The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards (
 2008 | An independent subsidiary of Google, Inc.

Since 2005, millions of people in 19 regions around the globe have answered YouTube‘s call to “Broadcast Yourself.” Indeed, 10 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds. Hundreds of millions of videos are viewed each day. With an endless stream of content that ranges from banal to breathtaking, YouTube is the place online where audiences flock for news and entertainment. But YouTube is more than just the world’s most popular online viewing community. YouTube has become our speakers’ corner, promoting a free exchange of ideas, expressed in video formats, around the world. Through YouTube, important information is often widely dispersed before it reaches conventional electronic channels. Moreover, it has become an international video library, an archive making many of media’s greatest achievements instantly available to one and all. In all these ways, YouTube has transformed electronic media. Its selection continues the tradition of the Peabody Award, a tradition committed to a free press, to free speech and to the use of electronic media as a form of public service for all citizens.


CEO: Chad Hurley. CTO: Steve Chan. Head, marketing and community: Kevin Donahue. Head, news and politics: Steve Grove. Director, programming: Mia Quagliarello. Head, advertising sales: Suzie Raider. Senior director, marketing: Julie Span. Head, client solutions: Jamie Byrne.

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