    Julie Harris conceived the idea and William Luce wrote the script for this Masterpiece Radio Theatre presentation. Currier Bell, Esquire, dealing with the life of Charlotte Bronte, was a virtuoso role for Julie Harris. For this effort, a Peabody Award to WGBH Radio, the producing organization.... read more

  • Down at the Dunbar
    Down at the Dunbar

    A very real trip back into time—the time of the 30s, the 40s, and the 50s—resulted when KNXT undertook to document what went on at the Dunbar Hotel in Los Angeles during these years. Built by and for blacks in 1928, the Dunbar became a haven for the world’s most prominent black entertainers and made for itself a lasting place in the history of these times. Name a great in the history of American jazz and you name... read more

  • Dummy

    CBS Entertainment has teamed up with the Konigsberg Company in association with Warner Brothers Television to produce a masterful true-life account of a black deaf youth, who was illiterate and incapable of speech. Taking a first-rate script form author Ernest Tidyman and assembling a first-rate cast headed by LeVar Burton and Paul Sorvino, the result was a moving and touching contribution to American television. To CBS Entertainment, a Peabody Award for Dummy. ... read more

  • Follow That Cab: The Great Taxi Rip-off
    Follow That Cab: The Great Taxi Rip-off

    A superb investigative series exposed the callous manner in which some New York taxi drivers and limousine operators fraudulently overcharged visitors, especially foreigners who did not understand the English language. Follow That Cab: The Great Taxi Rip-Off led to an investigation into the workings of the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission. This distinguished effort merits a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Friendly Fire
    Friendly Fire

    Television covered Vietnam more extensively than any war in history. Only recently has that conflict received serious dramatic treatment. An ABC Theatre presentation, Friendly Fire showed the effect of that war on one Iowa farm family. This true story recounts the efforts of the Mullens family as the search to find out how their son was killed by “friendly fire”—that is, his own side. Starring Carol Burnett and Ned Beatty, the program depicts their growing bitterness over military... read more

  • Henny Penny Playwrighting Contest
    Henny Penny Playwrighting Contest

    Children ages 5-13 wrote the scripts and actors performed the selected plays just as they were written. Children’s Radio Theatre earns a Peabody Award for Henny Penny Playwrighting Contest, an outstanding example of what children’s radio can and should be. This was a unique combination of contest, call-in and drama utilizing the human ability of imagination, a human trait that is all to infrequently recognized and encouraged in radio.... read more

  • Little Rock Central High School
    Little Rock Central High School

    A series of television programs funded by the U.S. Office of Education and called As We See It brought many excellent presentations to viewers of WTTW/Chicago Public Television and PBS. One of these presentations, Little Rock Central High School, was so exceptionally well-done that the Peabody Board felt recognition was clearly in order. In what has been called a “real desegregation success story,” Little Rock Central High School will stand as an example of truly exemplary television. For... read more

  • Miles To Go Before We Sleep
    Miles To Go Before We Sleep

    The American preoccupation with youth often lets us forget the certainty of growing old and the often cruel and thoughtless shunting aside of those who are not necessarily incapable of doing good work. WTTW/Chicago Public Television, in association with PBS, has documented in an extraordinary way the problems of all of us-for we are all aging. The presentation, funded by the Continental Bank of Chicago, was capably done, in the opinion of the Peabody Board, and deserves special... read more

  • Personal Award: Robert Trout
    Personal Award: Robert Trout

    For almost 50 years, the name Robert Trout has stood for knowledgeable, articulate and accurate commentary on national and international affairs. For almost 50 years, the name Robert Trout has been an assurance that Americans were being kept informed. For almost 50 years, the name Robert Trout has been coupled with the word “integrity” on the American broadcasting scene. Today, the Peabody Board couples the name “Peabody” with the name “Trout” by recognizing his exceptional contributions with a... read more

  • Personal Award: Roger Mudd for “Teddy”
    Personal Award: Roger Mudd for “Teddy”

    Roger Mudd has never lacked for incisiveness in the interviews he has done. His CBS Reports interview with Senator and presidential hopeful Edward Kennedy brought a new dimension to his work. Taking a complete look at Senator Kennedy from every possible angle, the Mudd interview captured instant attention across America. For his interview entitled Teddy, a Peabody Award to CBS News Correspondent Roger Mudd in recognition of an exceptionally fine effort.... read more

  • Personal Award: Sylvia Fine Kaye for “Musical Comedy Tonight”
    Personal Award: Sylvia Fine Kaye for “Musical Comedy Tonight”

    Sylvia Fine Kaye wins a Peabody Award for Musical Comedy Tonight. This excellent program examined musical comedy in four eras of its history with an excellent blending of good material and a superb cast. Sylvia Fine Kaye succeeded as both producer and hostess in providing delightful entertainment that is humorous, informative and, happily, nostalgic.... read more

  • Politics of Poison
    Politics of Poison

    KRON-TV used the multi-talented John D. Ravinovitch to put together a frightening appraisal of the results of herbicide spraying in northern California. The resulting documentary was television at its best. Narrator Michael Learned was an ideal choice in bringing the picture and narrative into gripping focus and the result was a television presentation which the Peabody Board found worthy of all the recognition possible. To KRON-TV, a Peabody Award for Politics of Poison.... read more

  • Strip and Search
    Strip and Search

    Strip and Search, a Unit 5 Investigative Report, earns a Peabody Award for WMAQ-TV. The Chicago Police Department routinely strip-searched women brought in on charges no more serious than routine traffic violations. Victims of this practice told of the humiliating experiences they endured. This disturbing documentary led to new departmental restrictions as well as legislation establishing more stringent guidelines.... read more

  • The Adventures of Whistling Sam
    The Adventures of Whistling Sam

    KTVI has a news magazine program called Extra. One of its regular features is The Adventures of Whistling Sam, a delightfully irreverent editorial cartoon. Whistling Sam is a Humphrey Bogart-type character who comments on local issues with wry humor, biting satire, and unswerving common sense. Produced, in house by KTVI staff members and brought to life by artist/animator Don Wells, this wonderfully original cartoon deserves a Peabody Award for outstanding uniqueness and freshness.... read more

  • The Boston Goes to China
    The Boston Goes to China

    Millions of American spines tingled when the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Peking Philharmonic broke into a rousing rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever on the CBS Reports documentary account of the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s historic tour of China. A crowd of more than 18,000 Chinese, hearing its first live American concert in more than 30 years, came to its feet, applauding and shouting. This well-told, well-photographed and well-presented program deserves recognition, in the opinion of the Peabody... read more

  • The Long Eyes of Kitt Peak
    The Long Eyes of Kitt Peak

    Television has often made it delightfully possible for us to go places and see things we could never have experienced in the flesh. KOOL-TV in Phoenix used television to do just that. Joining Bill Miller, who wrote, directed and produced, with cinematographer Manny Garcia, and calling upon the excellent narrative talents of Mary Jo West, KOOL-TV took viewers on a memorable trip to examine The Long Eyes of Kitt Peak and see the largest and most complex astronomical... read more

  • The Longest Journey
    The Longest Journey

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is recognized by the Peabody Board for The Longest Journey, an episode of Open Circuit. This is an exciting and informative documentary of the longest journey of our lives, the nine months prior to birth. Every angle is explored with sensitivity and keen understanding, making for a memorable production.... read more

  • The Way to 8-A
    The Way to 8-A

    The Way to 8-A, a KSJN/Minnesota Public Radio production, explores the legal abuses involved in the mental commitment process in Minnesota. For the balanced and meaningful way in which this important problem is brought both to public and to legislative attention, KSJN/Minnesota Public Radio well deserves a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Treasures of the British Crown
    Treasures of the British Crown

    One of the really remarkable television programs of the year resulted when the BBC, in association with NBC, took American viewers on a fascinating tour to view the priceless Treasures of the British Crown. Four members of the British Royal Family—Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and the Queen Mother Elizabeth—joined Sir Huw Wheldon in conducting this incomparable view of a priceless collection. For giving the common man such an experience, a Peabody Award both to BBC... read more

  • Valentine

    When viewers can shed a sentimental tear and come to the end of a television program feeling warm and wonderful, that program has accomplished a major victory. Such a program is Valentine, starring Jack Alberston and Mary Martin in a marvelous love story of two people in their late years. ABC-TV gets a Peabody Award for this life-affirming story written by Merrit Malloy and Lee Philips, a fine example of all the elements of production coming together in... read more

  • When Hell was in Session
    When Hell was in Session

    Few Americans seem to care to be reminded about the war in Vietnam but few Americans can forget what went on there. The NBC Theater presentation of When Hell Was In Session, produced by Aubrey/Hamner Productions, etched a portion of that war into the memory cells of every viewer. Hal Holbrook and Eva Marie Saint made this wrenching account of the real-life experience of a P.O.W. something to be long-remembered. A Peabody Award to NBC-TV for When Hell... read more

  • World

    For three years, WGBH-TV in Boston has presented World as a primary showcase for international documentaries. The Peabody Board found the 1979 series to be particularly noteworthy. Executive producer David Fanning has put together, from a wide variety of sources, a series of programs which are at once diverse and yet which show the cohesion that brings mankind together. For a superb effort, a Peabody Award to WGBH-TV for World.... read more