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  • An Evening With Fred Astaire
    An Evening With Fred Astaire

    Television Special Award: Fred Astaire is one of a handful of stars of stage, screen, and television who approaches perfection. His special 1958 television show—repeated by genuine acclaim—was a case in point. It set a standard for television entertainment and good taste that will remain unchallenged for a long time to come. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that this Peabody Special Award is presented to An Evening With Fred Astaire.... read more

  • College News Conference
    College News Conference

    Television Programs For Youth: At a time when a small fraction of the younger generation is making bad headlines, it is comforting and stimulating to have College News Conference give our alert and thoughtful young Americans the opportunity to speak with world leaders. It also serves the unique diplomatic function of displaying a vital young America to the representatives of foreign countries. In recognition of these facts, the Peabody Award for the outstanding television program for youth goes... read more

  • Continental Classroom
    Continental Classroom

    Television Education: The Peabody Award in this category is presented to Continental Classroom, an outstanding contribution to American education by the National Broadcasting Company. This series has inspired the imagination of thousands of teachers and students in hundreds of colleges and universities, thus demonstrating the practical use of network television as a teaching aid.... read more

  • Easy as ABC
    Easy as ABC

    Radio Contribution to International Understanding: In recognition of its outstanding contribution to public comprehension of the pioneering by UNESCO in the fields of education; for excellency of concept; and for illuminating with brilliant techniques UNESCO’s work in promoting international understanding through radio, Easy As ABC is the choice for the Peabody Award for radio’s contribution to international understanding during 1958.... read more

  • Institutional Award: CBS Television for Television Public Service with Special Recognition Given to Dr. Frank Stanton
    Institutional Award: CBS Television for Television Public Service with Special Recognition Given to Dr. Frank Stanton

    Television Public Service: In presenting this Peabody Award to CBS-TV, special recognition goes to President Frank Stanton. Credit also goes to Producers Les Midgley and Av Westin for CBS News special-in-depth reports such as The Ruble War, the pioneering Where We Stand, Parts I and II, Arab Ride-Prologue To The Summit, Face Of Red China and a series on the Middle East, with commendation to Don Hewitt. Several of these comprehensive reports treating the news in depth were... read more

  • Institutional Award: WNEW Radio for Radio News
    Institutional Award: WNEW Radio for Radio News

    Radio News: The George Foster Peabody Award in this category recognizes WNEW for its fast and enterprising local coverage of news, its taped on-the-spot interviews which frequently scoop both press and radio and its policy of interrupting all programs for important news features. In recognizing WNEW, this award also goes to Martin Weldon, director of news and special events for WNEW.... read more

  • Lincoln Presents Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic
    Lincoln Presents Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic

    Television Musical Entertainment: By his virtuosity and genius for expression, Mr. Bernstein has inspired a resurgence of interest in symphonic music through intelligent and articulate discussions illustrated by orchestral performance of the highest quality. In recognition, the Peabody Award for outstanding musical entertainment during 1958 goes to Lincoln Presents Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic.... read more

  • M.D. International
    M.D. International

    Television Contribution to International Understanding: This Peabody Television Award goes to M.D. International, for its inspiring study of American doctors, caring for the sick and abandoned in the far corners of the world, bringing comfort and the healing arts to the blind, the halt, the hungry, without hope of gain or favor. Presented on NBC’s March Of Medicine, this program was an outstanding contribution to international understanding.... read more

  • NBC Television, James Costigan, and “Little Moon of Alban” (Hallmark Hall of Fame)
    NBC Television, James Costigan, and “Little Moon of Alban” (Hallmark Hall of Fame)

    Television Writing: To James Costigan, a special Peabody Award for the lyric beauty, the poetic insight, and the dramatic integrity of his play, Little Moon Of Alban, presented on the Hallmark Hall Of Fame over NBC.... read more

  • NBC Television, Orson Welles, and “Fountain of Youth” (Colgate Theatre)
    NBC Television, Orson Welles, and “Fountain of Youth” (Colgate Theatre)

    Television Special Award: To Orson Welles, for the wit, originality, and insouciance of The Fountain Of Youth, NBC, one of the merriest, most irreverent half-hours* of the year 1958, this special Peabody Award is given. * The Fountain of Youth was a pilot for a proposed weekly anthology that NBC did not pick up. Welles narrated and directed the film, using an innovative blend of stills and live action. The program can only be viewed now at the... read more

  • Playhouse 90
    Playhouse 90

    Television Dramatic Entertainment: The Peabody Award goes to Playhouse 90, CBS, because it stands alone among dramatic programs on television in aiming at the best and most original of TV drama. The committee especially applauds Producer Fred Coe for his championship of the highest standards in TV writing, direction, and production. *Episodes of Playhouse 90 can be viewed at: read more

  • Standard School Broadcast
    Standard School Broadcast

    Radio Education: The choice for the Peabody Radio Education Award is Standard School Broadcast. This is in recognition of continuous expansion and development over a 30-year period. This outstanding music appreciation series for schools combines educational value with highest musicianship, expert production, and utilization of appropriate musical groups of all types, instrumental and vocal.... read more

  • The Blue Fairy
    The Blue Fairy

    Television Programs For Children: The Peabody Award for the best children’s program goes to the imaginative and enchanting series, The Blue Fairy, which, through live acting, puppetry and narrative, brings to magic reality the most enduring of children’s stories. It is noteworthy that despite nominations of network programs, this award goes to a program series telecast live and in color by an independent station in Chicago.... read more

  • The Hidden Revolution
    The Hidden Revolution

    Radio Public Service: This Peabody Award is given in recognition of the superb way in which CBS met the challenge in the unique request of the sponsor, Nationwide Insurance, to create a public awareness of the urgency involved in the complex problems of man in modern technological society. The Hidden Revolution series is the fulfillment of an obligation of public service on the part of the radio industry and the sponsor which inspired an unprecedented response from an... read more

  • The Huntley-Brinkley Report
    The Huntley-Brinkley Report

    Television News: Chet Huntley and David Brinkley have, for the past two years, developed a mature and intelligent treatment of the news that has become a welcome and refreshing institution for millions of viewers. This distinguished and experienced team exemplify with force and perception a new advance in television journalism. The Huntley-Brinkley Report of NBC is, therefore, given the George Foster Peabody Television News Award for 1958, with congratulations to Mr. Huntley, Mr. Brinkley, and NBC.... read more

  • The Steve Allen Show
    The Steve Allen Show

    Television Entertainment With Humor: In a television year when genuine humor and frank experiments have been so conspicuously lacking, The Steve Allen Show has manfully bucked the trend. Allen and his talented associates obviously are willing to try anything on their show, and the percentage of clean hits has been amazingly high. In recognition, the Peabody Award for television entertainment with humor is presented to The Steve Allen Show. *Allen’s prime-time series, spun off from his Tonight show,... read more