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  • A Life to Share
    A Life to Share

    WCBS Radio, New York, has demonstrated beyond a doubt that service to the community on the part of a broadcasting station can be more than merely putting programs on the air. It can include real involvement in the very life-blood of the community. In their excellent undertaking titled A Life to Share, WCBS sought to educate parents in special areas of child development. But the station went further and established special free seminars for parents. Here doctors, psychologists, and social workers share information of significant value with parents. The Peabody Board considers such an undertaking to be meritorious service to... read more

  • A Sunday Journal
    A Sunday Journal

    WWL-TV is no stranger to the Peabody Awards. In 1975, this New Orleans giant presented with uniqueness and beauty a striking series of exceptionally well-done programs titled A Sunday Journal. Host Jim Metcalf blended each facet of the programs together with skill and aplomb. His efforts were marked by good writing, excellent photography, and artistic presentation. In the opinion of the Peabody Board, A Sunday Journal is an excellent example of what a dedicated television station can do, utilizing its own community and its own staff, both to their best advantage.... read more

  • ABC Afterschool Specials
    ABC Afterschool Specials

    To produce a well-balanced, effective, yet entertaining, television series for young people and children is an undertaking which requires the utmost in human skills. It is not all that difficult to be entertaining. Neither is it exceptionally difficult to merely impart needed information. To meld both into a workable combination, however, requires something extra. ABC has ably demonstrated their ability to add that “something extra” with the beautifully done series of Afterschool Specials. Ranging through a wide variety of topics, the Afterschool Specials have brought our younger citizens not only excellent entertainment, but the ability to learn basic truths by... read more

  • ABC Theatre: Love Among the Ruins
    ABC Theatre: Love Among the Ruins

    Civilized dramatic entertainment is an area which television has been noticeably reluctant to explore. And perhaps for a very good reason: it requires exceptional talent at every level. Such a drama was the ABC Theatre production, Love Among the Ruins, written for television by James Costigan, directed by George Cukor, and starring two of the most distinguished performers of our time: Katharine Hepburn and Laurence Olivier. It was intelligent and amusing to the ear and beautiful to the eye. It proved that television can go first class if it wishes to do so.... read more

  • Big Blue Marble
    Big Blue Marble

    A Peabody Award to Alphaventure for Big Blue Marble. In today’s programming for children, little emphasis is given to understanding children of other lands and other cultures. Big Blue Marble provides a fascinating adventure in international understanding by demonstrating that children all over the world are really children of “one world.”... read more

  • Call It Macaroni
    Call It Macaroni

    Call It Macaroni is a television series designed to expand the minds of young people through the discovery of new life styles and adventures. Using an expert in the particular activity which each program highlights, Call It Macaroni has set new standards of excellence in television programming for children. Group W has always enjoyed a well-deserved reputation as a leader in all forms of radio and television programming. It continues in that tradition and adds luster to its already brilliant image with this excellent series for children. For this exceptional contribution to the children of the nation, a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Institutional Award: KDKB Radio for Outstanding Contributions to the Community It Serves Through Its Superior Overall Public Service Programming
    Institutional Award: KDKB Radio for Outstanding Contributions to the Community It Serves Through Its Superior Overall Public Service Programming

    A George Foster Peabody Award to radio station KDKB, Mesa, Arizona, for its overall programming. In making this award, the Board would like to call attention to the station’s excellent dedication to news and public affairs. Of particular note is the FORUM series prepared by the station’s public affairs department. This series has dealt with such topics as “Creative Problem Solving,” “A Children’s View of the World,” “Coping With Death,” “Geothermal Energy” and a number of consumer-oriented endeavors. For an overall effort which results in dedicated service to the community it serves, a Peabody Award to KDKB.... read more

  • Institutional Award: The Standard School Broadcast for Forty-Seven Years of Continuous Educational Radio Service to Citizens of the Far West
    Institutional Award: The Standard School Broadcast for Forty-Seven Years of Continuous Educational Radio Service to Citizens of the Far West

    The Standard School Broadcast’s 47 years on the air throughout the Western states is an achievement to which any broadcaster could point with pride. It is double impressive to note that its programming has always been imaginative and entertaining as well as commercial-free. Its performers have included many of the world’s most distinguished musicians and almost single-handedly it has introduced the joys of good music to several generations of listeners.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WCKT-TV for Compiling an Envious Record of Outstanding Investigative Reporting during 1975
    Institutional Award: WCKT-TV for Compiling an Envious Record of Outstanding Investigative Reporting during 1975

    WCKT, Miami, has a long and outstanding record of investigative news reporting. Under the guidance of its distinguished news director, Gene Strul, WCKT has, in the opinion of the Peabody Board, added considerable luster to its record with its 1975 line-up of investigative news efforts. Many of these efforts have branched out into national investigations by law enforcement agencies and governmental groups. Others have had considerable impact on public affairs in the south Florida area. Few stations can point to such a continuing and dedicated effort. For what WSKT, with its dedicated news director and his staff, has accomplished, a... read more

  • Institutional Award: WCVB-TV for Overall Programming Excellence
    Institutional Award: WCVB-TV for Overall Programming Excellence

    A Peabody Award to WCVB, Boston, for overall programming excellence. From Kafka’s play, The Penal Colony, performed in Spanish with English sub-titles, to Boston Legacy, a bicentennial series built around the many ethnic groups that make up Boston’s heritage, WCVB demonstrated a deep and sincere interest in community affairs and people. Through documentaries, investigative reporting, creative magazine formats, and Town Hall meetings, they treat the problems of the community with sensitivity and tough objectivity. Every program or series submitted for consideration was meritorious, but the award goes for overall excellence, with a bow to the creative people who dealt with... read more

  • Institutional Award: WGMS and WGMS-FM for Overall Efforts to Provide Outstanding Radio Entertainment, “The Collector’s Shelf” and “200 Years of Music in America”
    Institutional Award: WGMS and WGMS-FM for Overall Efforts to Provide Outstanding Radio Entertainment, “The Collector’s Shelf” and “200 Years of Music in America”

    WGMS and WGMS-FM have brought listeners in the greater Washington area an exceptional series of musical treats with The Collector’s Shelf and 200 Years of Music in America. Listeners fortunate enough to be in the coverage area of these two stations have discovered truly outstanding radio entertainment. By careful attention to historic detail, as well as just plain hard work and dedicated service, the producers of these two series have scored a real triumph. The Peabody Award to WGMS and WGMS-FM for extraordinary and meritorious public service through musical programming entertainment.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WMAL Radio for Overall Excellence in the Radio Documentary as Exemplified by “Suffer The Little Children” and “The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle”
    Institutional Award: WMAL Radio for Overall Excellence in the Radio Documentary as Exemplified by “Suffer The Little Children” and “The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle”

    WMAL Radio in Washington has demonstrated that the radio documentary is not only still alive, but is doing exceptionally well. Two of their best efforts were Suffer the Little Children and The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Suffer the Little Children was produced after more than nine months of investigative effort and reflects a sincere and successful effort to tackle a highly sensitive issue-the world of the sexually abused child. This journey into a hush-hush world showed fear, ignorance, and the sanctions of society have sentenced many victims to a secret isolation. The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle was an... read more

  • Institutional Award: WTOP-TV for Overall Public Service Effort with Particular Reference to “Harambee: For My People.” and “Everywoman: The Hidden World”
    Institutional Award: WTOP-TV for Overall Public Service Effort with Particular Reference to “Harambee: For My People.” and “Everywoman: The Hidden World”

    In the opinion of the Peabody Board, WTOP-TV, Washington, has provided a distinctly meritorious service to the community it serves particularly with two outstanding program series: Harambee and Everywoman. With a candor too rarely seen in today’s broadcasting world, these two programs have looked into many aspects of life which normally have seemed to be off limits. In the Harambee series, for instance, two episodes examined the commitment of the jointly-owned Washington Post to minority hiring practices. The Everywoman series used advanced medical techniques to look inside a woman’s body. Each series, in its own way, made exceptional contributions to... read more

  • Las Rosas Blancas
    Las Rosas Blancas

    Las Rosas Blancas is an outstanding example of how a competent and skillful producing organization can combine music with classic legend and achieve an envious result. In the literature of Puerto Rico are hundreds of legends which have been handed down through generations. Many of these deal with the supernatural. Las Rosas Blancas has taken such a Puerto Rican legend and translated it to the television screen with such beauty, such depth, and such emotion that the result is a memorable moving experience for the viewer. For this important contribution to television, a George Foster Peabody Award to WAPA-TV, San... read more

  • M*A*S*H

    An artful blend of writing, acting and production, M*A*S*H was created by co-producers Larry Gelbart and Gene Reynolds and stars Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swit, McLean Stevenson, Larry Linville, Gary Burghoff and Jamie Farr. It is honored for the depth of its humor and the manner in which comedy is used to lift the spirit and, as well, to offer a profound statement on the nature of war. Quality is the consistent hallmark of this CBS-20th Century Fox series, an example of television of high purpose that reveals in universal terms a time and place with such affecting clarity.... read more

  • Mr. Rooney Goes to Washington
    Mr. Rooney Goes to Washington

    Wit, irony and skillful reporting, an altogether rare compound of virtues, are the hallmarks of Mr. Rooney Goes to Washington, a CBS News special in which the maze of official bureaucracy was penetrated. Written and narrated by Andy Rooney, the program was distinguished by a lightness of touch and mood, a Rooney specialty, which deceptively cloaked the serious nature of one reporter-citizen’s investigation into one of the nation’s continuing and far-reaching problems of government. ... read more

  • Music In Chicago: Stravinsky ‘75
    Music In Chicago: Stravinsky ‘75

    This thoroughly researched and beautifully-done music appreciation program could well serve as a college-level course in the musical history of Igor Stravinsky. Each day for more than two months, listeners to WFMT in Chicago were treated to the most outstanding of Stravinsky’s works, together with informative comments by two of Chicago’s leading music critics. In what may be said to be comparable to a retrospective of a major painter, this exceptional series of programs provided WFMT listeners with an outstanding listening experience. For this exceptional series, a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Personal Award: Charles Kuralt for “On the Road to ‘76”
    Personal Award: Charles Kuralt for “On the Road to ‘76”

    A personal Peabody Award, his second, to Charles Kuralt, the traveling CBS News bicentennial historian whose weekly television journey, On the Road to ‘76 gives knowledge of colorful places and significant events in each of the fifty states. Begun on July 4th, 1975, in Massachusetts, Mr. Kuralt has sought to capture the individuality of the people, the dynamic growth inherent in the area, and to reflect the rich heritage of this great nation. Throughout the past eight years, he has discovered that individualism still flourishes and the pioneer spirit lives on. His stories aired on The CBS Evening News with... read more

  • Personal Award: Dr. James R. Killian
    Personal Award: Dr. James R. Killian

    A Special Peabody Award to Dr. James R. Killian for his unflagging, steadfast devotion to Public Broadcasting over a span of 25 years. In the early 1950s, with other New England educators, he worked to establish station WGBH in Boston. In 1965, he became chairman of the Carnegie Commission that laid the groundwork for the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967, and, as a dominant member of the CPB Board and its chairman in the troubled years 1973-75, Dr. Killian helped shield CPB from political influence. More than any other individual, he worked to secure the confidence of the White House... read more

  • Personal Award: Jim Laurie
    Personal Award: Jim Laurie

    A personal Peabody Award to Jim Laurie of NBC News for his exceptional coverage of the final hours of the fall of Saigon. In April of 1975, Laurie provided his network and the people of this nation a series of exceptional reports which were in the finest traditions of American journalism. For more than 19 hours, Laurie and his colleagues provided a series of twenty special reports on the disintegration of Saigon. Then Laurie elected to remain behind to provide Americans with additional reports after the last Marine was lifted off the roof of the U.S. Embassy. For his dedication,... read more

  • Sleeping Watchdogs
    Sleeping Watchdogs

    A Peabody Award to KMOX Radio in St. Louis for the excellence of their investigative reporting. Their courageous, brilliant and well-balanced series, Sleeping Watchdogs, is a top-notch piece of investigation, interpretation and analysis. The KMOX series showed that the consumer is still often at the mercy of those governmental boards established to protect his interests, and that some agencies appear to be more interested in protecting the public at large. For this outstanding example of meritorious service, a Peabody Award to KMOX Radio, St. Louis, for a series which transcends the usual and the ordinary.... read more

  • Snipets

    A Peabody Award to Kaiser Broadcasting for Snipets, a unique series of one-minute vignettes. Designed for use in children’s programs, each sixty-second segment emphasizes a positive human value such as love, trust, respect and team play, or demonstrates imaginative creativity with unimaginable materials such as weeds, toothpicks, and dried beans. Enhanced by many different production techniques, these short vignettes pack maximum teaching into one-minute while at the same time, providing attention-holding entertainment.... read more

  • The American Assassins
    The American Assassins

    A Peabody Award to The American Assassins wherein CBS News sought to meet head-on the deep concerns and continuing speculations of thoughtful Americans regarding the violent death of President John F. Kennedy. In-depth studies utilized virtually all available information: tapes, frame-by-frame film analysis, and interviews with experts. CBS News Correspondent Dan Rather and producer Leslie Midgley played leading roles in this rare and explosive effort.... read more

  • The Dale Car: A Dream or a Nightmare?
    The Dale Car: A Dream or a Nightmare?

    The Dale Car: A Dream or a Nightmare? began as a simple feature story on KABC-TV, the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles, and became an expose, a superior example of investigative reporting by producer Pete Noyes and Dick Carlson, the on-camera reporter. As a result of their continuing and persistent investigation, a notorious confidence scheme was uncovered, with 39 criminal counts being handed down by a Los Angeles County Grand Jury.... read more

  • The Land of Poetry—Halloween Program
    The Land of Poetry—Halloween Program

    A Peabody Award to WSOU-FM, the radio service of Seton Hall University, for The Land of Poetry—Halloween Program. This program adventure is a type rarely undertaken by student stations. It combined mood music and poetry reading by a very skillful oral interpreter to provide a superior and entertaining program for young children and pre-teens. The Peabody Board considers it to be programming of the highest order.... read more

  • Two Hundred Years Ago Tonight: The Battle of Lexington
    Two Hundred Years Ago Tonight: The Battle of Lexington

    A Peabody Award to the Voice of America’s special bicentennial series, Two Hundred Years Ago Tonight, recreating in the theatre of the listeners’ imaginations the great events that led to the birth of the United States-listeners around the world who are generally unfamiliar with the American story. Of particular note was the segment of April 19, 1975, delineating the famous Battle of Lexington, narrated by noted commentator, Ben Grauer. Responsible for the concept and execution of the series is the senior documentary writer and producer, William N. Robson. The entire series represents a full-scale production of a magnitude rarely encountered... read more

  • Weekend

    Felicity of style and polished journalistic professionalism are the distinctive wellsprings at the source of Weekend, produced and written for NBC by Reuven Frank and Lloyd Dobyns. A once-a-month magazine of television, inquiring into the off-trail, Weekend is hereby honored not only for its content, but also as an instructive example of how the language can be employed with grace and precision.... read more