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  • Captain Kangaroo
    Captain Kangaroo

    Captain Kangaroo is virtually the only genuine children’s program left on network television—certainly the only one which puts the welfare of the children ahead of that of the sponsor; which instructs children in safety, in ethics, in health, without interrupting the serious business of entertaining them at the same time. The Peabody Award for outstanding television youth and children’s programs goes, therefore, to Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan), broadcast by CBS. ... read more

  • Hallmark Hall of Fame
    Hallmark Hall of Fame

    Hallmark Hall of Fame, during 1957, provided viewers a varied fare of outstanding contemporary and classical theatrical productions, skillfully adapted and artistically and imaginatively presented. Particularly noted are The Green Pastures, Twelfth Night, The Lark, Yeomen of the Guard, There Shall Be No More Night, and On Borrowed Time. In recognition of this high level cultural contribution via broadcasting, the Peabody Award for outstanding non-musical television entertainment goes to Hallmark Hall of Fame aired by the National Broadcasting Company.... read more

  • Institutional Award: CBS Radio and Television for Radio and Television News Including “Face the Nation,” “See it Now,” “The Twentieth Century,” and “This is New York.”
    Institutional Award: CBS Radio and Television for Radio and Television News Including “Face the Nation,” “See it Now,” “The Twentieth Century,” and “This is New York.”

    During 1957, the Columbia Broadcasting System provided news in depth by going behind current happenings to identify related problems, underlying causes, and influential individuals-as exemplified by the exclusive Moscow interview with Khrushchev on Face the Nation, the documentary filmed behind rebel lines, Algeria Aflame, and such series as See It Now, 20th Century, and on its New York radio station, This Is New York. In recognition of this depth and range, with a special nod to each of the programs just mentioned, a Peabody Award for News Radio and Television is hereby presented to CBS.... read more

  • Institutional Award: KPFA-FM for Local Radio Public Service
    Institutional Award: KPFA-FM for Local Radio Public Service

    For a courageous venture into the lightly-trafficked field of thoughtful broadcasting, and for its demonstration that mature entertainment plus ideas constitute public service broadcasting at its best, the Peabody Award in this category goes to KPFA-FM, Berkeley, California.... read more

  • Institutional Award: Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Inc. for the Boston Conference on Programming and the High Quality of Its Public Service Broadcasting
    Institutional Award: Westinghouse Broadcasting Company, Inc. for the Boston Conference on Programming and the High Quality of Its Public Service Broadcasting

    The Boston Conference of the Westinghouse Broadcasting Company brought into sharp focus the significance of public service broadcasting—both to this company and to the industry. The Conference was in a sense a creative sounding board, the message of which was more attention to better local public service programming. Westinghouse merits special recognition for this Conference, but also for the high quality of its own public service broadcasting. Every Westinghouse-operated station reflected in 1957 projects and programs too numerous to mention, the admirable concept which is hereby recognized with the Special Peabody Radio-Television Award for meritorious and distinguished public service.... read more

  • Know Your Schools
    Know Your Schools

    The National Broadcasting Company, during 1957, was responsible for two undertakings of far-reaching significance to broadcasting and education. One of these was the NBC Educational TV Project in cooperation with the Educational Television and Radio Center at Ann Arbor, whereby 23 weeks of live high-grade TV programming were provided educational outlets the country over. The other special service was the Know Your Schools project, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, produced simultaneously over a six-weeks period by 12 NBC-owned radio and television stations in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Hartford-New Britain, Buffalo, Los Angeles and... read more

  • Panorama

    Panorama, through the inquisitive and revealing eye of the TV camera, tells the story, ‘This is our land and these are our people,” with particular emphasis on the West and those things which interest Denver viewers. Here are intimate glimpses of Americans at work, at play, at prayer—in rural isolation. This is indeed a notable achievement in creative television on the local level. In recognition, the Peabody Award for local meritorious public service goes to Panorama and KLZ-TV (CBS), Denver, Colorado.... read more

  • Personal Award: Bob Hope for Outstanding Contribution to International Understanding
    Personal Award: Bob Hope for Outstanding Contribution to International Understanding

    To millions of people from Moscow to Morocco, Bob Hope is Mr. United States—the wisecracking, ever-cheerful symbol of an abundant and good-natured land. In his travels to dozens of countries in the last decade, he has contributed immeasurably to international goodwill. In appreciation and recognition, Mr. Hope is presented the George Foster Peabody Television Award for outstanding contribution to international understanding.... read more

  • Personal Award: Louis M. Lyons for Local Radio and Television News
    Personal Award: Louis M. Lyons for Local Radio and Television News

    As all Eastern New England knows, Louis M. Lyons is a Yankee of sunny, salty character. His broadcasts, heard simultaneously on radio and television, are clear-headed, courageous but unbelligerent, forthright and fair. Aimed at the intelligent listener, they are an admirable example of what can and should be done in every vigilant community. For 1957, therefore, the Peabody Award for the best reporting and interpretation of the news from a local station goes to Louis M. Lyons of WGBH, Boston, Massachusetts.... read more

  • Prologue ‘58
    Prologue ‘58

    ABC’s handling of the news, consistently authoritative and imaginative throughout 1957, hit a new high with its year-end roundup and forecast for the months to come: Prologue ‘58. The credit goes equally to John Daly and his staff and to the executives who provided them immediate and adequate airtime to function at top efficiency. They rightly deserve this Peabody Award for television news, and it is a special pleasure to note in the presentation that your RTES president is being given such a medal for the second year in a row.... read more

  • The Dinah Shore Chevy Show
    The Dinah Shore Chevy Show

    The thumping success of the Dinah Shore program is heartening proof that no matter what formats and fads may temporarily dominate the airwaves, you can never beat a combination of unavailing good taste, irrepressible spirits, and sheer talent. What TV needs, obviously, is about a hundred more Dinah Shores. Therefore, for outstanding entertainment, with music, during 1957, the Peabody Television Award goes to The Dinah Shore Chevy Show, broadcast by NBC.... read more

  • The Heritage Series
    The Heritage Series

    Station WQED of Pittsburgh has, in the judgment of the Peabody Board, originated the most distinguished programs in the field of education in television. The Heritage Series, which was planned and staged in Pittsburgh and which has since been distributed over most of the thirty educational channels, has literally opened the eyes of American adults and students to the richness of our intellectual life. Here, for instance, are ten half-hour programs with Robert Frost, America’s greatest living poet; in one we see and hear him talking with a group of Pittsburgh students; in another with Dr. Salk of the famous... read more

  • The Last Word
    The Last Word

    A program concerned with words, their meaning, and their use is educational. It is also literary. In the case of The Last Word, it is entertainment and public service—made so by the wit, charm, and erudition of Bergen Evans, John Mason Brown, and their distinguished guest panelists. This sparkling weekly discussion of words, the basis of all understanding and progress, makes it clear that learning can be fun, and that educational programs do not have to be dull. The Last Word has, therefore, rendered the kind of meritorious public service for which the Peabody Awards came into being—and richly deserves... read more

  • Wunda Wunda
    Wunda Wunda

    Wunda Wunda features well-chosen world-wide story material, songs, and action games, integrated with highly imaginative musical background. All segments of this delightful and wholesome series lend themselves to the indirect teaching of manners, attitudes, speech, and better relationships. Television station KING (ABC) of Seattle, Washington, is to be commended for both the pleasure and the potentialities for good which are provided by Wunda Wunda and is presented the Peabody Local Television Award for the outstanding youth and children’s program.... read more

  • You Are the Jury
    You Are the Jury

    You Are the Jury is one of the most distinguished traffic safety programs of recent times. The fact that a great foundation is contributing to its adaptation to television speaks for itself. Both the purpose of the series and the pattern merit high commendation. Therefore, for promoting traffic safety in an absorbing format which teaches defensive driving techniques authoritatively, yet entertainingly, the Peabody Radio Award for education goes to You Are the Jury and WKAR, East Lansing, Michigan.... read more