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  • “Government Under Law” for Radio Education
    “Government Under Law” for Radio Education

    For devoting good radio time to emphasizing and clarifying basic constitutional rights and freedoms through a regular series of short, informative, and interesting interviews in the program, Government Under Law, the Peabody Award for radio education, 1963, is hereby presented to WLW, Cincinnati.... read more

  • “Open Line” for Radio Public Service
    “Open Line” for Radio Public Service

    With its daily program, Open Line, KSTP has promoted public discussion of important issues relating to the community. This station played a significant role in the 1963 statewide controversy involving the University of Minnesota and certain public groups which claimed that this institution was harboring subversive agents and influences. Lee Vogel, the producer, by giving ample air time to numerous civic leaders, professors, and students, succeeded in making known the true situation and reestablishing a sense of confidence and integrity. In recognition, the Peabody Award for radio public service, 1963.... read more

  • American Revolution ‘63
    American Revolution ‘63

    The National Broadcasting Company’s unprecedented three-hour study, American Revolution ‘63, was an eloquent contribution to an understanding of the American Negro’s long struggle for equality, as well as handsome evidence of the stature of the television medium. As such, it is presented the Peabody Award for television education, 1963.... read more

  • CBS Reports: Storm Over the Supreme Court
    CBS Reports: Storm Over the Supreme Court

    This outstanding three-part series began with a penetrating history of challenges to the Supreme Court and an absorbing narration of its function in our constitutional system. Narrated by Eric Sevareid, the participants in this extraordinary production included Carl Sandburg, Mark Van Doren, Frederic March, Archibald MacLeish, and Professor Paul Freund, a distinguished legal scholar from the Harvard Law School. The two succeeding episodes dealt in a factual but dramatic way with the School Prayer Case and a subsequent case involving Bible Reading in the Public Schools. These programs represented television at its finest and demonstrated that this medium can illuminate... read more

  • Institutional Award: Edward R. Murrow and Voice of America for Radio Contribution to International Understanding
    Institutional Award: Edward R. Murrow and Voice of America for Radio Contribution to International Understanding

    Voice Of America, the broadcast service of the U.S. Information Agency, broadcasts 794 program hours per week in 37 languages, everywhere in the world, to peoples of vastly different histories, interests, and ideals, on differing levels of comprehension. As its guide, Voice Of America follows the purpose so well articulated by its dedicated former director, Edward R. Murrow: “If challenge be our charge, then let boldness be our guide. And if the spotlight of history is focused on this land, let us say with pride that when free ideas were under assault, we took our stand on the side of... read more

  • Mr. Novak
    Mr. Novak

    For restoring dignity and honor to the popular image of the American schoolteacher, for reminding our young people that there is no grander pursuit than the pursuit of knowledge, and for daring to insist—without preachment or piety—that the uneducated man is an incomplete man, this Peabody Award is given to Mr. Novak. This series* has assumed a special importance in an age of lowered standards and school dropouts. It has sensed its responsibility and risen to it with courage and good taste. Mr. Novak starred James Franciscus as John Novak, an idealistic English teacher at a Los Angeles high school,... read more

  • Personal Award: Eric Sevareid for Television News
    Personal Award: Eric Sevareid for Television News

    We respect the network for the latitude it has allowed Mr. Sevareid, and we admire him for the directness with which he engages his listeners and for the concise and penetrating way in which he goes to the heart of the more troublesome issues. In recognition, the 1963 Peabody Award to Eric Sevareid of CBS for his edifying editorial commentary in the field of televised news.... read more

  • Special Award to Broadcasting Industry of the U.S.A. for Coverage of the Assassination of President Kennedy and Related Events
    Special Award to Broadcasting Industry of the U.S.A. for Coverage of the Assassination of President Kennedy and Related Events

    For four dreadful days last November, America and the world were stunned by the shock of the assassination of our President. At this time of critical, national transition, broadcasters throughout this land quickly rose to fulfill their noble responsibility of public service. For giving all Americans and our friends abroad continuous, mature, sensitive, and non-commercial coverage of this tragic period of American history, the broadcasting industry, the men and women of radio and television, and particularly the networks, merit a special Peabody Award for dedicated and enduring service to the public interest.... read more

  • The Danny Kaye Show
    The Danny Kaye Show

    The Danny Kaye Show has added lustre and dimension to family-type comedy. Through the inimitable style, wit, and charm of a master comedian in multiple roles, American televiewers have been treated to a season of delightful entertainment. Mr. Kaye’s efforts have brought a refreshing vitality to television comedy. In recognition, a Peabody Award for television entertainment during 1963.... read more

  • The Dorothy Gordon Youth Forum
    The Dorothy Gordon Youth Forum

    The Dorothy Gordon Youth Forum gives representative young people of our own and other nations the opportunity to voice their opinions and to hear the comments of a distinguished expert who also summarizes the points brought out by the youthful panel. This outstanding program and its founder and skillful moderator, Miss Dorothy Gordon, have made a vast contribution in clarifying the crucial issues of our times for the youth of America, and for this are presented the Peabody Award for youth programs, 1963.... read more

  • The Saga of Western Man
    The Saga of Western Man

    Through ABC’s The Saga Of Western Man, John Secondari and Helen Jean Rogers, his wife, have made history of the last five hundred years come alive and have brought into meaningful focus the stirring events and personalities that created our era and the revolution still in progress. With the aid of color television, they have let us see and perhaps better understand not only what happened in the western world, but how and why. This brilliant series shows how great an educational tool television can be when it is expertly employed, and as such merits the Peabody Award for TV... read more

  • The Sunday Night Monitor
    The Sunday Night Monitor

    For presentation, in attractive and interest-arousing forms, both important news and significant background features, tailored to mobile, restless, and busy listeners, the Peabody Award for radio news, 1963, is hereby presented to The Sunday Night Monitor, NBC.... read more

  • Town Meeting of the World
    Town Meeting of the World

    In July of 1962, the first Telstar satellite was placed in orbit. In October of the same year, CBS President, Frank Stanton, proposed the first electronic Town Meeting of the World. This broadcast took place on July 10, 1963. Participating in this history-making event were leaders of four nations—former USA President Dwight D. Eisenhower, speaking from Denver; former British Prime Minister Anthony Eden, from London; former West German Foreign Minister Heinrich von Brentano, from Bonn; and Jean Monnet, “father of the common market,” from Brussels. Town Meeting of the World was certainly an outstanding contribution to international understanding, not only... read more

  • Treetop House
    Treetop House

    Treetop House provides an exciting and satisfying visit each morning into a land of enchantment where preschool children “learn by doing.” Telecast “live” and in color, it owes its success largely to the gifts and grace of a vivid young performer and teacher, Mrs. Anita Klever. It is the happy answer to all those parents who have clamored for a program that provides instruction and illumination, as well as fun for children still at home, and well deserves the Peabody Award for children’s TV series of 1963.... read more