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  • “Bob and Ray” Show
    “Bob and Ray” Show

    Once upon a time—and how astonishingly few years ago this was!—the radio comedian was the entertainer of the nation. Each hour of the night had a funnyman it could call its own. But now all this has changed; radio comedy has become a disappearing art. Disappearing, but by no means dead—and for much of the life that remains, we must thank the comedy team of Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding. Through their own show on Mutual, as well... read more

  • Bob and Ray
    Bob and Ray

    A Peabody Award for entertainment in radio to Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding, those young refugees from Boston, artists with many voices at their command, who have made such an asset out of their imaginary characters, Tex and Handsome Harry Backstage, Webley Webster, Mary Magoon, and the tireless baseball scout, Steve Bosco. An average Bob and Ray broadcast, at whatever time of day—for they work, literally, morning, noon, and night—is fast moving, deadly accurate, frequently outrageous, and the... read more

  • The Bob and Ray Public Radio Show
    The Bob and Ray Public Radio Show

    The Bob and Ray Public Radio Show is deserving of Peabody recognition for at least three reasons. First, it returns Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding to their original medium after a six-year hiatus. Second, it proves that programming does not need to be slickly produced to be interesting and imaginative. Lastly, it provides a welcome comedic respite from a seemingly endless drone of bad news. Our society needs their brand of satirical, self-deprecating, but always gentle, humor.... read more