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  • Decisions

    Television Education: In a series of eight panel discussions, Decisions, WGBH-TV, Boston, has focused the intelligent interest of New England communities upon the most pressing and contentious problems of our day. Each week a fresh panel of authorities in the international field comes to grips with a particular issue, and while the argument is in progress, the listening groups, from Maine to Martha’s Vineyard, who have already been supplied with source material, are telephoning in their questions and... read more

  • Family Living, ‘59
    Family Living, ‘59

    Radio Public Service: NBC’s Family Living,‘59 brought together outstanding personalities and authorities in education, for informal discussions of subjects of significance to American family life. Produced by Edwin Lee and skillfully moderated by Arlene Francis, this challenging series won the approval and active support of many national organizations for its excellence. As such, it merits a Peabody Award for public service for 1959.... read more

  • Great Music From Chicago
    Great Music From Chicago

    Television Entertainment (Musical): Great Music From Chicago, WGN-TV, features the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. This distinguished series, a prestige program, presented live and in color, with many of the world’s outstanding conductors taking turns on the podium, represents an unmatched effort to bring the best in music to the public, and contributes vastly toward improving the image of television. Great Music From Chicago and WGN-TV, therefore, are presented a Peabody Television Musical Entertainment Award.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WCCO Radio for Local Public Service
    Institutional Award: WCCO Radio for Local Public Service

    Local Radio Public Service: In its series on international understanding, WCCO, Minneapolis, made it possible for 12 scholars and two women journalists to study in Russia, and for its Farm Service Director to travel in seven European countries, all of whom shared with the WCCO listening audience their findings and impressions. For these contributions to its local area from afar, WCCO is presented the Peabody Local Radio Public Service Award.... read more

  • Institutional Award: WDSU-TV for Local Public Service
    Institutional Award: WDSU-TV for Local Public Service

    Local Television Public Service: The editorial service of WDSU-TV, New Orleans, is distinguished for the wide scope and diversifications of its subject matter; for the frequent and courageous treatment of controversial material; and, for the intelligent, impartial, and professional quality of its presentation. This is clearly local television public service on a high level and as such merits a Peabody Award in this category.... read more

  • Khrushchev Abroad
    Khrushchev Abroad

    Television News: The Peabody Award in this important classification goes to the series, Khrushchev Abroad, with congratulations to the American Broadcasting Company for the thoroughness, imagination, and vigor of its coverage of the visit to this country by the Soviet premier.... read more

  • Personal Award: David Susskind for “The Moon and Sixpence”
    Personal Award: David Susskind for “The Moon and Sixpence”

    Television Entertainment (Non-Musical): A Peabody Award to David Susskind for his production of The Moon And Sixpence, a drama of style and substance, directed with imagination, and featuring a distinguished performance by Sir Laurence Olivier.... read more

  • Personal Award: Dr. Frank Stanton
    Personal Award: Dr. Frank Stanton

    Television Special Award: Recognizing the dangers inherent in the application of the restrictive provisions of Section 315 of the Communication Act to news programs, Dr. Frank Stanton, by his eloquent and timely warnings, alerted the press, the Congress, and the public to the urgent need for remedial legislation, which was promptly enacted and became law. By his efforts, the president of CBS notably advanced the cause of freedom of news and discussion on radio and television, and forcefully... read more

  • Small World
    Small World

    Television Contribution to International Understanding: Through intercontinental conversations between heads of governments, scientists, generals, critics, and savants, Small World, CBS, has narrowed the distance between men’s minds and hearts. Universal in scope, yet intimate in approach, this CBS series has made a significant contribution to international understanding, and as such, richly merits a Peabody Award in this category.... read more

  • The Bell Telephone Hour
    The Bell Telephone Hour

    Television Entertainment (Musical): During its first year on television, The Bell Telephone Hour quickly made it clear that it would, in this medium of broadcasting, reach even higher levels of distinction than those which in 1944 won for it a Peabody Radio Entertainment Award in Music. In the language of New York Times Critic, Jack Gould, this series, “for so many years one of the more civilized fixtures of radio (has) re-emerged” on television “a varied delight with... read more

  • The Ed Sullivan Show
    The Ed Sullivan Show

    Television Contribution to International Understanding: With his Invitation To Moscow program of September 27, 1959, neatly timed to coincide with Khrushchev’s visit to America, and before that with the Spoleto Festival of July 19, 1959, Ed Sullivan turned his long-time top TV Sunday night vaudeville show into an imaginative and successful bid for better international relations. Not only in America was the reaction immediate and heartening. Russians and Italians as well cheered Sullivan, his producer, Bob Precht, and... read more

  • The Lost Class of `59
    The Lost Class of `59

    Television Special Award: To the team of Ed Murrow and Fred Friendly, for their concise reporting and compassionate insight into the plight of the group most seriously affected by the struggle for integration—The Lost Class of ‘59, a Special Public Service Award.... read more

  • The Play of the Week
    The Play of the Week

    Television Entertainment (Non-Musical): A Peabody Award to The Play Of The Week, WNTA-TV, Newark, New Jersey, with a bow to Ely Landau for sponsoring and developing an outstanding dramatic program.... read more

  • The Population Explosion
    The Population Explosion

    Television Education: A CBS documentary, The Population Explosion tackled an immensely controversial and hush-hush subject in such forthright style that it broke the story for the world. This was clearly television education at its best, and merits a Peabody Award in this category.... read more

  • The World Tonight
    The World Tonight

    Radio News: Using the services of CBS News global staff of correspondents, The World Tonight, CBS Radio, provides listeners nightly with a penetrating and meaningful report of important happenings, domestic and foreign. This program gives meaning to the terms “scope” and “depth,” and as such, is presented the Peabody Radio News Award for 1959.... read more