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  • “Lyric Opera Live Broadcasts” and “Music in Chicago”
    “Lyric Opera Live Broadcasts” and “Music in Chicago”

    To WFMT in Chicago, a Peabody Award for the laudable effort to provide listeners with truly memorable experiences in the world of music through its exceptionally well-done Music in Chicago series. Special note is taken of the efforts of WFMT in providing unique experiences in music through the fine program utilizing electronic music. WFMT is also cited for the success of its first-time opening-night coverage of the Lyric Opera of Chicago performances throughout the entire three-month series. For these outstanding contributions to the musical enjoyment of its listeners, a George Foster Peabody Award to WFMT, Chicago.... read more

  • “Project 1 Experiment” for “The Carpenters: Live in Concert” and “Helen Reddy: Live in Concert”
    “Project 1 Experiment” for “The Carpenters: Live in Concert” and “Helen Reddy: Live in Concert”

    To NBC radio, a Peabody Award for its outstanding Project I Experiment series. The Peabody Board salutes NBC Radio for its alertness in locating exceptional talent and then utilizing this talent in innovative radio programming. Two programs in the series are especially singled out by the Board for their outstanding contributions to musical entertainment: The Carpenters—Live in Concert and Helen Reddy—Live in Concert. For the Project I Experiment series a Peabody Award to NBC Radio.... read more

  • “Second Sunday: Communism in the 70s” and “A Right to Death”
    “Second Sunday: Communism in the 70s” and “A Right to Death”

    To the NBC Radio Network for the exceptionally well-done series, Second Sunday, with special reference to two outstanding presentations in that series: Communism in the 70s and A Right to Death. NBC has presented in prime time searching examinations of problems which are critical to the nation. They have used radio’s unique ability for concise statement to bring listeners the essentials of an issue and varying viewpoints held by those closely involved. Communism in the 70s and A Right to Death represent the range of topics from complex political-economic situations to intensely personal and ethical dilemmas.... read more

  • Close-Up

    One of the brightest spots in a year of exceptional documentary television has been the ABC News series Close-Up. Under the dynamic guiding hand of Vice President, Avram Westin, the series has explored such diverse topics as that most terrifying of words in the English language, “Fire” and “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Coal.” Working with staff members who rate with any in the industry, Av Westin has been able to combine skillful in-depth reporting with imaginative photography to provide ABC viewers with searching analyses of some of the most challenging areas of American concern. For the consistently high... read more

  • From 18th Street: Destination Peking
    From 18th Street: Destination Peking

    To WIND, Chicago, a George Foster Peabody Award for a most significant contribution to international understanding through radio. From 18th Street: Destination Peking tells the story of 20 Chicagoans who visited mainland China. Produced by a 19-year old college student and WIND trainee, Serafin Trejo, the program gave WIND listeners-and listeners to many other Group W stations across the nation an opportunity to view China, uncolored by sophisticated bias. Trejo’s companions on the trip, themselves also from the poorest of Chicago neighborhoods, gave the program a fresh approach, unfortunately not often seen in today’s radio. For this outstanding effort, a... read more

  • Home Rule Campaign
    Home Rule Campaign

    A Peabody Award to WRC-TV, NBC in Washington, for its Home Rule Campaign. This was an intensive editorial campaign on the part of this fine station which was instrumental in helping achieve local self-government for the disenfranchised citizens of the District of Columbia, the “last colony” of the United States. The WRC-TV editorial campaign played an educational and informational role in focusing Congressional and community comment and opinion on the legislation that was passed in 1973 providing home rule for the national capital. For this commitment to human and civil rights on the part of WRC-TV, efforts which represent the... read more

  • Institutional Award: ABC, CBS, NBC Television for Outstanding Contributions to Entertainment Through an Exceptional Year of Televised Drama
    Institutional Award: ABC, CBS, NBC Television for Outstanding Contributions to Entertainment Through an Exceptional Year of Televised Drama

    To the three commercial national television networks, a joint Peabody Award for their outstanding contributions to entertainment through an exceptional year of televised drama. In a year dominated by private detectives, public cops, and the soft diet of endless situation comedies, it is a pleasure to note a few of the exceptions which demonstrate that the commercial networks are indeed capable of traveling first class when the occasion arises. In the field of television entertainment these three, ABC Entertainment, CBS, and NBC Television, are honored for these contributions to the viewing pleasure of mature audiences: The ABC Theatre productions of... read more

  • Institutional Award: KNXT-TV for “Learning Can Be Fun” and “Dusty’s Treehouse”
    Institutional Award: KNXT-TV for “Learning Can Be Fun” and “Dusty’s Treehouse”

    To station KNXT, CBS in Los Angeles, a George Foster Peabody Award for outstanding educational programming for children as represented by Learning Can Be Fun and Dusty’s Treehouse. KNXT has produced a program series directed to both majority and minority children, encompassing the concept of learning through entertaining and informative experiences. It has recognized the importance of focusing upon affective goals such as ethnic pride, positive self-image, and functional interpersonal relationships.... read more

  • Institutional Award: NBC Television for “The Borrowers” (Hallmark Hall of Fame) and “Street of the Flower Boxes” (NBC Children’s Theatre)
    Institutional Award: NBC Television for “The Borrowers” (Hallmark Hall of Fame) and “Street of the Flower Boxes” (NBC Children’s Theatre)

    To NBC Television, a Peabody Award for meritorious achievement in the area of youth and children’s television programming, especially for its presentation of two important contributions. Street of Flower Boxes and The Borrowers. Street of Flower Boxes was a program which was both entertaining and educational, utilizing a predominantly non-professional cast to portray a true-to-life story. It was beautifully directed and the result was a driving but affectionate look at what really can be done to make positive changes in our society when someone really cares. The Borrowers was a delightful blend of an excellent story, original music, innovative set... read more

  • Marijuana and the Law
    Marijuana and the Law

    To KNOW, Austin, Texas, a Peabody Award for public service through its production and presentation of Marijuana and the Law. Through the use of extremely well-written documentaries and editorials, following thorough investigation to separate facts about marijuana from fiction, KNOW was instrumental in having the Texas Legislature revise the state’s severely harsh drug statutes. In recognition of this professional public service to the citizens of Texas, utilizing the potential of radio to its fullest extent, a Peabody Award to radio station KNOW.... read more

  • Myshkin

    To WTIU, the University of Indiana television station, a Peabody Award for its outstanding production and presentation of Myshkin. This 1973 presentation of the annual Indiana University Television Opera Theatre reflects a unique combination of talents among faculty members and students in one of America’s most noted music schools, as well as in its high-ranking television station. The performance of Myshkin represented the culmination of a 20-year effort to establish a University-based television theatre capable of producing opera for a nationwide audience. For this achievement, a George Foster Peabody Award.... read more

  • Overture to Friendship: The Philadelphia Orchestra in China
    Overture to Friendship: The Philadelphia Orchestra in China

    To WCAU-TV, CBS in Philadelphia, a Peabody Award for the unique program Overture to Friendship: The Philadelphia Orchestra in China. Featuring famed conductor Eugene Ormandy, the symphony provided an exceptional musical odyssey to the People’s Republic of China for viewers in Philadelphia. A rare feature was the rendition of the “Yellow River Concerto” and “Sanpei,” the peasants and workers march by China’s Central Philharmonic Orchestra. Delightful sidelights and human interest glimpses showing the intermingling of orchestra members with a diversity of Chinese citizenry added both color and charm. To WCAU-TV, for its significant contributions to international understanding through television, a... read more

  • Personal Award: Joe Garagiola
    Personal Award: Joe Garagiola

    To Joe Garagiola, NBC, a personal and special Peabody television sports award. With unusual insight, a vast fund of humor, and a high degree of professionalism, Joe Garagiola brought a new and rewarding dimension to television sports with his series of pre-game shows. Special mention goes to one segment, entitled The Hill, in which Garagiola returned to his old neighborhood in St. Louis for a warm portrait capturing with great fidelity a sense of time and place. A Peabody Award to Joe Garagiola for this significant addition to the American television sports scene.... read more

  • Personal Award: Lowell Thomas
    Personal Award: Lowell Thomas

    To Lowell Thomas, twentieth century Marco Polo, a special, personal George Foster Peabody Award in recognition of his incredible 43 years of continuous daily broadcasts on CBS, often originating from every corner of the globe. During this record-setting series which has become the longest continuous run in network history, Lowell Thomas’ voice has been heard by an estimated 70 billion persons. During his brilliant career, he has received twenty-five degrees from universities and colleges. For his authoritative voice and his friendly “So Long,” he has become beloved by listeners of every age in every place. To Lowell Thomas, a Peabody... read more

  • Personal Award: Pamela Ilott for “Lamp Under My Feet” and “Look Up and Live”
    Personal Award: Pamela Ilott for “Lamp Under My Feet” and “Look Up and Live”

    A special, personal Peabody Award to Pamela Ilott of CBS News for her outstanding contributions to broadcasting. The position of Director of Religious and Cultural Broadcasting requires an abundance of talents, including diplomacy, inspiration, and the ability to cajole some of the world’s busiest people into working for the soul instead of the pocketbook. This is a difficult trick when the cost of living is being uplifted with greater regularity than the spirit. Pamela Ilott’s talents along these lines have provided the CBS network with programs of substance and imagination for many years on such regular shows as Look Up... read more

  • Personal Award: Peter Lisagor
    Personal Award: Peter Lisagor

    A successful detente between the printed media and broadcast journalism has now emerged after early years of hostility, suspicion and at times, open warfare. A most distinguished symbol of this accommodation is Peter Lisagor, Chief of the Washington Bureau of the Chicago Daily News. Mr. Lisagor is a regular panelist on the weekly Agronsky and Company program which has a Washington origination of a discussion by well-known newspaper correspondents. This program is developing rapidly into network status. Mr. Lisagor is a regular panelist on Public Television’s Washington Week in Review, broadcast on that entire network. He is also a twice-a-week... read more

  • The American Past
    The American Past

    A Peabody Award to the University of Kansas and KANU-FM for the presentation of the exceptional talent of Professor Calder Pickett and his contemporary series, The American Past. Historical perspective and hindsight are combined by Professor Pickett with suitable contemporary documents so as to add a new dimension to text-book history and popular culture teaching. Special recognition is accorded to Mark J. Klugman of KANU-FM for his contributions to the production of this outstanding program. For this notable effort, a George Foster Peabody Award.... read more

  • The Energy Crisis…An American White Paper
    The Energy Crisis…An American White Paper

    In three hours of unsponsored prime time, more than six weeks before the oil embargo which triggered national awareness of an energy emergency, NBC presented the magnitude and complexity of the crisis fully, fairly, and with exemplary balance. The Energy Crisis epitomized the fundamental ethic of journalism at its best,the conviction that the public, given all the facts, is capable of making up its own mind. The Energy Crisis, sadly, is the capstone of the careers of two of the most gifted members of the broadcasting profession: the program’s gifted producer, Fred Freed, and its equally gifted reporter, Frank McGee,... read more

  • The First and Essential Freedom
    The First and Essential Freedom

    A Peabody Award to ABC News for its incisive look at the greatest of all American freedoms-the right of the news media of this nation to present the news freely and fairly. In The First and Essential Freedom, the evolution of the First Amendment has been shown in its historical context from its beginnings before 1776 to the present time. Written and produced by James Fleming under the guidance of executive producer, Thomas Wolf, the program made the public’s right to know the dominant issue. With the excellent narration by Frank Reynolds and Sam Donaldson, The First and Essential Freedom... read more