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  • Individual Award: Tom Brokaw
    Individual Award: Tom Brokaw

    Notwithstanding his 22 years as anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, tours of duty on Today and Meet the Press and his dozens of prime-time news specials, including a pair of Peabody Awards winners (A Question of Fairness, 2003, and Vietnam Ten Years Later, 1985), Tom Brokaw is arguably just as famous for a book he wrote. The Greatest Generation (1998), in which he celebrated the courage and resourcefulness of the men and women who served in World War II and overcame the Great Depression, was a huge bestseller and spawned a household phrase. Brokaw’s career in broadcasting... read more

  • Meet the Press
    Meet the Press

    (Honorable Mention) A citation to the Mutual Broadcasting System for the initiative and edification of its program, Meet The Press, in which an individual who has been making news is encouraged to tell, however controversially, his own side of the story. This program is definitely in the interest of free speech on the air.... read more

  • Meet the Press
    Meet the Press

    Co-produced by Martha Rountree and Lawrence E. Spivak, the television version of Meet the Press is an adaptation of a radio program begun in 1945 and awarded a Peabody Citation in 1946. Adding the visual to the auditory extends and strengthens the values of Meet the Press in public enlightenment. Subjecting the great and near great to expert questioning by the best reporters, this excellent program makes news as well as reports it. It is in the best tradition of a basic relationship between a free press and democracy. ... read more

  • Meet the Press
    Meet the Press

    Meet the Press for two decades has been making front page news. With a simple news conference format, this series has provided listeners and viewers with guests ranging from poets to kings, scientists to politicians, and labor leaders to business tycoons—all with one essential factor in common: they were “in the news” at the time of their interview. Associated with Lawrence E. Spivak in the conduct of Meet the Press have been the big names of the Fourth Estate. In recognition of both program quality and the 20th anniversary, a Peabody Radio-Television Special Award.... read more

  • Personal Award: Peter Lisagor
    Personal Award: Peter Lisagor

    A successful detente between the printed media and broadcast journalism has now emerged after early years of hostility, suspicion and at times, open warfare. A most distinguished symbol of this accommodation is Peter Lisagor, Chief of the Washington Bureau of the Chicago Daily News. Mr. Lisagor is a regular panelist on the weekly Agronsky and Company program which has a Washington origination of a discussion by well-known newspaper correspondents. This program is developing rapidly into network status. Mr. Lisagor is a regular panelist on Public Television’s Washington Week in Review, broadcast on that entire network. He is also a twice-a-week... read more

  • Youth Wants to Know
    Youth Wants to Know

    Modeled after similar programs for adults, one of which, Meet The Press, has previously won a Peabody Award, Youth Wants To Know is a commendable response by television to its obligations to the citizens of tomorrow. In this series, panels of boys and girls question noted persons from diverse fields on subjects of current interest. Questions and questioners regularly reveal an intelligence and a development by today’s young people which are indeed heartening. Youth Wants To Know (NBC) effectively combines news, education, and entertainment, and as such, merits the George Foster Peabody Television Award for youth and children’s programs for... read more