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  • Let the Good Times Roll
    Let the Good Times Roll

    This absorbing 13-part radio series is a celebration of the alchemic blend of jazz, gospel, and blues into rock and roll’s predecessor, rhythm and blues. Hosted by Chicago soul legend Jerry “The Iceman” Butler, Let the Good Times Roll draws upon more than 300 interviews, dozens of vintage radio and television broadcasts, historical archives, and 500 songs to bring to life the culture of the sound. Set within the social turbulence of the post World War II era,... read more

  • Marketplace

    From humble beginnings in January, 1989, in Long Beach, California, Marketplace has grown into one of the most-listened-to daily business and financial news programs in the United States. Produced today by Minnesota Public Radio in Los Angeles and in association with the University of Southern California, the program offers listeners a refreshing, perceptive account of the day’s international economic news and gives it audience insight into and understanding of the global economy affecting their communities and their lives.... read more

  • PRI’s Studio 360 American Icons: Moby-Dick
    PRI’s Studio 360 American Icons: Moby-Dick

    In an effort to reexamine what it means to be American, Studio 360 launched a constructive series aimed at understanding American cultural benchmarks, American Icons. This debut installment guides us through Herman Melville’s classic tale of compulsion, rage, and rapture, Moby-Dick. Host Kurt Andersen employs Studio 360‘s distinctive format to contextualize the work through modern artists including performance artist Laurie Anderson; playwright Tony Kushner; sculptor and painter Frank Stella; jazz scholar Stanley Crouch; science fiction writer Ray Bradbury;... read more

  • The Mississippi:  River of Song
    The Mississippi:  River of Song

    An extremely novel approach to the radio presentation of song, this expansive radio series—as expansive as the Mississippi River itself—captures the spirit and soul of American music along the great river. The driving forces of the series for Smithsonian Productions include producer Marge Ostroushko, with executive producer Wesley Horner, director John Junkerman, writer Brian Newhouse and editor Todd Huslander. Through literally hundreds of live performances and conversations with more than 40 musicians, the series presents the richness and... read more

  • To the Best of Our Knowledge
    To the Best of Our Knowledge

    A public-radio institution since 1992, To the Best of Our Knowledge remains the consummate audio magazine of ideas and oddities for people with curious minds. Each one-hour show assiduously explores its subject through an entertainingly diverse array of guests. In the spirit of a radio salon, host Jim Fleming and fellow interviewers Steve Paulson and Anne Strainchamps facilitate a meeting place of perspectives and opinions. Colorful programming consisting of interviews, performances, and commentary marks this wide-ranging on-air tradition.... read more

  • Will the Circle be Unbroken?
    Will the Circle be Unbroken?

    This brilliant 13-hour series broadcast on Public Radio International brings to life one of the most profound social phenomena of recent times—the Civil Rights Movement in the American South from the 1940s to the 1970s. Through oral history interviews, rare archival recordings, and the rich music of the times, a complex tapestry is woven of moving personal stories during the crusade for racial integration in Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama. Over 16 years in the making,... read more