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  • Ally McBeal
    Ally McBeal

    Absurdist comedy. Gripping drama. Sexual politics. Quirks, smirks, jerks. Fox’s Ally McBeal has it all, thanks to the genius of creator/writer David E. Kelley. This utterly distinctive comedy-drama series became an almost instant “water cooler conversation” program in times when network TV series increasingly were hard-pressed to make a dent in the public consciousness. The loopy Boston law firm where Ally and her colleagues work is a triumph of Mr. Kelly’s fertile imagination. Anything can happen, and often... read more

  • Boston Legal
    Boston Legal

    Boston Legal is the quintessential David E. Kelley series-as topical as Picket Fences, as concerned with ethics as The Practice, as unabashedly goofy as Ally McBeal. Kelley, co-executive producers Bill D’Elia, Janet Leahy, and Scott Kaufer and their team use the cases of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, a blue-chip corporate law firm, to address issues ranging from the death penalty to the predatory practices of credit-card companies; from global warming to polygamy; from plastic surgery to the war... read more

  • Boston Public: “Chapter Thirty-Seven”
    Boston Public: “Chapter Thirty-Seven”

    Week after week Boston Public explores the personal and professional lives of teachers, administrators, and students who work and study at an urban high school in Boston. Following controversial and topical storylines—sometimes dramatic, sometimes comedic—the series explores problems and issues faced by teachers who try to make a difference in the lives of their students, and by students who struggle to come of age in a very complicated world. “Chapter Thirty-Seven,” the most controversial episode in the 2002... read more

  • The Practice
    The Practice

    The creation of executive producer and writer David E. Kelley, The Practice is consistently clever and emotionally gripping. This compelling drama features a group of young Boston trial lawyers who fight for the disenfranchised, and often with each other, while viciously taking on prosecutors in the process. The show benefits from one of network television’s strongest ensemble casts, who adeptly transform Kelley’s vision into a weekly hour of smart repartee. Overseeing the firm is idealistic Bobby Donnell (played... read more