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  • 60 Minutes II: Abuse at Abu Ghraib
    60 Minutes II: Abuse at Abu Ghraib

    The truism that television is a visual medium was confirmed in this report. But here the visual component consisted primarily of a set of still photographs that shocked viewers throughout the world and raised questions that are in many instances still open. Preparation of the report began long before it was aired. Details were checked. A court martial investigation was in process prior to the presentation of the report. 60 Minutes II became the first news organization to gain access to the Taguba Report and other documents that included names of civilian contractors at the infamous prison as well as... read more

  • 60 Minutes II: Death by Denial
    60 Minutes II: Death by Denial

    In this powerful five-month probe, 60 Minutes II: Death by Denial outlines the critical plight of 23 million Africans suffering from HIV and AIDS related illnesses. Correspondent Ed Bradley interviews patients, heads of state, government officials and members of grassroots organizations to bring one of the biggest international health stories of the past year to light. The complex AIDS crisis is made even more poignant by the poverty levels of African citizens, indifference of major drug companies, and the lack of government funds for education and prevention programs and the even fewer treatment programs. In some cases the worst enemy... read more

  • 60 Minutes II: Memories of a Massacre
    60 Minutes II: Memories of a Massacre

    A Peabody goes to CBS’ 60 Minutes II: Memories of a Massacre. Co-produced by Gregory Vistica and Tom Anderson, this painfully honest segment investigates the actions of an American Navy SEAL unit under the command of former Senator Bob Kerrey, actions that took place in the village of Thanh Phong, Vietnam, in February 1969. There, civilian men, women and children, as well as enemy guerrilla fighters, were killed in bloody close combat. Kerrey’s personal recollections of the events are framed by his admission of guilt and of unrelenting awareness of the horror of the night in question. One member of... read more

  • Personal Award: Bob Simon for International Reporting for CBS News
    Personal Award: Bob Simon for International Reporting for CBS News

    In an age when neophytes with cell phones, websites and mini-cams claim to be “journalists” and when the debate on critical global issues often takes on a shrill tone amplified by thousands of extremist voices, Bob Simon’s reports for 60 Minutes II and 60 Minutes ring with reason, truth and informed insight. A previous recipient of the Peabody Award as part of CBS News’ coverage of the assassination of Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, Mr. Simon spanned a diverse set of global issues and events in his 1999 reports. These reports ranged from the ongoing tragedy in Yugoslavia... read more