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  • Battles Just Begun
    Battles Just Begun

    A Peabody Award to WMAL Radio for outstanding public affairs programming which provided exceptional community involvement in helping solve the many problems faced by Vietnam Veterans. This special effort, Battles Just Begun, represents an extraordinary utilization of the public affairs capabilities of the station to deal with this vital and important issue.... read more

  • CBS Television for The Exceptionally Well-Done Four-Part Series of Dramatic Specials Based on the Life of “Benjamin Franklin”
    CBS Television for The Exceptionally Well-Done Four-Part Series of Dramatic Specials Based on the Life of “Benjamin Franklin”

    A Peabody Award to CBS for its four 90-minute dramatic specials based on the life of Benjamin Franklin, and starring as Franklin, at various stages in his life, Eddie Albert, Lloyd Bridges, Beau Bridges, Richard Widmark and Melvin Douglas. In terms of writing, production, and acting, Benjamin Franklin is a distinguished series in which history springs to life with fidelity and effectiveness as it also embraces the spirit of the Bicentennial. In recognition, a George Foster Peabody Award.... read more

  • Conversations From Wingspread
    Conversations From Wingspread

    From the inspiring and exquisitely designed Wingspread by Frank Lloyd Wright, on the estate of the Johnson Foundation, is released, as a public service, a rare recorded radio series, Conversations From Wingspread. The program heard in major cities covers a broad spectrum of subject matter, ranging from the concerns of contemporary American society to international crises. Experts drawn from over 70 cities and 17 foreign countries, representing noted institutions, informally discuss these concerns. The programs are skillfully and... read more

  • Free to Be. . .You and Me
    Free to Be. . .You and Me

    Marlo Thomas and Carol Hart have put together in Free to Be…You and Me an imaginative program of quality entertainment which could well set the standard for programming of this type in years to come. Based on the record album of the same title, Free to Be…You and Me has combined many different elements to achieve a very warm, very human, and very rewarding television presentation. A Peabody Award for this exceptional effort to Free to Be…You and... read more

  • From Belfast With Love
    From Belfast With Love

    To station WCCO, Minneapolis, Minnesota for a unique and highly commendable effort to acquaint its viewers with existing conditions in war-torn Northern Island, prior to the arrival of some 30 young boys and girls for a six-week summer holiday in Minnesota. By dispatching their own news reporter and a cameraman to Ireland for on-the-scene news and views, their program, From Belfast With Love, went a long way toward establishing a high degree of international understanding throughout the community.... read more

  • Go!

    A Peabody Award to NBC and Go! imaginatively produced by George Heinemann, for its innovative approach to television for children aged eight to 14. Go! is both entertaining and informative as it explores a variety of subjects. Its title is reflective of the nature of the show’s mobility and its philosophy. For this magnificent contribution to American broadcasting, a Peabody Award to Go!.... read more

  • How Come?
    How Come?

    To television station KING of Seattle, Washington, a Peabody Award for its unusual series, directed to children and youth, and titled How Come?. The program utilized graphics, films, and studio demonstrations to skillfully translate abstract thoughts and complicated issues into a format easily understood. Although directed to the young audience, many adults are intrigued by this series which, as a by-product, homogenizes a much needed bond between generations. For this outstanding effort, a Peabody Award to KING-TV for... read more

  • Institutional Award: National Public Affairs Center for Television (NPACT)
    Institutional Award: National Public Affairs Center for Television (NPACT)

    NPACT (The National Public Affairs Center for Television) has been the primary national producer of public affairs programming for the Public Broadcasting Service’s member stations. At no time has it performed a more meritorious public service than it did during 1974 with its programming dealing with Watergate and the move toward impeachment. The turmoil of 1974 served to demonstrate what NPACT could do—and did. And for this, a George Foster Peabody Award.... read more

  • Institutional Award: NBC Television for “The Execution of Private Slovik,” “The Law,” and “IBM Presents Clarence Darrow”
    Institutional Award: NBC Television for “The Execution of Private Slovik,” “The Law,” and “IBM Presents Clarence Darrow”

    This Peabody recognition is being made to NBC Television for its outstanding contribution of dramatic programs which were skillfully performed, handsomely produced and well written, and which provided a thoughtful and enjoyable experience for the entire family. For such quality programs as The Execution of Private Slovik, The Law and IBM Presents Clarence Darrow, a Peabody Award to NBC Television for television entertainment. *Private Slovik starred Martin Sheen, The Law Judd Hirsch. Henry Fonda played Darrow.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WCKT-TV for a Superb Series of Investigative Reports Which Brought Considerable Response and Change
    Institutional Award: WCKT-TV for a Superb Series of Investigative Reports Which Brought Considerable Response and Change

    WCKT has long been a vital force for good in the Miami and South Florida area. During 1974, its contributions to serving the public seemed to have hit a new high. Through what the Peabody Board feels has been a superb series of investigative reports, WCKT has made its contributions felt in many different ways. For this fearless use of its talents and facilities, a Peabody Award to WCKT, Miami.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WSB Radio for “Suffer the Little Children,” “Atlanta: A Portrait in Black and White,” and “Henry Aaron: A Man with a Mission”
    Institutional Award: WSB Radio for “Suffer the Little Children,” “Atlanta: A Portrait in Black and White,” and “Henry Aaron: A Man with a Mission”

    To WSB Radio, Atlanta, a Peabody Award for their outstanding use of radio in Atlanta in dealing with the problems of this vital and growing community. Under the experienced guidance of Elmo Ellis—himself a personal Peabody winner—the station gave evidence by its airing of Suffer the Little Children, Atlanta: A Portrait in Black and White and Henry Aaron: A Man With a Mission that it is still one of the really predominant radio services in this country and... read more

  • NOVA

    NOVA is an imaginative series of science adventures produced by WGBH-TV, Boston, and now in its second season on PBS. It has a versatility rarely found in television today. The Peabody Board wishes to particularly single out those programs of the NOVA series which were produced in the United States and to encourage an effort on the part of the public television stations to seek to evaluate the “Made in America” quality of many programs in the NOVA... read more

  • Personal Award: Carl Stern
    Personal Award: Carl Stern

    NBC News Correspondent, Carl Stern, is a lawyer and a journalist covering the courts for his network in Washington and elsewhere. Carl Stern constructively put his legal training to work in 1973 by winning a landmark case under the Freedom of Information Act, requiring the FBI to disclose a covert operation of a program to disrupt New Left Political organizations. During the turbulence of 1974, he combined his talents as a lawyer and a journalist with masterful reporting... read more

  • Personal Award: Fred P. Graham
    Personal Award: Fred P. Graham

    Fred P. Graham, CBS News Legal Correspondent, combines the mastery of broadcast journalism with a trained legal background. His experience as a news reporter, combined with a legal education at Vanderbilt University Law School and a diploma in law form Oxford University, provide him with unique qualifications for his CBS assignment. In addition, Fred Graham has written authoritative books on legal subjects. During the troubled events of 1974, his singular expertise fully equipped him to clarify for the... read more

  • Personal Award: Julian Goodman
    Personal Award: Julian Goodman

    Julian Goodman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of NBC, has been selected for a special award for long years of dedicated service to the broadcasting industry. This is the highest distinction within the parameters of the Peabody Charter. An endless catalogue in support of this award could be developed. Julian Goodman emerged from the ranks of a newsman to the highest position of corporate management. Julian Goodman, however, never lost sight of fundamental media values.... read more

  • Personal Award: Marilyn Baker
    Personal Award: Marilyn Baker

    While many of the nation television news programs wallow in gimmicks, happy-talk, and audience statistics, the vital role of the investigative reporter is being abandoned in favor of newscasters who read wire copy. One of the exceptions is Marilyn Baker, whose investigative reporting for San Francisco’s public television station, KQED, put her clearly ahead of the city’s three commercial TV station on such stories as Chinatown youth gangs, police corruption, and phony charity promotions. On the SLA-Patricia Hearst... read more

  • Pledge a Job
    Pledge a Job

    Pledge a Job exemplifies the imaginative and effective use of radio in service to the community in the resolution of current major problems. Calling on the best abilities of the working communities of New York City and Newark and the local governments, WNBC initiated and coordinated a five-day campaign to blunt the impact of an unemployment crisis. In recognition of splendid community service and good citizenship, a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Sadat: Action Biography
    Sadat: Action Biography

    World leaders have become a familiar sight on television but seldom does the medium provide that extra dimension which makes them interesting, alive and understandable. Such a program was ABC’s Sadat: Action Biography and because of those qualities it stood out among the other documentaries of the year 1974. This profile of the Egyptian President produced with the overall direction of Av Westin, was imaginatively filmed over a four month period in Egypt, Israel and Morocco, blending historical... read more

  • Second Sunday
    Second Sunday

    To NBC Radio, a Peabody Award for the continuing excellence of its series Second Sunday. A second recognition of this outstanding radio documentary program is being made to salute NBC Radio for maintaining a quality program that serves the American public on a regular basis covering topics of concern and interest for both the present and the future.... read more

  • The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre
    The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre

    A Peabody Award to CBS Radio for creating a new era of radio entertainment through the presentation of The CBS Radio Mystery Theatre. This popular “theatre of the mind” utilizes the innovative techniques of the radio medium to present both original and classic stories that provide unique experiences in drama for the listening audience. ... read more

  • The Hit and Run Players
    The Hit and Run Players

    A Peabody Award to KTW Radio, Seattle, for the imaginative series of program vignettes which proved that the creation of comedy and satire are not necessarily dead to radio. Providing listeners with creative programming of this caliber represents a refreshing vigor in American radio today.... read more

  • The Right Man
    The Right Man

    The Right Man is the heartwarming story of the plight of tiny Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, and its President, Dr. Robert Hayes. KPRC-TV has utilized the finest of its television techniques to tell the moving story of how Dr. Hayes was sent by his church to close the debt-ridden school. But, because of his strong belief in the need for black colleges, he not only elected not to close the school, but to save it. For this... read more

  • Theatre in America
    Theatre in America

    The richness and variety of American theatre is not to be found on Broadway alone, but also in the challenging and entertaining productions of the nation’s resident theatre groups. The first TV series to bring them to viewers is Theatre in America, which is produced for PBS by New Yorks public TV station, WNET. Now in its second season, it has presented television adaptations of the classic and contemporary dramas of resident theatres from Providence, Rhode Island, to... read more

  • Through the Looking Glass
    Through the Looking Glass

    A Peabody Award to KFAC Radio in Los Angeles for Through the Looking Glass. With Lenora Schildkraut as host and interviewer, this program stimulates interest by young people in the best of classical music, an area largely overlooked by radio, by means of recordings and interviews with the foremost artists. Quality is sought and maintained on the highest cultural level. For this outstanding effort, a Peabody Award.... read more

  • Tornado!  4:40 PM, Xenia, Ohio
    Tornado!  4:40 PM, Xenia, Ohio

    When Xenia, Ohio, was hit by a devastating tornado on April 3, 1974, it was just one of more than 100 American communities which were affected by tornadoes on this day. NBC chose to tell the story of this tragedy with Tornado! 4:40 PM, Xenia, Ohio. The network ended up with more than just the story of the tornado. They developed a moving portrait of the spirit of a mid-American community and they captured, as few before them... read more