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  • “1976 Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria” and “1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal”
    “1976 Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria” and “1976 Summer Olympic Games in Montreal”

    A Peabody Award to ABC Sports for its superior coverage of the 1976 Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria, and the Summer Games in Montreal. Coverage of both these events represents a high watermark of professionalism in sports journalism. Executive producer Roone Arledge, anchorman Jim McKay, and the entire ABC Sports staff singularly emphasized the human drama of international competition in a total of 78 hours of memorable television.... read more

  • ‘76 Presidential Debates
    ‘76 Presidential Debates

    A Peabody Award to Jim Karayn and the League of Women Voters, Washington, DC, for the ‘76 Presidential Debates. This outstanding public service came to reality after persistence against formidable obstacles, resulting in a series of joint appearances of the major presidential and vice presidential candidates during the 1976 political campaigns. The Peabody Board encourages the continuation of such debates as a regular quadrennial fixture in the national TV-radio schedule with hope that the idea develops into a... read more

  • 60 Minutes
    60 Minutes

    Few television presentations pack more into an hour than 60 Minutes, produced by CBS News under the capable hand of executive producer Don Hewitt, who has been at the helm of the program since its inception in September 1968. What 60 Minutes proves is that there exists a substantial and important audience for quality television journalism in this country. Co-editors are the distinguished CBS News Correspondents Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, and Morley Safer, who seem to make 60... read more

  • A Conversation With Jimmy Carter
    A Conversation With Jimmy Carter

    To WETA-TV, Washington, WNET/Thirteen, New York, and Bill D. Moyers, a Peabody Award for A Conversation With Jimmy Carter. This special edition of the public television series U.S.A: People and Politics, so able hosted by Mr. Moyers, revealed two dominant forces of the Carter phenomenon: his politics and his religion. As Sander Vanocur said in the Washington Post: “Moyers’ interview laid Carter out like a relief map.” The program demonstrated the tremendous impact of television in bringing candidate... read more

  • A Thirst in the Garden
    A Thirst in the Garden

    The lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas is one of the most productive farming areas in the world. Yet, something appeared to be badly amiss to those involved in programming KERA-TV, the public television station serving a wide circle of Texas from Dallas. The problem was basically one of thirst amidst what should have been plenty. Many who lived and worked in the valley were forced to secure drinking water from filthy, polluted irrigation canals or from contaminated... read more

  • American Popular Song With Alec Wilder and Friends
    American Popular Song With Alec Wilder and Friends

    A Peabody Award to the South Carolina Educational Radio Network for American Popular Song with Alec Wilder and Friends. This series is recognized as an invaluable contribution to our understanding of a distinctively American art form. With its informative critiques and excellent musical performances by quest singers and the Lonus McGohan trio, the series is a rare example of superior radio. In making this award, the Peabody Board acknowledges the contributions of National Public Radio to the production... read more

  • Animals Animals Animals
    Animals Animals Animals

    To ABC-TV, a Peabody Award for Animals Animals Animals, an illuminating and skillfully wrought children’s series, artfully blending story, song and poetry. Produced and written by Lester Cooper, each program focuses on a different animal or bird with results that are imaginative, instructive, often humorous, and always first-rate.... read more

  • Eleanor and Franklin
    Eleanor and Franklin

    A Peabody Award to ABC-TV for Eleanor and Franklin, a moving story of the private lives of two remarkable people who influenced the course of events of their times. Well written, superbly acted, and capably directed, Eleanor and Franklin brought to life the humanity and depth of these two historic figures* and made this program an outstanding dramatic event of 1976. *Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt were portrayed by Jane Alexander and Edward Herrmann.... read more

  • Flashback 1976
    Flashback 1976

    Flashback ‘76 helped listeners recall the big and the little, the important and the unimportant, the funny and the sad, the remembered and the forgotten events of 1976 with a style and flair rarely seen in local radio. Filling a four-hour block with really innovative programming done in a unique style that was both entertaining and informative proved that effective local radio still exists in the United States if one is willing to work hard enough to produce... read more

  • In Celebration of Us
    In Celebration of Us

    As a significant telecast of the bicentennial year, a Peabody Award to CBS News for In Celebration of US. This 14 1/2 hour program conveyed a rare perspective of bicentennial events throughout the nation. From New York’s Operation Sail, to festivals in Washington, DC, to Philadelphia and New Orleans, into remote locations throughout the country, it was pure USA—at a unique moment in its history. Hosted by Walter Cronkite, supported by the full resources of CBS News, In... read more

  • In Performance at Wolf Trap
    In Performance at Wolf Trap

    In Performance at Wolf Trap merits a Peabody Award for WETA-TV, Washington, DC, in which television has been effectively used to expand exponentially the audience for great cultural events to all America. Beverly Sills hosts these performances from America’s only national park for the performing arts. The series has included full-length operas, ballet, and popular concert. In Performance at Wolf Trap represents cultural television at its best.... read more

  • In the News
    In the News

    A Peabody Award to CBS News for In the News. At a time when much concern has been expressed about the quality of programming provided young audiences these capsulized newscasts stand out as an excellent example of exceptional effort. Concerned with news events, people and concepts important in their daily lives, In the News represents programming of great practical value to young viewers.... read more

  • Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys
    Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys

    American television viewers have always come to expect the very best from Thomas W. Moore and the producing organization he heads, Tomorrow Entertainment, Incorporated. They were certainly not disappointed when they viewed the skillfully-done production of Judge Horton and the Scottsboro Boys. Calling on a substantial background of award-winning programs, Mr. Moore and his associates turned their more than ample talents to this story, set in Depression days in Alabama, and came up with an exceptionally well done,... read more

  • Personal Award: Charles Barthold for “The Jordan Tornado”
    Personal Award: Charles Barthold for “The Jordan Tornado”

    Few forces of nature are more awesome and fearful than the black mass of a twisting, turning tornado. Photographer Charles Barthold of WHO-TV in Des Moines, Iowa, acting in the best traditions of his craft and at great personal risk, photographed the fury of a tornado, as it approached the community of Jordan, Iowa. Even as Mr. Barthold photographed the first tornado, his film recorded a second tornado forming—a tornado that shortly passed within 450 feet of where... read more

  • Personal Award: Perry Como for “Perry Como’s Christmas in Austria”
    Personal Award: Perry Como for “Perry Como’s Christmas in Austria”

    To Perry Como, a Peabody Award for Perry Como’s Christmas in Austria, one of a series of musical specials that have provided millions of viewers with sparkling and moving musical experiences, always executed with charm and good taste. Como’s eternal youthfulness, his relaxed singing style and graciousness appeal to all ages. Christmas in Austria combined these elements that have made him a welcome guest in homes around the world for so many years.... read more

  • Personal Award: Sy Pearlman for “Weekend: The Sawyer Brothers”
    Personal Award: Sy Pearlman for “Weekend: The Sawyer Brothers”

    NBC News producer Sy Pearlman is one of that rare breed of Americans who is never satisfied until he has satisfied himself that the full story has been presented. Such was the case when he raised serious doubts about the conviction and heavy sentences meted out to two brothers by the name of Sawyer, charged with a North Carolina kidnapping. Utilizing the forces available to him through the excellent staff of NBC News, Mr. Pearlman utilized two segments... read more

  • Personal Awards: Hughes Rudd and Bruce Morton for “CBS Morning News”
    Personal Awards: Hughes Rudd and Bruce Morton for “CBS Morning News”

    Hughes Rudd and Bruce Morton are two Americans who make getting up every morning worthwhile. Their incisive writing, their choice of both the significant and the insignificant to report, and their ability to see something bright—and, yes, even humorous—amongst the heavy-handedness of most of the day’s news make a bright spot on the American television morning scene. Any American who tunes in to the CBS Morning News is assured not only of being kept well-informed, but he—or she—is... read more

  • Power Politics in Mississippi
    Power Politics in Mississippi

    As one segment of a far-reaching series of documentary-investigative type programs titled PROBE, this half-hour dealing with Power Politics in Mississippi underscored what can be done when aggressive and responsible management utilizes quality news personnel to achieve ends which serve both community and state. This program generated such interest the first time it was shown that a second showing was called for. As a result, many of the citizens of Mississippi were able to judge for themselves on... read more

  • Primary Colors, An Artist on the Campaign Trail
    Primary Colors, An Artist on the Campaign Trail

    Artist-reporter Franklin McMahon has combined his more than ample talents with one of the outstanding television stations of the nation, WBBM-TV in Chicago, to produce an exquisite and meaningful look at the 1976 Presidential Primary elections. From the New Hampshire primary to conventions, artist McMahon dogged the candidates’ steps with pen and brush in hand, and, working with narrator and WBBM-TV anchorman Walter Jacobson, brought viewers a masterful piece of Americana, titled Primary Colors, An Artist on the... read more

  • Suddenly an Eagle
    Suddenly an Eagle

    Suddenly An Eagle was a documentary of very real distinction, in the Bicentennial year. In parallel stories it told of events and ideas that were in conflict in America and England and how these conflicts led to the Revolutionary War. Without costumes, without dramatic sequences, but with superb narration by Lee J. Cobb and Kenneth Griffith, visits to historical sites formed the living background for this drama of America’s bid for freedom. A Peabody Award to a significant... read more

  • Sybil

    A Peabody Award to NBC-TV for Sybil, a truly outstanding dramatic program. When all the elements of skillful writing, sensitive direction and extraordinary performances are adroitly blended, the result is sheer magic. It is not possible to give credit to all those who brought Sybil to completion but the remarkable performance of Sally Field and the warmth and compassion of Joanne Woodward’s characterization made this a film to remember—a work of artistry and intelligence.... read more

  • The Adams Chronicles
    The Adams Chronicles

    The Bicentennial Year brought many things to Americans—some exceptional, some noted for being singularly non-exceptional. One of the best things the Bicentennial year brought to Americans through television was The Adams Chronicles, produced by WNET/Thirteen in New York City. Shared with millions of Americans through the magic of our interconnected public broadcasting network, The Adams Chronicles brought new understanding and shed new light on the contributions of John Adams and his family to our fledgling nation. For the... read more

  • The Garden Plot: Food as a Weapon
    The Garden Plot: Food as a Weapon

    Excellent writers and producers for Associated Press Radio have taken what is inherently a low-interest topic and produced a remarkably high-interest program with substantial meaning for all Americans. Thoroughly researched and meticulously produced, this documentary made a very real contribution to radio during 1976 in the United States. By this recognition, the Peabody Board acknowledges the contribution of the Associated Press to radio broadcasting in 1976 and hopes this excellent contribution from a newcomer to the radio documentary... read more

  • Visions

    To KCET/28, Los Angeles, a Peabody Award for Visions, a series of original American drama. Unknown or little known writers and independent filmmakers are provided a showcase for their work. Many of these new talents have never before had television exposure. Visions provides a proving ground and inspiration for dramatists and filmmakers of the future. *Original works presented included “The War Widow,” a groundbreaking drama that dealt with a lesbian relationship,” and Jean Shepherd’s “The Phantom of the... read more