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  • A Good Dissonance Like a Man
    A Good Dissonance Like a Man

    WNET/Thirteen produced a Peabody Award winner in A Good Dissonance Like a Man, an affectionate look at the life of American composer Charles Ives. The result was an informative, entertaining and inspiring presentation.... read more

  • Buyline: Betty Furness
    Buyline: Betty Furness

    To NBC-TV’s Buyline: Betty Furness, a Peabody Award. Betty Furness has traveled the consumer trail from refrigerator doors to the seats of government. She is the consumers’ ally against shoddy workmanship and those who fail to provide adequate products or service. Her in-depth reporting and her distinction as a public conscience earn this award.... read more

  • Camera Three
    Camera Three

    WCBS-TV merits a Peabody Award for Camera Three. The consistent high quality of this long-running series which explores the art world has built a strong and loyal audience. This is the second Peabody Award given to this fine series.... read more

  • Coverage of the April Flood
    Coverage of the April Flood

    Radio station WHLN, Harlan, Kentucky, covered the flood of April 1977, in its service area in the finest tradition of local broadcasting. The station reported conditions, dispelled rumors, coordinated information from local and government officials in such a manner as to merit a Peabody Award for distinguished service to a local community.... read more

  • Crossroads, Sea Island Sketches
    Crossroads, Sea Island Sketches

    The Sea Islands off the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina are a reservoir for the most distinctive African-American culture left in the United States. Producers-directors-writers Steward and Montiegel have captured the story and the voices of these deep-rooted people in laudatory fashion. A Peabody Award goes to National Public Radio, Washington, DC, for Crossroads: Sea Island Sketches.... read more

  • Earplay

    WHA, Madison, Wisconsin, merits a Peabody Award for Earplay, a high quality radio theater combining works of talented authors with top-flight dramatic talent.... read more

  • F.I.N.D. Investigative Reports
    F.I.N.D. Investigative Reports

    Newscenter 4 on WNBC-TV, New York City, has won a reputation with viewers for broadcast journalistic efforts of excellent quality. The segments called the F.I.N.D. Investigative Reports delve into and report corruption and circumvention of the law. A Peabody Award recognizes WNBC-TV’s reports for an impressive use of resources of a great metropolitan television station to affect something for the common good.... read more

  • Green Eyes (An ABC Theatre Production)
    Green Eyes (An ABC Theatre Production)

    Lorimar Productions’ Green Eyes is a touching, moving treatment of the story of a black Vietnam War veteran (played by Paul Winfield)who goes back to the scene of that conflict searching for the child he fathered but left behind. The made-for-television film aired as part of the ABC Theatre anthology.... read more

  • Joshua’s Confusion
    Joshua’s Confusion

    A Peabody Award goes to Joshua’s Confusion, one of a series of programs produced by Multimedia Program Productions in Cincinnati, Ohio, under the overall title: Young People’s Specials. This was the touching story of a young Amish boy as he deals with his 18th Century lifestyle in a 20th Century world.... read more

  • Live From the Met
    Live From the Met

    The Metropolitan Opera Association has earned a Peabody Award for Live From the Met. Television has brought millions of music lovers into the Metropolitan Opera House without disturbing the patrons who are in the audience. Productions such as La Boheme and Rigoletto exemplify this extended effort of public service by the Met.... read more

  • Personal Award: Norman Lear for “All in the Family”
    Personal Award: Norman Lear for “All in the Family”

    To Norman Lear, creator of All in the Family, a Peabody Award, for giving us comedy with a social conscience. He uses humor to give us a better understanding of social issues. He lets us laugh at our own shortcomings and prejudices, and while doing this, maintains the highest entertainment standards.... read more

  • Personal Award: Paul Hume for “A Variable Feast”
    Personal Award: Paul Hume for “A Variable Feast”

    To Paul Hume, WGMS, Rockville, Maryland, a Peabody Award for the series, A Variable Feast.Through this weekly musical series, critic Hume shares with listeners his vast knowledge of composers and their compositions in a superb blend of creative elements.... read more

  • Personal Award: Steve Allen for “Meeting of Minds”
    Personal Award: Steve Allen for “Meeting of Minds”

    Steve Allen has created and hosted a truly original show in Meeting of Minds, presented by KCET, Los Angeles, on the Public Broadcasting Service. As historical celebrities come alive in a discussion rich in philosophical fireworks and engaging wit, host Allen keeps proceedings as orderly as possible. A Peabody Award is presented to Steve Allen, creator of this fascinating show—and a bow to his wife, Jayne Meadows, who often plays historical characters in productions of Meeting of Minds.... read more

  • Police Accountability
    Police Accountability

    KABC-TV, Los Angeles, California, gets a Peabody Award for Police Accountability. The station persistently inquired into police practices involving the shooting of civilians and brought into the open information that had hitherto been unavailable to the people of Los Angeles.... read more

  • Police Tapes
    Police Tapes

    WNET/Thirteen, New York City, gets another Peabody Award for The Police Tapes, a documentary depicting the South Bronx from a squad car. This is realism with sensitivity of the type seldom seen on popular actions shows. *The series was produced and directed by Alan and Susan Raymond.... read more

  • Roots

    What can you say about Roots that hasn’t already been said? A Peabody Award salutes David Wolper, executive producer, and ABC-TV for exposing us to an aspect of our history that we will never forget. *The cast included Levar Burton, John Amos, Ben Vereen, Edward Asner, Leslie Uggams, Madge Sinclair, Sandy Duncan and Olivia Cole. William Blinn adapted Alex Haley’s book.... read more

  • Science Story
    Science Story

    Radio station KPFA Pacifica, Berkeley, California, earns a Peabody Award for the Science Story series. The series removes science from the laboratory and places it in everyday life in such a way as to make it understandable to the average person.... read more

  • The Hobbit
    The Hobbit

    To NBC-TV, Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass, a Peabody Award for The Hobbit, a vividly original and enchanting version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic. ... read more

  • The Lifer’s Group, I Am My Brother’s Keeper
    The Lifer’s Group, I Am My Brother’s Keeper

    The Lifer’s Group, I Am My Brother’s Keeper earns a Peabody Award for WPIX in New York City. This slice of prison life from the inside shows young first offenders the real horror of being shut off from the world. It’s raw, it’s full of street language, it’s tough, and it’s real. So real that it took a lot of courage to air it in prime time.... read more

  • The MacNeil/Lehrer Report
    The MacNeil/Lehrer Report

    To WNET/Thirteen, New York City, and WETA, Washington, DC, a Peabody Award for the TheMacNeil/Lehrer Report. Two skilled journalists and interviewers (Robert MacNeil, Jim Lehrer) offer consistently thorough and well-balanced views of timely and important issues. ... read more

  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    Mary Tyler Moore Enterprises has established the benchmark by which all situation comedies must be judged. MTM Enterprises merits a Peabody Award for a consistent standard of excellence—and for a sympathetic portrayal of a career woman in today’s changing society as exemplified by The Mary Tyler Moore Show. *James L. Brooks and Allan Burns created the series. Mary Tyler Moore, Edward Asner, Ted Knight, Gavin MacLeod and Valerie Harpern were the core cast members.... read more

  • The Prairie was Quiet
    The Prairie was Quiet

    The Prairie Was Quiet is a unique experience in sound. Through on-site recordings and excellent narration, KSJN, St. Paul, Minnesota, created a magnificent portrait of the richness of life on the prairie.... read more

  • The Rowe String Quartet Plays on Your Imagination
    The Rowe String Quartet Plays on Your Imagination

    To WBTV, Charlotte, North Carolina, a Peabody Award for The Rowe String Quartet Plays on Your Imagination. The Rowe String Quartet and the North Carolina Dance Theater combined to “act out” the fantasies of people attending a concert. “Charming” is the best way to describe the results. Many people put a great deal of effort into this creative project.... read more

  • Tut: The Boy King
    Tut: The Boy King

    NBC-TV is given a Peabody Award for Tut: The Boy King. A skillful blending of a superb script, moving narration by Orson Welles, and extraordinary single-camera artistry brought the traveling treasures of King Tut to a widespread TV audience with dramatic force.... read more

  • Upstairs, Downstairs
    Upstairs, Downstairs

    London Weekend Television gets a Peabody Award for Upstairs, Downstairs, that superb British series which captured the hearts of Americans and added luster to the PBS stations that carried it.... read more

  • Where Have All the Flood Cars Gone?
    Where Have All the Flood Cars Gone?

    Where Have All the Flood Cars Gone? KCMO-TV, Kansas City, Missouri, wanted to find out. They traced flood-damaged automobiles to the buyers resulting in a major insurance company reclaiming the damaged cars and making proper settlement with purchasers.... read more

  • Winter’s Fear
    Winter’s Fear

    To WXYZ Radio, Detroit, Michigan, a Peabody Award for Winter’s Fear. This documentary investigated a series of child abductions and murders by considering the children, the killer, and the search. The compelling report enabled listeners to separate fact from fancy-a noteworthy service to the community.... read more