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  • “As the Twig is Bent” for Outstanding Public Service by a Regional Station
    “As the Twig is Bent” for Outstanding Public Service by a Regional Station

    (Honorable Mention) Outstanding Public Service by a Regional Station: A citation in the field of public service by a regional station is well-deserved by station WCCO, Minneapolis, for its program entitled, As the Twig is Bent. This program is the culmination of a year-long effort to secure the passage of a Minnesota State Youth Conservation Act, and, what is more, to make that act effective. So unusual and so practical was this program that the ideas in it and the station have been cited as an example to the governors of the forty-seven other states.... read more

  • “Disaster Broadcast From Cotton Valley” for Outstanding Public Service by a Local Station
    “Disaster Broadcast From Cotton Valley” for Outstanding Public Service by a Local Station

    Outstanding Public Service by a Local Station: In 1947, no local station in the country was more alert than Station KXAR of Hope, Arkansas. They merit a Peabody Award for the speed with which they came to the rescue of their own community. Here is the remarkable record of a new station, handicapped by limited facilities, which rose to the crisis when the neighboring country was devastated by a tornado. With a word of thanks to Mutual, who should be proud of this junior, the award for outstanding public service by a local station goes to KXAR of Hope, Arkansas,... read more

  • “Report Uncensored” for Outstanding Public Service by a Regional Station
    “Report Uncensored” for Outstanding Public Service by a Regional Station

    Outstanding Public Service by a Regional Station: Every great municipality today is faced with the problem of juvenile delinquency. Our award for outstanding public service by a regional station goes to station WBBM of Chicago for its program, Report Uncensored. With alert detail and wise understanding, this program has helped to educate and arouse a great community to the causes of juvenile delinquency; and, what is more, has stimulated enlistment in the city Volunteer Bureau for a comprehensive attack on the problem.... read more

  • CBS Is There
    CBS Is There

    This award in education goes to a network, the Columbia Broadcasting System, for the real contribution it has made in its documentaries and in its program, CBS Is There. The documentaries, on subjects such as housing, health and old-age security, have been presented with thoroughness and candor, and at good broadcasting hours, not when the country is asleep. In CBS Is There, the network has invented a most effective method of making history come alive. This is one form of required listening which teachers and pupils both enjoy. In making the award, we wish to salute William S. Paley, chairman... read more

  • CBS Views the Press
    CBS Views the Press

    If the F.C.C. criticizes radio, the newspapers print the story with glee. But if radio has the temerity to criticize the Press, each newspaper looks the other way and says, “Who, me?” The Peabody Committee wishes to congratulate the Columbia Broadcasting System for its weekly commentary, CBS Views the Press, a program of hard-hitting, frequently witty and always stimulating criticism of the New York press. Our award signalizes the skillful commentary of Don Hollenbeck, the courage of Edward R. Murrow who conceived the program, and the CBS news staff for consistently high performance.... read more

  • Personal Award: Elmer Davis for Outstanding Reporting and Interpretation of the News
    Personal Award: Elmer Davis for Outstanding Reporting and Interpretation of the News

    In September 1939, a clear mind speaking with the twang of Indiana helped us to think straight about the war. The Peabody Committee gave Elmer Davis its first award for his reporting of the news and we are happy to honor him again this year. Elmer Davis has learned to live in our national capital without losing his sanity, his sense of humor, and his knowledge of right from wrong. In a day of hysterical utterance, his resolute reasoning points steadily toward the possible peace. We are proud to give him this second medal for his reporting and interpretation of... read more

  • Studio One
    Studio One

    (Honorable Mention) A citation in the field of drama for Studio One, of CBS. As director of Studio One, Fletcher Marble has chosen remarkable material from books, plays, and short stories, preserving the spirit of the original in a production which, at its best, is distinguished for its taste, restraint, and radio craftsmanship.... read more

  • The Boston Symphony Orchestra
    The Boston Symphony Orchestra

    If music hath charms to soothe the savage beast, let’s have more music in this troubled year. Twenty-two years ago, Dr. Serge Koussevitsky first led the Boston Symphony Orchestra on the airways. Since then, millions of Americans in cities, small towns, and in lonely farmhouses have listened enrapt to the music at his command. Today the nation takes pride in his incomparable record. For the genius and devotion which brought these musicians together; for the hearing given to unknown composers; for the springtime delight of the Pops and Esplanade concerts; for the vision which created the Berkshire Festival, and for... read more

  • The Children’s Hour
    The Children’s Hour

    (Honorable Mention) The Peabody Board and the Listening Posts have searched high and low for outstanding programs for children and too often what we found was simply at the level of mediocrity. In Washington, DC, however, there is a Saturday morning program for the pre-school child presented by Station WQQW, a program which reflects the sincerity and good taste of Carl Green, as he makes his attractive selection of songs and stories. Mr. Green and Station WQQW merit a citation for the skillful work they have done in this otherwise drab field.... read more

  • Theatre Guild on the Air
    Theatre Guild on the Air

    This year, our award in drama goes unhesitatingly to Theater Guild on the Air, American Broadcasting Company, which has done what every great company always dreamed of doing: It has brought the best of the Theatre, the finest plays of our time, right into every village and hamlet, right into every home. By the end of this season, more than one hundred plays will have been produced for an ever-increasing audience. For the admirable casting, for the unerring choice of plays, and for craftsmanship with which these plays are adapted, great credit is due to the supervisors, the director, the... read more

  • United Nations Today
    United Nations Today

    (Honorable Mention) To the program, United Nations Today, which, as it was carried over a “Network For Peace” of 115 stations, has made it possible for millions of Americans to feel that they have a vital interest in the United Nations’ deliberations. This program has made it possible for listeners to hear the official delegates as they debate the momentous issues which will determine our children’s future. In a world sick with fearful thinking, it is tonic to hear that men are sincerely striving for the understanding and the enforcement of international law.... read more