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  • 30 Minutes
    30 Minutes

    In 30 Minutes, CBS News has successfully dealt with a variety of subjects, primarily of interest to teen-agers, but generally of interest to other segments of the viewing public as well. In so doing, they have produced a series of programs of real quality, programs which, in the opinion of the Peabody Board, have made significant contributions to keeping the young people of this nation informed.... read more

  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
    A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

    Everything about the Once Upon A Classic family drama series has been first-rate. But the production by WQED, Pittsburgh, of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, which was the first fully American production in the series, captured the attention of the Peabody Board. They saw in this superb treatment a quality and excellence well worth recognizing and bestow upon WQED, executive producer Jay Rayvid and his associates, a Peabody Award.... read more

  • A River to the Sea
    A River to the Sea

    A River to the Sea examines the history and evolution of the English language. With a sensitive script, fine photography and superb narration by Alexander Scourby this was a fascinating look at English history from the early Roman occupation of Britain to modern times. To the Baptist Radio and TV Commission, a Peabody Award for a handsome production which was shown on the CBS Television Network.... read more

  • Arts in New Hampshire
    Arts in New Hampshire

    WENH-TV has produced 48 television program segments during the last year and has used these in news and public affairs programs to keep viewers informed about what is going on in the arts in New Hampshire. With superb photography and editing, this station has proved that limited facilities and limited funds do not necessarily prevent entertaining and meaningful reports on the arts from being made available to the public.... read more

  • Barney Miller
    Barney Miller

    Barney Miller, presented each week to millions of Americans over the ABC Television Network, proves that good writing, coupled with skillful production and direction, are still a winning combination. Executive producer Danny Arnold has assembled a superb team, which includes producers Tony Sheehan and Rhinnold Weege, and together they turn out a first-rate product, which the Peabody Board recognizes with a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Cartoon-A-Torial

    Many efforts have been made to successfully translate the editorial cartoon from the newspaper to the television screen. Newsweek Broadcasting has successfully done this, capturing the very essence of what is best in the world of editorial cartoons within the framework of 15 to 20 seconds of air time. Members of the Peabody Board feel that executive producer Bernard J. Shusman, producer John Peaslee, and their able staff of cartoonists have made a significant contribution to American television... read more

  • CBS World News Roundup
    CBS World News Roundup

    CBS World News Roundup celebrated its 40th anniversary in 1978. For consistently offering a roundup of the major stories of the day in more than headline treatment, the “longest running network news broadcast on the air, either radio or TV,” merits a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Chicago Radio Theatre
    Chicago Radio Theatre

    Chicago Radio Theatre shows imagination and great skill in its hour-long dramas. Its productions run the gamut from classics to fantasy to documentary, all done with style and flair. To The Chicago Radio Theatre goes a well-earned Peabody Award.... read more

  • Damien

    The struggles of a young priest to overcome bureaucracy, both lay and clerical, and provide medical, material, and spiritual sustenance to a colony of lepers on the Hawaiian island of Molokai is presented in the powerful documentary, Damien. The story of the life of the legendary Joseph deVeuster, known to the world as Father Damien, has been exceptionally well-translated to the television medium by KHET, Honolulu, and for this, a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Dialogues on a Tightrope: An Italian Mosaic
    Dialogues on a Tightrope: An Italian Mosaic

    National Public Radio merits a Peabody Award for Dialogues on a Tightrope: An Italian Mosaic. Producer Josh Darsa went to Italy following the murder of former Italian Premier Aldo Moro and delved into many of the political, economic and social aspects of this incredible crime. His report is both fascinating and informative and is deserving of Peabody recognition.... read more

  • Holocaust

    Holocaust has not only won national acclaim, but it has become an international success. Members of the Peabody Board feel well justified in making an award to a truly distinguished series. Executive producer Herbert Brodkin, producer Robert Berger and an excellent staff deserve all the credit this exceptional series has received.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WMUK for Live Radio Dramas
    Institutional Award: WMUK for Live Radio Dramas

    Radio station WMUK in Kalamazoo, Michigan was invited to present two live radio dramas at last summer’s Super Summer Festival.The results were highly gratifying. To WMUK, for taking its radio dramas to live audiences as well as invisible listeners, and for continuous championing of radio drama as demonstrated by their more than 60 dramas already produced, goes a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Lou Grant
    Lou Grant

    There are those who thought that Ed Asner succeeded very well as a television news director. Many now feel he has made the transition to newspaper editor with grace, style and distinction. The members of the Peabody Board are among that number. They feel that in portraying “Lou Grant” in the MTM Production of the same name, Mr. Asner has brought his characterization to a high degree of perfection. Executive producer Gene Reynolds, co-producers Seth Freeman and Gary... read more

  • Mysterious Castles of Clay
    Mysterious Castles of Clay

    “Unusual,” “interesting,” “informative,” “a fantastic depiction of nature,” “unusually excellent” and “in a class by itself” are some of the descriptive remarks made by University of Georgia faculty reviewers who examined Mysterious Castles of Clay. Members of the Peabody Board agreed and elected to make an award to Survival Anglia Ltd./World Wildlife Fund and NBC-TV. This fascinating story of the life-cycle of the energetic African termite and homes they build which weigh tons and tons make, as narrator... read more

  • Old Age: Do Not Go Gentle
    Old Age: Do Not Go Gentle

    Old Age: Do Not Go Gentle is a direct but gentle and sensitive portrayal of the treatment of the elderly in this country. Two years in the making, this powerful documentary by KGO-TV producer Evan White compared the American with the European approach to dealing with persons of advanced age and in so doing, showed the world of neglect, poverty and fear in which many of our elderly find themselves. For this demonstration of excellence, a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Over Easy
    Over Easy

    The year 1978 marked only the second season for Over Easy produced by KQED for the Public Broadcasting Service. Host Hugh Downs skillfully guides the program through interviews and visits on-location to show viewers how others of various ages and ethnic background cope with growing older by living meaningful and rewarding lives. To KQED, a Peabody for excellence in Over Easy.... read more

  • Personal Award: Bob Keeshan
    Personal Award: Bob Keeshan

    A personal Peabody Award goes to Bob Keeshan, known to millions as “Captain Kangaroo.” For a quarter of a century, he has not only brought superior entertainment to children of all ages, but by his personal appearances and speeches, Mr. Keeshan has promoted quality children’s programs on American television. His contributions to the industry are unique and merit recognition again by the bestowal of a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Personal Award: Richard S. Salant
    Personal Award: Richard S. Salant

    A personal Peabody goes to a distinguished lawyer turned newsman, Richard S. Salant. In recognition of his leadership at CBS News, and also in recognition of his staunch defense of the First Amendment guarantee of a free press, especially in the field of electronic journalism, it’s a pleasure for the Peabody Board to recognize the distinguished contributions to American broadcasting of Richard S. Salant... read more

  • Race War in Rhodesia
    Race War in Rhodesia

    Nationally syndicated columnist/commentator Carl T. Rowan brought WDVM-TV viewers a powerful look at the political tensions in Rhodesia and neighboring African nations. This excellent documentary, where the strength of Mr. Rowan’s journalistic skills was matched only by the quality of Leslie Edward’s production, is richly deserving of the recognition accorded it by the Peabody Board.... read more

  • Second Sunday
    Second Sunday

    A Peabody Award to NBC Radio Network for Second Sunday, a regular monthly documentary series that tackles the important topics from every possible angle. An example is Killer Cargo which delved into the problem of moving volatile and dangerous material across our country on highways and railroads. In the opinion of the Peabody Board, this is highly commendable radio, and, as such, is deserving a Peabody Award.... read more

  • The Battle for South Africa
    The Battle for South Africa

    This in-depth look at the terrorist war being waged in South Africa against the government is a real credit to CBS News which produced this as a part of the first-rate CBS Reports series. The knowledgeable Bill Moyers lent his ample talents to the task and succeeded in giving his viewers a meaningful and authoritative report on what was taking place.... read more

  • The Body Human: The Vital Connection
    The Body Human: The Vital Connection

    The world of the human brain has rarely been so graphically displayed and explained as in The Human Body: The Vital Connection. Written with an excellence too rarely seen in television by Dr. Robert E. Fuisz, M.D., directed by Robert Elfstrom and produced by Alfred R. Kelman under the capable guiding hand of executive producer Tom Moore, this excursion into the world of miracle surgery has brought acclaim to the CBS Television Network and to all who had... read more

  • The Eternal Light
    The Eternal Light

    The Eternal Light was established in 1944 by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Its radio dramas have always represented the very finest in writing, acting and production. In 1978, The Eternal Light proved, as it has before, that it has a distinguished place in American radio today, and that it is well-deserving of recognition by a Peabody Award.... read more

  • The Eyewitness Who Wasn’t
    The Eyewitness Who Wasn’t

    The Eyewitness Who Wasn’t is an intriguing title, and WABE-FM in Atlanta developed the title into a highly dramatic and intensely moving documentary of one of Georgia’s most famous recent murder trials. Its depth lay in showing how evidence was manufactured and how it was exposed. This excellent documentation of a puzzling crime is well worth of a Peabody Award.... read more

  • The Last Voyage of the Cap’n Bill
    The Last Voyage of the Cap’n Bill

    Radio drama and documentaries are far from dead, if this year’s Peabody entries are a valid indication. Indeed, both are on the upswing, not only in the larger cities, but in the smaller communities. WOCB taped more than 10 hours of conversations with fishermen who manned the “Cap’n Bill” and with townspeople who were affected by the fishing vessel’s last voyage. Briskly done, it is a notable achievement for a local station, and well worthy of distinguished recognition... read more

  • The Muppet Show
    The Muppet Show

    Perhaps one of the most original television programs of the last five years is The Muppet Show. The gentle satire, the clever characters, the fantasy and the genuine good humor make the syndicated series entertainment for all members of the family. For maintaining a consistently high standard for family viewing on American television, The Muppet Show receives a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Whose Child is This?
    Whose Child is This?

    There is nothing pleasant about child abuse. WAVE-TV’s Alfred Shands, along with producer Rhoden Streeter has come to grips with the problem of how to translate a message of this importance through the medium of television. They have succeeded admirably well. Looking at the problem from the perspective of a second-grade teacher, Whose Child is This? gives viewers a highly realistic look at this problem and provides teachers and others in the educational system with insights of value... read more

  • Your Health and Your Wallet
    Your Health and Your Wallet

    To WDVM-TV, Washington, D.C., goes a Peabody Award for Your Health and Your Wallet, a mini-series focusing on rising medical costs and what can be done about them. Not only was the series interesting viewing, but it led to worthwhile identifiable results at the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.... read more