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  • “The Reader’s Almanac” and “Teenage Book Talk”
    “The Reader’s Almanac” and “Teenage Book Talk”

    It is the considered opinion of the Peabody Awards Board that television and radio, far from being the ogres book publishers once labeled them, are actually a stimulant to the cause of good book reading in America. Proof of the pudding is the resounding success scored by two radio programs devoted entirely to books by station WNYC, New York’s fine municipal broadcasting system. One of the programs is The Reader’s Almanac, conducted since 1934 by Professor Warren Bower... read more

  • An Age of Kings
    An Age of Kings

    Entertainment and education became synonymous in An Age of Kings, a brilliant and imaginative portrayal of Shakespeare’s rich pageant of English history. Through the cooperation of the British Broadcasting Corporation, National Educational Television and Radio Center, Metropolitan Broadcasting, and stations too numerous to name, this ambitious and distinguished series made possible the widest visual availability of the works of the Bard of Avon in the history of British and American television. In addition to this Peabody recognition of... read more

  • David Brinkley’s Journal
    David Brinkley’s Journal

    David Brinkley and his producer, Ted Yates, have added a new dimension of humor, skepticism, and wisdom to television news in David Brinkley’s Journal, the writing and scope of which are far more sophisticated than most TV news programs. In rewarding this program with the Peabody Television Award for 1961, we remember that this is not the first time Mr. Brinkley has been honored by Peabody.... read more

  • Expedition!

    ABC’s Expedition! is a program utilizing authentic films of scientific expeditions in which young people can experience a sense of adventure—a program of wide interest presented at an hour when it can be shared by the whole family. As such, it merits a Peabody Award, which is hereby presented in the youth and children’s programs category.... read more

  • Institutional Award: CBS Television and Walter Lippman for Television Contribution to International Understanding
    Institutional Award: CBS Television and Walter Lippman for Television Contribution to International Understanding

    For the program which did the most to promote international understanding during 1961, a Peabody special award goes to Walter Lippmann, on whose perceptive and reasonable analysis of a world in crisis we all rely. We also salute the Columbia Broadcasting System for its astuteness in making Mr. Lippmann’s telecasts an annual feature.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WFMT Radio for Fine Arts Entertainment
    Institutional Award: WFMT Radio for Fine Arts Entertainment

    WFMT, Chicago, presents the Fine Arts, (including classical music, musical comedy, folk music, poetry, drama, discussion), and news entertainingly and excitingly. Its 19-hour schedule includes “live” concerts by the Chicago Fine Arts Quartet, recorded concerts by the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra, as well as 54 World Music Festivals from abroad, the BBC Concert Hall, and highlights of radio from 40 other countries. It is proving daily that society’s more notable cultural achievements can be effectively... read more

  • Institutional Award: WRUL Radio (Worldwide Broadcasting) for Contribution to International Understanding for Coverage of U.N. General Assembly Proceedings
    Institutional Award: WRUL Radio (Worldwide Broadcasting) for Contribution to International Understanding for Coverage of U.N. General Assembly Proceedings

    WRUB (Worldwide Broadcasting), a division of Metromedia, Inc., carried into the homes of millions of people around the world through the medium of radio the complete daily proceedings of the General Assembly and Security Council of the United Nations in English and Spanish—thereby extending their participation in this international organization’s global efforts to build world peace. This unique radio coverage was made possible by the enlightened world consciousness of AMF International of American Machine and Foundry Company and... read more

  • Let Freedom Ring
    Let Freedom Ring

    Let Freedom Ring was an inspirational one-hour special program marshaling through music and the spoken word the moral heritage that has made America great. This patriotic expression ranged from the spirit of Patrick Henry and Abraham Lincoln to the Battle Hymn of the Republic. It featured the Salt Lake City Mormon Tabernacle Choir; starred Richard Boone, Laraine Day, Howard Keel, and Don O’Herligy; was narrated by Richard L. Evans; produced by Michel M. Grilikhes; and written by Michel... read more

  • Personal Award: Fred Friendly
    Personal Award: Fred Friendly

    Fred Friendly is one of the young veterans of the young profession of television journalism. A man of extraordinarily strong character, his far-ranging two-ton pencil, as he calls it, has examined and illuminated for television the great and raw-nerved issues of our times, from war or peace to birth control to segregation to civil liberties to migratory labor to medical care. A courageous perfectionist, the only thing he fears is falling even one degree short of the perfection... read more

  • Personal Award: Newton N. Minow
    Personal Award: Newton N. Minow

    As the most courageous, responsible, and energetic Federal Communications Commissioner in years, Newton N. Minow has done much to rescue the wasteland from the cowboys and private eyes. He has reminded broadcasters of their responsibilities and put new heart in the viewers. In recognition, a Peabody Special Award.... read more

  • The Bob Newhart Show
    The Bob Newhart Show

    Bob Newhart of NBC’s The Bob Newhart Show is a person whose gentle satire and wry and irreverent wit waft a breath of fresh and bracing air through the stale and stuffy electronic corridors. A merry marauder who looks less like St. George than a choirboy, Newhart has wounded, if not slain, many of the dragons that stalk our society. In a troubled and apprehensive world, Newhart has proved once again that laughter is the best medicine. In... read more

  • Verdict for Tomorrow: The Eichmann Trial on Television
    Verdict for Tomorrow: The Eichmann Trial on Television

    A special Peabody Award goes to Capital Cities Broadcasting Corporation and its executive producer, Milton Fruchtman, for providing the gavel-to-gavel television coverage of the trial of Adolph Eichmann in Israel to allow the trial to be televised, and through the unstinting contribution of its own resources in providing the exclusive television coverage of the four-month trial, Capital Cities Broadcasting compiled an enduring record of the dangers and consequences of tyranny and rule by terror. Furthermore, Capital Cities Broadcasting... read more

  • Vincent Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait
    Vincent Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait

    In NBC’s Vincent Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait, the life and work of Van Gogh presented a challenge which was met by the combined efforts of a perceptive script writer and a sympathetic narrator in a significant production, probably unexcelled for sheer beauty. In recognition, a Peabody Award for television education.... read more