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  • “Medical Viewpoint” and “Pearl Harbor, Lest We Forget/Requiem for the USA”
    “Medical Viewpoint” and “Pearl Harbor, Lest We Forget/Requiem for the USA”

    A Peabody Award seeks to recognize service to the public above and beyond that which a station would normally feel compelled to give and which the station’s resources would normally permit. WAHT, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, is just such an example. This station, through its public service programs, has sought to give the listeners in its area an extra measure of insight into the events of these days. Recognizing especially the outstanding contributions of Fred Williams, and singling out two... read more

  • “Peace…On Our Time” and “The Death of Ruben Salazar”
    “Peace…On Our Time” and “The Death of Ruben Salazar”

    Public service in its highest sense was exemplified by KMEX-TV, a Spanish-language UHF station in Los Angeles, following the slaying by sheriff’s deputies of Ruben Salazar, the station’s news editor. Through the efforts of station manager, Danny Villanueva, both on and off the air, a threatened riot of major proportions was averted and the tension defused.... read more

  • 60 Minutes
    60 Minutes

    Sound investigative reporting, revealing interviews of public figures and an overall reflection of contemporary issues by its co-hosts, Mike Wallace and Harry Reasoner (succeeded by Morley Safer), brought CBS’s 60 Minutes a special stature and an example of television’s potential fully realized.... read more

  • Civilisation

    At this confusing moment in our history when so much television is devoted to hawking Man’s failures, viewers on both sides of the Atlantic have been refreshed by a gloriously intelligent celebration of Man’s accomplishments in the BBC series, Civilisation, which was written and narrated with wit, style, and passion by Kenneth Clark. His cameras rested leisurely and lovingly on their subjects; the musical background was an enhancement rather than a distraction; and Lord Clark’s keen sense of... read more

  • Evening at Pops
    Evening at Pops

    The most refreshing television show of last summer was Evening at Pops, the thirteen concerts telecast in color for an hour on Sunday evenings and in black and white the following Wednesdays. The Boston Pops, incomparably conducted in Symphony Hall by Arthur Fiedler, generates a lively and intimate pleasure in music; the guest performers he chose for these concerts were exciting and different. The series was produced by Bill Cosel for station WGBH with generous grants from the... read more

  • Hot Dog
    Hot Dog

    NBC Television has created a bright and happy program full of pleasure that opens the many doors of everyday life to answer the questions of our children. This program meets the desire of children to learn and lets them have fun in the process through the skillful use of film essays and humor. For a television program that helps explain to children the world around them, a Peabody Award to NBC Television for the program, Hot Dog. *The... read more

  • Jordan Reports
    Jordan Reports

    NBC foreign correspondent Douglas Kiker, under fire for five days in Jordan, recorded what he saw and heard. With the consistency marking a distinguished career in print and electronic journalism, Mr. Kiker, again, exemplified concise, objective and literate reportage.... read more

  • Listening/4

    WFBE, the educational radio voice of the public school system of Flint, Michigan, has produced a significant series of programs designed to teach listening skills to the students of that community. Giving the student both the background material necessary to understanding of the skills of listening, and then providing him with a series of listening exercises, the program, Listening/4, has done much to improve both listening and learning in the Flint school system. For this meritorious achievement, the... read more

  • Migrant: An NBC White Paper
    Migrant: An NBC White Paper

    Under trying circumstances, NBC News produced a significant report to the people of America on a major continuing problem: the plight of the migrant worker in our country. This exceptional social documentary program not only made demands on the conscience of the nation, but helped create change for the solution of the problem on the part of government and industry. For perseverance in maintaining the public’s right to know and in recognition of leadership in helping solve the... read more

  • Personal Award: Garry Moore for Promotion of International Understanding
    Personal Award: Garry Moore for Promotion of International Understanding

    To be effective in communicating directly with peoples of the world, the Voice of America must win the attention and respect of its listeners. Even-handed, factual reporting of world news, and public affairs programming in music, literature, science, lectures, and documentaries on the American scene achieve these goals. This citation particularly honors the selfless contribution of Garry Moore, who gives of his notable talents, experience, and knowledge, weekly on VOA’s New York, New York, a kaleidoscope of our... read more

  • Personal Award: John E. Drewry
    Personal Award: John E. Drewry

    For his leading role in the foundation of the George Foster Peabody Awards; for his tact and judgment in administering them over the past thirty years, and for his faith in what they would come to mean to the broadcasting industry, we of the present Board present a special citation of gratitude to John E. Drewry, Dean Emeritus of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism, the University of Georgia.... read more

  • Politithon ‘70
    Politithon ‘70

    To the people of the State of Florida, who, through the legislature, funded a statewide political telecast to serve all candidates for public office and all citizens of the state; to WPBT, Miami, the Public Broadcasting Station in South Florida, which coordinated the four-and-a-half hour, prime-time program on statewide television and radio networks; and to Jerome Schnur, the program’s executive producer, who combined high professionalism with responsible, intense devotion to public service to create a model form and... read more

  • The Andersonville Trial
    The Andersonville Trial

    In a season generally devoid of meaningful drama, the adaptation of The Andersonville Trial by the Hollywood Television Theater on the Public Broadcasting Service proved a high water mark with mounting tension and, ultimately, a numbing impact. This extraordinary production, directed by George C. Scott, probed deeply into man’s continuing dilemma of the conflict between duty and conscience.... read more

  • The Danger Within: A Study of Disunity in America
    The Danger Within: A Study of Disunity in America

    By the skillful and aggressive use of the medium of radio, the National Broadcasting Company provided an exceptional service to the American public in the presentation of a three-hour program devoted to a thoughtful, enlightening, and provocative study of a vital domestic issue: the nature and extent of disunity in America today. The in-depth examination of disunity within the country furnished the program’s listeners the opportunity to learn what is being done to improve conditions and achieve a... read more

  • The Dr. Seuss Programs
    The Dr. Seuss Programs

    Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who! is a superb example of how an inspired children’s book can be translated into an equally entrancing television show — if the author is allowed to work on the script himself and pick the right people to help him with the job. In this case, Dr. Seuss, who is Theodor Geisel in private life, enlisted the services of an old side-kick, animator Chuck Jones, with whom he had previously collaborated in 1966... read more

  • The Eye of the Storm
    The Eye of the Storm

    Skillfully using television as a medium for bringing an experiment in discrimination to the attention of millions across America, ABC News has demonstrated the kind of conspicuous service which the Peabody Awards seek to recognize. A third-grade teacher, Mrs. Jane Elliott, developed an innovative and successful method of explaining prejudice and discrimination to her students. Producer-writer-director, William Peters and his wife, associate producer, Muriel Peters, captured the spirit of Mrs. Elliott’s experiment and, together with Bill Beutel’s excellent... read more

  • The Flip Wilson Show
    The Flip Wilson Show

    A new dimension has been added to television to entertain millions of Americans in the person of Flip Wilson and his show. The excellence of the show is the result of an ingenious and outstanding comic artist, superb writing, and skillful direction. For a superior hour of television entertainment each week, a Peabody Award to the National Broadcasting Company for The Flip Wilson Show.... read more

  • The Selling of the Pentagon
    The Selling of the Pentagon

    The Selling of the Pentagon is another historic documentary by CBS-TV. This program, eleven months in preparation by a skilled and experienced team, was a close and detailed examination of the Pentagon public relations operations. It resulted in widespread acclaim and stirred great controversy. It will doubtless produce a reexamination by the Department of Defense and by the Congress of the Pentagon’s present public relations policies and procedures. This great documentary was produced and written by Peter Davis.... read more

  • This New Frontier
    This New Frontier

    This New Frontier, produced under the skillful guiding hand of Phil Johnson, news director for WWL-TV, New Orleans, is an outstanding attempt to interpret the nation of Israel for the viewers of WWL-TV. It presents, in a unique way, an old country, sacred to three great faiths, and oftentimes a battleground because of those faiths. Depicting the people of Israel as they strive to forge a new nation, This New Frontier has made a significant contribution to American... read more